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Daniel Bryan faces Kane at WWE Extreme Rules 2014

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results: Daniel Bryan Retains, New Champion Crowned

Daniel Bryan faces Kane at WWE Extreme Rules 2014Extreme Rules 2014
May 4, 2014
Izod Center
East Rutherford, New Jersey

Extreme Rules Pre-Show: 

The 2014 WWE Extreme Rules pre-show kicks off with Josh Mathews, Booker T, Alex Riley and special guest Sheamus. We see fans filing into the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The fans in the arena are already chanting “yes!” Sheamus says this is one of his favorite pay-per-views of the year. Mathews hypes the first-ever WeeLC Match. Riley predicts Hornswoggle win, Booker goes with El Torito and Sheamus picks Hornswoggle as well. Mathews also hypes tonight’s main event. We see what happened with Kane, Daniel Bryan, and Brie Bella on RAW.

We have a mini commentary team dressed as Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler. A mini referee and mini ring announcer.

Pre-Show Match: WeeLC Match
El Torito w/Los Matadores vs. Hornswoggle w/3MB

They lock up and go at it. Torito with a hurricanrana that sends Hornswoggle out of the ring. Torito leaps out onto Hornswoggle and 3MB. They do some comedy until Torito brings a steel chair from under the ring. He just throws it. He pulls out a mini chair and uses it to jump into a headstand on the corner followed by a Bronco Buster. Jinder Mahal gets involved and the referee gets hit. Hornswoggle accidentally crotches Jinder. Torito sends Jinder out of the ring. Fans chant for tables. Hornswoggle clotheslines Torito. 3MB hand Hornswoggle a mini ladder but he tosses it. He gets a bigger mini ladder and climbs up. Hornswoggle goes for a splash but Torito moves. Torito with a roll up for two. We go to promos

Back with 3MB and Los Matadores brawling on the floor. The commentators names: JB Elf, Jerry Smaller and Micro Cole. Torito gets slammed down for two and rolls out to the floor, only to be slammed down. Horny loads up the mini announce table (standing about two feet off the ground) and drops an elbow to drive Torito through. Fans: THIS IS AWESOME! Back inside with 3MB setting up a 6ft ladder and another mini table as Horny hits Torito with the mini chair.

The chair winds up hitting Heath low by mistake, knocking him through some full sized tables on the floor. Torito saves himself from being suplexed through a pile of tables and ladders at ringside as the Matadores make the save. Instead Torito DRIVES ALL THREE GUYS THROUGH THE LADDERS AND CHAIRS! Torito is laid on a full table outside and Drew misses a great looking flip dive for a crash of his own. Back inside and a springboard seated senton through a table gives El Torito the pin.

Winner: El Torito

Byron Saxton is backstage with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Zeb rips on Rob Van Dam, Cesaro and Paul Heyman. Zeb says Swagger is a Real American and has everything it takes to win. He rips New Jersey and salutes.

The panel talks more about tonight’s card. We get a video for Evolution vs. The Shield. That’s it for the Pre-Show

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 

First Match: Triple Threat Elimination Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Cesaro w/Paul Heyman

Heyman cuts a promo on the stage and says WWE only does it right one night year. He baits the fans and starts bragging about Brock Lesnar ending The Streak. Heyman then praises Cesaro and introduces him as they head to the ring. The bell rings and they all start going at it. RVD fights them both off but they double team him. Cesaro kicks and uppercuts Swagger. Cesaro with more uppercuts. Swagger with a big powerslam on Cesaro. RVD with forearms on Swagger. RVD nails a thrust kick. RVD catapults Cesaro out of the corner and on top of Swagger. Fans pop for RVD as he covers Swagger for two count.

