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TNA Impact Wrestling Results: MVP Makes Big Slammiversary Announcement

1322_fdcdab7b883db46c6461d37dc1d99b74_mTNA Impact Wrestling
May 8, 2014
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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Earlier today Bully Ray was driving to Nashville at the TNA offices to find Dixie Carter, thereby complying with MVP’s wishes to not go after her at the Impact Zone.We recap Eric Young defending the title every week.

First In-Ring Segment: Speaking of Eric, here he is in street clothes to get things going. He talks about how awesome the reign has been but there’s one hiccup. Eric promised to defend the title every week but since MVP hasn’t booked him in a match, he’s going to book himself in one. We have an open challenge for tonight and here’s Bobby Roode.

Bobby goes on a LONG rant about how great he is before Eric says that Roode got a shot last week and got pinned. Roode says it wasn’t fair because he had to wrestle twice last week and goes on another rant about their history together in Team Canada. If Young gives him another shot and wins, Roode will never ask for another match. Young says ok.

MVP is in the back with EY and lets him know that he can’t book his own matches. He tells EY that he needs to take a little time off and enjoy the TNA championship. MVP says he will make some phone calls and that EY’s opponent at Slammiversary will be someone he’s never faced. EY says that Roode will be upset and MVP says he will take care of Roode.

First Match: Tag Team Knockouts Evening Gown Match
The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne and Brittany

The match is an elimination match with both opponents having to be stripped of their evening gown to get a winning team. The Beautiful People are in black evening gowns and Brittany and Madison are in white.With each Knockout being in evening gowns, all of them are wrestling barefoot. No worries of pins or submissions, and Brittany is the first one down to her bra and panties and she is eliminated.

Madison is now taking on both Angelina and Velvet. Madison hits Velvet with a spears and rips off her gown and Velvet Sky is eliminated.While Madison celebrates Angelina attacks her from behind. Angelina uses Velvet’s discarded gown to choke Madison to gain an advantage, but Madison ends up with the gown and starts choking Angelina.Velvet comes back to the ring and distracts both the referee and Madison and allowing Angelina to use hair spray in Madison’s eyes. Madison’s gown is ripped off.

Winner: The Beautiful People

Video promo of the the upcoming Kurt Angle vs EC3 match is shown. And that match is up next.

Second Match: Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III

Kurt stomps Ethan several times and hits three consecutive suplexes, then he stops when his knee buckles but Ethan runs back in and attacks him. Ethan screams that Kurt is hurt, but Kurt hits a few clotheslines and an Angle Slam, only to fall back down after failing to put weight on his knee. Kurt tries to continue but Ethan runs over and chopblocks his knee, then he rolls Kurt up and takes the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Second In-Ring Segment: MVP comes out and says he just got some new information about Eric Young’s new opponent for Slammiversary, and he hopes they all aren’t upset with him. Bobby Roode comes out and calls this a joke, and Roode makes his case but MVP says he already had his opportunity and lost. MVP tells him he needs to earn his shots and not get handouts, but Roode screams at him and says he doesn’t get handouts. Roode says he’s never had a handout and calls MVP and son of a bitch, then MVP tries to say this is over now. Roode says he decides when it’s over and shoves him, the MVP tackles him and they brawl until a group of referees break them up.

Bully is in Nashville but Spud says he’s not welcome here. Bully goes into her office anyway, yells at Spud for wearing green socks and sits in Dixie’s chair. He gets on the phone and tells the secretary to get the staff together for a meeting. Oh and a sandwich.

Knux and company are here. Rebel is in a rather revealing outfit and dancing with fire. A wooden crate comes up and Knux says it’s someone’s home.

Bobby Roode was escorted out of the Impact Zone.

Third Match: Tag Team Ladder Match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship
The Wolves (c) vs. The Bro-Mans

DJ Z distracts the Wolves so BroMans attack them on the ramp, then they get a ladder and hit them with it on the ramp. They set the ladder up in the ring but The Wolves run down and throw them out of the ring, then the BroMans get a second ladder but The Wolves kick it back at them. The Wolves go for suicide dives but BroMans throw it into their faces, then Jessie throws Davey onto the barricade before Robbie smashes Eddie’s head in the ladder. Jessie helps Robbie kick the ladder into Eddie’s head, then they go for a double suplex on the ladder but Eddie catches Davey and they slam the BroMans into the ladder.

