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TNA Impact Wrestling Results: New Major Stable Was Formed

BnuarO2CEAAktWpImpact Wrestling
May 15, 2014
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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The show starts with Eric Young backstage waiting for MVP. MVP limo arrives to the Impact Zone and EY opens his door and goes after him. MVP security team pushes Eric Young away from MVP. We get recap video of MVP’s heel turn from last week’s Impact.

First In-Ring Segment:

Here’s Young (minus the belt) in the arena to open things up. Eric rants about how he thought MVP was something different that’s why he fought so hard for him. Anything would have been better than Dixie Carter but this isn’t good at all. Eric says if MVP wants a fight he can come out here right now. MVP pops up on screen and says he did this for the money and the power. He’s going to do Eric a favor though: Young can keep the title until Slammiversary when MVP takes it away.

Dixie is in Nashville driving around with Spud. They go to her house and see a bunch of tables spray painted with Dixie Fears Bully.

Recap of Bram trying to make Magnus into his old self by sending him after Willow.

First Match: Willow vs. Bram & Magnus

Magnus and Bram dominated early on, and made a few quick tags. Magnus hit a Death Valley Driver and a nice vertical suplex early on. Willow built some momentum with a Wisp from the tope rope and a leg drop on Bram. Willow knocked Magnus off the apron and stomped on Bram. He hit the ropes and Magnus tripped him up. Bram hit a suplex and tagged in Magnus. Bram grabbed a crowbar from ringside and tossed it into the ring. He demanded Magnus use it. Magnus jawed with him over it, and kicked it out of the ring. Willow then surprised him with a roll up for the win.

Winner: Willow

Backstage, Eric Young broke through MVP’s security to get into his “office”. MVP wasn’t there, so Young destroyed his furniture.

Bully Ray calls from inside Dixie’s house while Dixie tells the camera crew to film everything that Bully Ray has done to her home.

Second In-Ring Segment:

Gail Kim comes to the ring and says she’s not here to wear an evening gown or to get a makeover. She calls out the Beautiful People and gets what she wants. Angelina says the Beautiful People are what everyone should aspire to be. Velvet jumps Gail from behind and it’s time for a match.

Second Match: Velvety Sky w/Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim

Gail is in trouble to start but jumps over Velvet in the corner to get a breather. She hits the running cross body in the corner but misses a charge and falls out to the floor. Angelina gets in a few shots and throws Gail back inside for a DDT and two. Gail comes back with Eat Defeat out of nowhere for the pin.

After the match The Beautiful People attacks Gail Kim.

Winner: Gail Kim

Back from break we get Ethan Carter III words on beating Kurt Angle last week. Carter says that he continues to take out these legends and he gloats about tearing Angle’s ACL. Carter says if that was Angle’s last match what better way to pass the torch to the next legend.

Third Match: Crazy Steve w/The Menagerie vs. Kazarian

Steve is the Menagerie’s clown. Kaz sends him to the floor to start as we have carnival music and weird lighting. Kaz trips over Steve on the floor as the Freak stares him down. Steve low bridges Kaz to the floor as we’re in full on comedy match mode. The balloons are brought in and Steve breaks them with a top rope splash. Now he’s running around with a horn as Freak poses on the apron. Rebel is in the ring as well, hanging upside down on the ropes. The referee gets pantsed and it’s thrown out.

Winner: Kazarian by DQ

We go to the backstage area where Austin Aries walks up to MVP office, but his body guards are in the way. MVP comes and Aries says oh you want me to be honest and tries to go after MVP, but the guards pushes him away. Aries clocks one of the security guards and then the security teams holds up Aries and MVP punches him the face and says how about that for honesty. MVP turns around and Eric Young starts attacking him and Impact goes to commercial break.

We come back from break and MVP and Eric Young are still brawling all over the Impact Zone. MVP puts one of Young’s arm in a steel chair and steps on it. MVP starts hanging Young with his tie. The fights spills into the stage area and MVP drops Young on the guardrails. They start brawling on the stage and MVP gives him a low blow and throws Young down the ramp. Young starts getting the better of MVP and then MVP attacks Young’s injured arm. MVP sends Young in the ring and they just throwing a bunch of haymakers and the security and the referees try to seperate Young and MVP. MVP lays out Eric Young and says tonight he will fight him for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Back to the Carter House and the more “Dixie Fears Bully” tables around the house. Rockstar Spud overhears Bully Ray talking crap about Dixie Carter. Bully Ray finds Rockstar Spud and attacks him and tells the camera crew don’t go anywhere.

Fourth Match: Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm

The opening bell is after a break and the brawl is already on the floor. Anderson takes him into the barricade but Anderson’s hand is slammed into the steps to give Storm control. Back inside with Storm working over the arm but getting caught in the swinging neckbreaker. Storm tries to run from the Mic Check, allowing him to hit a quick low blow for two, as the referee catches Storm’s feet on the ropes. A running DDT gets two on Anderson and it’s beer bottle time. The referee takes the bottle away but Storm spits in Anderson’s face, setting up the Last Call for the pin.

Winner: James Storm

Samuel Shaw is in an institution and can only say Christy.

Fifth Match: Triple Threat Match for the TNA X Division Championship
Sanada (c) vs. Tigre Uno vs. DJ Zema Ion

DJZ is coming in with bad ribs. Sanada is defending and he teams up with Tigre to take Ion down to start. Tigre tries a quick rollup for two on the champ. There’s a bunch of confetti in the ring from Sanada’s entrance and it’s all over everyone’s back. Sanada misses a standing moonsault on Tigre but snaps up with a dropkick to the back. DJZ comes back in but gets caught in a rolling cradle for two for the champ.

Tigre stays on the floor for a bit as DJZ nails some forearms to Sanada in the corner. Sanada comes back with some chops as Tigre is still on the floor. Tigre finally comes back in with a dropkick to both guys, followed by a spinning Asai Moonsault to the floor. He throws DJZ back inside but Ion breaks up a moonsault. Sanada springboards back in with a chop to DJZ’s head and hits a tiger suplex for the pin to retain.

Winner: Still TNA X Division Champion Sanada

Bully Ray calls Dixie from Spud’s phone and tells her she’s all alone.

Gunner comes to see Samuel Shaw in the institution because Shaw needs someone to talk to.

Do you want this to go away says Bully. Say Dixie Carter fears Bully Ray and it will be over. As she starts to say the words, EC3 nails Bully Ray in the back of the head and Dixie says she fears no one.

Sixth Match: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Eric Young (c) vs. MVP

Young attacks before the bell but is sent bad arm first into the steps. MVP works it over even more as the match hasn’t actually started yet. Back from a break with the opening bell and MVP staying on the bad arm. Eric fights up and hits some of his usual stuff before loading up the top rope elbow, only to have Kenny King of all people come down and shove Eric off the top for the DQ. 

MVP tells the referee to restart the match or he’s fired. The referee won’t do it so MVP decks him. King and MVP beat up Eric until Bobby Lashley comes out for the save….before joining up with them to destroy Young. Eric is slammed through some chairs by Lashley and taunted with the belt. The new heel faction stands tall to end the show. Taz: “This is bad Mike.” Preach it brother. 

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young


Josh’s Grade for Impact Wrestling: 8/10

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