More back and forth. Cesaro catches a RVD crossbody but Swagger boots them both to the mat. Swagger with a two count. Swagger brings RVD back in from the floor and hits him with knees in the corner. RVD back drops Swagger to the floor. Cesaro backdrops RVD to the floor but RVD hangs on and powerbombs Cesaro on the floor. RVD gets up but Swagger runs over him with a clothesline. Swagger brings RVD back in the ring for a two count. Swagger slams RVD on the back of his head for another close two count. Swagger with another slam. Swagger nails a Swagger Bomb but RVD kicks out at two. Cesaro runs in and drops Swagger. Cesaro hits the Cesaro Swing.

RVD breaks up the Swing and covers Cesaro for two. RVD goes to the top. Swagger runs up and slams him on his face. Swagger with the Patriot Lock. RVD rolls through and kicks Swagger. Cesaro with a springboard uppercut on Swagger, breaking the other struggle. Swagger and Cesaro go at it now. Cesaro stands on the second rope and superplexes Swagger from the apron. RVD nails a Fivestar Frogsplash and steals the pin on Swagger. There was some confusion at first about if he was pinned or not but Swagger is eliminated.

Cesaro with 3 gutwrench slams for a two count. Fans chant for Cesaro as Heyman cheers him on. More back and forth. Cesaro blocks a kick and nails a German for two. RVD goes to the floor but Cesaro leaps off the ring and decks him. Cesaro tosses RVD hard into the fan barrier. Cesaro climbs up on the barrier but RVD takes his leg out. RVD goes to the apron and leaps all the way out, nailing a kick across the back of Cesaro’s neck. A big “ECW” chant starts. RVD goes back in and poses. Cesaro comes in and RVD nails Rolling Thunder for a two count. RVD nails a split legged moonsault for another two count. RVD brings a trash can from under the ring but Cesaro baseball slides it into him. Fans chant for tables. Cesaro brings RVD back in and grabs the trash can. RVD blocks it and takes him down with a scissors for two. RVD tosses the can and kicks it into Cesaro’s head. RVD puts the can on top of Cesaro. He goes to the top for a Fivestar but Cesaro moves. Cesaro hits a Neutralizer on top of the can for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

Daniel Bryan was shown backstage and Stephanie McMahon comes up and ask Bryan how he was doing. Bryan says he’s fine and also told her to get out of his face. Stephanie says she trying to look out for Bryan and suggests he surrenders the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Bryan says no and that tonight he will walk out the World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie says that tonight he will become Kane’s bitch and will not be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

We get a vignette for NXT Superstar Bo Dallas

Second Match: Alexander Rusev w/Lana vs. R-Truth & Xavier Woods

Lana comes out and says tonight they dedicate this match to the most powerful man in the world, the man who makes fools out of Americans, the man she respects more than any other.. her role model, her idol – Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin’s face shows on the big screen as fans boo and chant USA. Lana introduces Alexander Rusev next and out he comes. R-Truth and Xavier Woods are out next. Rusev kicks Woods off the apron and attacks Truth before the match can even begin. Rusev raises the apron and throws Woods into the steel frame of the ring. He tosses Truth in the ring. Rusev with a big overhead suplex on the floor to Woods. He comes in the ring and the referee holds him back.

Truth gets crushed in the corner but raises a boot to stop a charging Bulgarian. The backflip into the side kick sets up a middle rope dropkick but Rusev is right back up. Lie Detector has almost no effect but an ax kick gets two. Rusev shrugs it off and slams Truth down before the Accolade gets the submission. 

After the match Rusev attacks Woods again.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

The New Jersey Special Olympians are here.

Renee Young is backstage with Evolution. Triple H says they all have egos and it’s well deserved. He brags about having 31 world titles between them. Randy Orton says The Shield will perish tonight and you can believe in that.

Third Match: WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Big E (c) vs. Bad News Barrett

Big E strikes first and takes Barrett down with a shoulder tackle. Barrett goes to the floor to regroup. Big E follows and Barrett kicks him. Fans chant for Barrett as Big E works him over on the floor. E spears Barrett into the ring post and brings him back in. Barrett superkicks E back out of the ring. Barrett leaps off the apron with a big elbow drop on the floor. Barrett rolls E back in for a two count. Barrett with right hands and some showing off. Big E blocks a suplex and hits one of his own.

