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TNA Wrestling Spoilers For Thursday June 12, 2014

Impact Wrestling

Last night TNA Wrestling taped the Thursday, June 12 edition of Impact. The taping took place at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Here is what took place at the tapings.

Jeremy Borash said at the beginning of the taping they didn’t know when they’d return to Universal. They plugged the NYC tapings.

Eric Young, MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King had a segment where if EY beats two of them he picks the stipulation for the match at Slammiversary.

-Bobby Lashley pinned Eric Young in a non-title match. The previous segment led to Lashley pinning EY clean. Samoa Joe ran in after to help.

James Storm and Mr. Anderson had a verbal showdown then Storm laid out Anderson with a super kick. Anderson was making fun of Storm being a beer drinking cowboy. Not much reaction.

-Angelina Love beat Madison Rayne with the hair spray gimmick. Again. Nothing match

-Magnus and Bram had a segment with willow.magmus said he’s bringing back his tough guy side. Willow said he’ll have a partner. Did a lame ass knock knock joke and introduced Abyss as his partner at the ppv. They cleared the ring and stood tall. Willow was surprisingly way over

-Knux over Robbie E. The whole Menagerie was out. Mostly comedy but the kids in the crowd loved it. Pretty much a clusterf—. Rob Terry looks absolutely terrifying in that hood. The music played the whole time as well.

-Eric Young over Kenny King with the piledriver. Short but good match with Young getting the win back. The crowd way into Young, especially the kids.

There was a weird segment with a paternity test happened. Brooke Tessmacher made her return. Bully Ray challenged EC3 to a Texas death match at the pay-per-view.

-Gail Kim beat Madison Rayne and Brittany in a three-way to become No. 1 contender to the TNA Knockouts Title. The Beautiful People were on commentary. They hit Brittany accidentally with the spray to give Kim the win. The crowd was into Kim. The match was fine for what it was.

-Eric Young vs MVP. King and Lashley did a pre match beatdown on Young. The story was that if EY won he picked the stipulation at the pay-per-view. The finish saw MVP bring in a chair, sit down in it taunting Young, and then intentionally DQ’ing himself by using the chair. Young got on the mic saying MVP can’t win a fair fight, so we have a cage match for the main at Slammiversary.

Other than the usual screwball TNA booking, the crowd was hot, the building was full, and of course very fan friendly.

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Results were courtesy of ProWrestling.net.

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