Both teams set up ladders and try to climb, but Eddie and Robbie knock each other down before Davey takes Jessie down with some headbutts. Eddie goes back up but Jessie dropkicks him, then he goes for a press slam but Eddie kicks him and reverse suplexes him back out to the floor. Davey slams Robbie onto a ladder sitting on the apron, then he double stomps Robbie on the ladder and rolls back in. DJ Z runs in and tries to stop The Wolves from climbing, but they headbutt him a few times before hiptossing him over the ropes and onto the BroMans, then take their titles to retain.

Winner: Still TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves

Fourth Match: Knux w/The Menagerie vs. Kazarian

Kaz snaps Knux’s head on the ropes and hits a dropkick, then he chokes him on the ropes and connects with a kick on the floor. Crazy Steve taunts Kaz, then Kaz mouths off but The Freak walks towards him and Knux uses it to pull Kaz in the ring and hit a clothesline. Knux backdrops him and splashes him, then Kaz floats over to counter a slam, but Knux catches him off the ropes and hits a sitout spinebuster for the win.

Winner: Knux

We cut back to Spud trying to get rid of Bully at TNA Headquarters, then Spud finds the employees and tries to turn them against Bully. He gets scared when Bully appears and slaps him on the back, then Bully sends him to get a case of beer and tries to turn the employees against Dixie.

Backstage: Mr. Anderson and Gunner were shown talking in the locker room. Gunner bad-mouthed Storm as a liar, then told Anderson to remember he’s a dangerous man. The conversation moved to Sam Shaw. They agreed he’s crazy, but Gunner wondered what trauma made him that way. Time to bring in the BAU. Anderson walked off.

Bully Ray was leading the office in a keg party. Rockstar Spud walked in and freaked out. Spud cut off the music and said they’re trying to run a business here. Ray said they’re talking house shows, live events, and TV. Spud broke down and pleaded with Bully to leave. Ray said he will leave if Spud tells him where Dixie is. Spud pleaded with Bully that he doesn’t know where she is. Bully took his word for it, then Bully proposed one drink, he leaves, and everyone goes back to work.

Ray poured Spud a beer, then Spud took a drink. Suddenly, Ray grabbed him and put him through a gimmicked table with a powerbomb. Ray then reached into Spud’s pocket and pulled out his phone. Ray found Dixie’s home address, then asked the employees what the new company motto is. “Tables,” they chanted.

Jeff Hardy/Willow talked in random phrases. Dixieland. Nearfalls. A war. ECIII. Dixie Carter fades. Jeff Hardy comes so close. The reign of Magnus begins. Hardy said he does not fear Magnus’s reign. That’s easy to say when Magnus is no longer champion. Willow cackled to himself ahead of the default main event.

Fifth Match: Magnus w/Bram vs. Willow

Magnus clotheslines Willow during his entrance, then he stomps him a few times but Willow comes back with a hurricanrana. Willow hits an atomic drop and a split legged legdrop, then he connects with a reverse heel kick before going for a high arching corner kick. Magnus rolls outside so Willow kicks him on the floor, then Magnus gets back in but Bram grabs Willow and whips him headfirst into the steps. Bram hits him a few times and tells Magnus to pay attention, then Bram hits an inverted suplex and handcuffs Willow to the bottom rope. He gets a piece of the turnbuckle and hits Willow in the ribs, then he stomps him and tells Magnus that’s what he needs to do.

Winner: Willow by DQ

MVP told Eric Young backstage that he will announce who will be Eric Young’s opponent at Slammiversary in the ring.

Backstage the doctor told Kurt Angle that he torn his ACL and he will need surgery.

Third In-Ring Segment: MVP comes out and says it’s time to reveal Eric Young’s new opponent, then Eric joins him in the ring and MVP puts over how proud he is of Eric. MVP says it’s his job to find the best competition, then he motions to the ramp and says the number one contender is here. He says they didn’t play music so he’ll break it to him this way, then MVP sucker punches Eric and stomps him a few times. MVP hits him on the mat and says he will see him at Slammiversary, then he kicks him one more time and leaves as the show ends.

Josh’s Grade for TNA Impact Wrestling: 8/10

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