More back and forth. Barrett counters and hits a suplex. Barrett with a crossbody and a two count. Barrett with a big boot to the face and more stomps. Barrett ends up booting Big E down on the apron. Barrett puts E on top of the top turnbuckle and beats on his back. Barrett charges but E meets him with a big belly to belly suplex. E runs over Barrett and hits another belly to belly. Fans boo as E spears Barrett and knocks him back out of the ring. Big E goes to suplex Barrett in from the apron but Barrett fights back. Big E runs the ropes and spears Barrett off the apron. They both land hard on the floor.

Big E brings it back in for a 2 count. Big E misses a splash and Barrett nails Winds of Change for a two count. Big E misses a shoulder thrust in the corner. Barrett nails Wasteland for another close two count. Barrett calls for the Bad News Bullhammer but Big E catches him in a big slam for another 2 count. Big E runs the ropes and nails a splash. He drops the straps and fans boo. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Barrett slides out and shoves him in the corner. Big E ducks the elbow but Barrett comes back and nails it for the win.

Winner: New WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett

We get a vignette for NXT Superstar Adam Rose

Fourth Match: The Shield vs. Evolution

We start with a brawl that sees Evolution retreat, then they ring the bell and Rollins catches Triple H with a kneelift in the corner. He clotheslines him outside and hits a suicide dive into the barricade, then Batista tackles him in the corner a few times and Orton stomps him. Orton chokes Rollins and suplexes him onto the top rope, then he hits him in the corner a few times but Rollins catches him with an enziguiri. Ambrose connects with several punches off the tag, then he hits a crossbody and follows with some repeated kicks in the corner. Ambrose knocks Batista off the apron and goes for a Figure Four on HHH, then ducks a punch from Orton and puts Orton in the Figure Four.

HHH breaks it up so Reigns throws him out of the way, then Reigns whips Batista into the barricade before he misses a spear on HHH and hits the ring steps. HHH punches Ambrose in the corner, then he hits a spinebuster for two before Ambrose catches him offguard with a strike and Reigns gets the tag. He clotheslines Orton and Batista, then he clotheslines Orton over the ropes, ducking a strike by HHH on the floor before hitting Batista again. Reigns turns and hits HHH, then Batista grabs him from behind but Rollins kicks Batista and Ambrose hits him before they hit a triple powerbomb. HHH and Orton pull Reigns off of the cover, then Orton stomps Ambrose while HHH avoids a suicide dive by Rollins, and he drops Reigns with a Pedigree but Ambrose breaks it up.

Orton rolls in and drops Reigns with a RKO, then Batista crawls over for the cover but Rollins breaks it up before Orton pulls him back outside. Rollins chops him a few times and whips him into the barricade, then HHH and Orton try to double team Rollins but Ambrose runs across both announce tables and tackles them near the barricade. HHH ends up fighting into the crowd with Rollins, and Orton with Ambrose, then Rollins gets thrown out of the way before Ambrose gets thrown down some stairs. Orton and HHH double team Ambrose in the crowd, then Rollins comes out of nowhere and dives off of a balcony and takes them out with a crossbody. Batista hits a spear and calls for a Batista Bomb back in the ring, but Reigns counters with a Superman punch and connects with a spear for the win.

Winner: The Shield

Fifth Match: Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper watch as Wyatt heads towards the cage from his rocking chair. Bray shakes the cage before making his way in. He whispers something to Rowan and something to Harper before walking in. The bell rings and here we go. Bray charges but Cena dodges it and applies a headlock. Bray turns it around and drops Cena to a pop. Bray poses and clotheslines Cena from behind. Fans chant for Wyatt. Bray rubs it in to Cena and keeps up the attack in the corner.

More back and forth. Cena with a suplex to a lot of boos. Cena looks to climb up the cage and is met with stares from Rowan and Harper. Cena jumps back down but Wyatt drops him with a right hand. We get the dueling Cena chants now. Cena blocks a shot into the steel and fights back. Bray blocks him and tosses Cena into the steel. Wyatt keeps control and covers for a two count. The cage door is opened and Wyatt goes to leave but Cena stops him. Cena catapults Wyatt head first into the cage. Cena climbs the cage again but Rowan and Harper taunt him on the other side. Cena climbs over the top of the cage but Wyatt grabs him by the head and pulls him back over. Cena knocks Wyatt to the mat. Cena climbs back over the top but here comes Wyatt. Bray brings him back over and they trade shots on the top rope. Cena knocks Bray back down. Bray crotches Cena on the top. Cena turns upside down in the corner and Bray splashes him for a two count.

Bray smiles. Cena blocks a toss by going down. Bray with a chokeslam for another two count. Wyatt blocks an Attitude Adjustment but Cena nails a dropkick. Cena climbs the cage. Bray stands up and walks upside down to the opened cage door. Cena drops down and stops him again. Bray runs over Cena with a forearm and covers for two. Bray tosses Cena into the side of the cage again. Cena counters and tosses Bray into the cage this time. Cena with the shoulders off the ropes as the crowd boos. Cena with the slam and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Bray counters an AA and climbs up the side of the cage. Cena grabs Wyatt and nails a big sitdown powerbomb for two. Cena asks for the door to be opened but Rowan shuts it and taunts Cena. Cena struggles with Rowan to get the door opened. He gets one foot out but Harper comes over to help. Wyatt attacks Cena from behind. Wyatt drops Cena on his face for another two count.

Bray turns upside down in the corner but misses the splash. Cena climbs up and over the cage. Rowan climbs up and gets Cena on his shoulders. Rowan forces Cena back up the cage and into it. Cena and Wyatt trade shots on the apron again. Cena slams Wyatt to the mat for a two count. Cena climbs the cage but Harper climbs up on the opposite side. Harper meets Cena at the top of the cage and knocks him back over. Harper comes over on the top rope with Cena and now Harper is inside the cage, down on the mat. The door is opened as Wyatt goes for it. Cena climbs over at the same time. Cena slams the cage door into Wyatt’s head. Rowan waits on Cena to drop and has a steel chair in hand. Cena climbs back up and into the cage. Bray tosses Cena on his head. Bray with the splash for a two count. Cena blocks Sister Abigail and locks in STF. The door is opened. Wyatt crawls to the door while he’s in the STF. The hold is broken. Wyatt tries to crawl out but Cena holds his legs. Rowan pulls on Bray’s arm. Cena pulls Bray back into the middle of the cage. Cena sends Harper into the side of the cage. Wyatt sends Cena into the side of the cage. Wyatt climbs up and Cena follows. They trade shots up high again. Cena with an AA from the second rope.

Cena covers but Harper breaks the pin at two. Cena with a clothesline. Cena clutches his hurt arm but climbs back up. Rowan climbs up on the opposite side. He decks Cena on the top of the cage. Rowan beats Cena back to the top rope. Cena grabs Rowan by his beard and slams his face into the steel on top of the cage. Cena with a top rope leg drop on Harper. Everyone is down but Cena. The door is opened as Cena crawls for it. Cena goes to leave the cage but the Wyatts graphic flashes and the lights go out. We hear a distorted voice singing “in his hands” but the lights come on and we see it’s a kid. Cena looks shocked. Bray comes from behind and nails Sister Abigail. The kid waits outside of the cage door as Bray Wyatt exits for the win.

After the bell, Bray hugs the kid and laughs. The Wyatt Family music hits as Rowan and Harper each hold one of the kids hands and they walk up the entrance together. Cena looks on from the cage as Bray laughs at him. The Wyatt Family poses with the kid before heading to the back. We come back to the announcers and the crowd is booing Cena.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Sixth Match: WWE Divas Championship Match
Paige (c) vs. Tamina Snuka

Paige is defending after Tamina won a battle royal. Tamina goes after Paige to start but the champion gets behind her and rolls Snuka up for two. Paige heads up top but gets superkicked to the floor. Back in and a slam gets two for Tamina before they head outside for a hard whip into the barricade to the champion.

Snuka loads up a top rope Samoan drop but gets caught in a sunset bomb for three. Well the shoulder was up but the referee counted anyway. The match continues though with Tamina hitting a spinout Rock Bottom for a close two, only to get caught in the Paige Turner and the Scorpion Cross Lock for the submission.

Winner: Still WWE Divas Champion Paige

Post match we’ve got Wyatts again. Bray says Little Johnny (the kid) did well tonight and now the message will spread. He gives Little Johnny a sheep mask as the kid says follow the buzzards in the demon voice.

Seventh Match: Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Kane

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan wastes no time as he attacks Kane on the way in. They go to the ring and then back out to the floor. Kane destroys Bryan around ringside and throws him back in. Kane tosses chairs in. Kane turns around to a kendo stick shot. Bryan comes off the top but gets knocked out of mid-air. Kane with a big chair shot to the back. Kane slams Bryan through chairs for a two count.

More back and forth. Bryan with a missile dropkick that sends Kane out. Bryan dives through the ropes and fans start chanting. Bryan takes the top off the announcers table and nails Kane with it. Bryan takes a monitor off the table and nails him with that. Another shot with a piece of the table, and another. Kane fights back and slams Bryan into the Spanish table. Kane smacks Bryan with a piece of the table now. Kane climbs up on the Spanish table with Bryan. Bryan blocks a chokeslam and sends Kane to the floor. Kane runs into a knee. Bryan runs off the table and nails a tornado DDT on the floor. Bryan with more kicks until Kane tosses him into the steps.

Bryan stops a Tombstone on the steps. Bryan with kendo stick shots. Kane beats Bryan back into the gorilla position area and keeps up the attack. Kane throws a plugged in TV into some water. Kane keeps up the attack and they fight out into the area where production trucks are parked. Bryan beats Kane with a shovel and then mounts him on top of a car with right hands. Kane back drops Bryan on top of the car. Kane tosses a cylinder but Bryan moves and it smashed the windshield. Kane swings while Bryan is against another car but he moves and Kane’s fist goes through the window. Bryan takes a crowbar out of the trunk and decks Kane with it. Kane appears to be out and Bryan can’t drag him. Bryan drags Kane onto a pallet that’s slid onto the forks of a forklift. Kane moves and Bryan beats him with the crowbar some more. Bryan drives the forklift with Kane up on the pallet.

Bryan drives the forklift to the ring and raises the pallet up with Kane, above the top rope. Bryan tilts the forks and Kane rolls off into the ring. Bryan climbs up on the forks and steps out onto the pallet. Bryan leads a big “yes!” chant before leaping off with a diving headbutt on Kane. Bryan covers but Kane kicks  at two. Bryan gets another chant going. Kane sits up and goes for a chokeslam but it’s botched. Kane nails it and covers for a two count.

Kane grabs a chair and cuts his own throat. Bryan counters a Tombstone on the chair and DDT’s Kane for a two count. Bryan with chairshots to the back now, several of them. Bryan with the Yes Lock now. Kane breaks the hold and smacks Bryan with a kendo stick. Bryan uses the kendo stick as leverage in the hold. Kane pulls himself out of the ring and breaks the hold. Bryan dives through the ropes but Kane catches him in mid-air and chokeslams him through the announcers table. Kane sets up a regular table at ringside. He pulls out some gasoline from under the ring and soaks the table. Kane lights the table on fire. Kane goes to the apron but Bryan counters and knocks him through the burning table. Crew members immediately spray Kane with fire extinguishers. This sends Kane stumbling into the ring where Bryan nails the flying knee for the win.

After the match, Bryan celebrates with his belts. Kane recovers and sends Bryan running. Bryan retreats to the stage and Kane makes it explode. Extreme Rules goes off the air with Kane’s music playing as he and Bryan stare each other down.

Winner: Still WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan

Josh’s Grade for Extreme Rules: 9/10

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