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Bellator 120 Results: Rampage Gets By King Mo In Main Event


Heading into the Bellator 120 main event between Quinton Jackson and Muhammed Lawal, it was billed as the biggest grudge match in MMA.

The opening round starts with guys charging right at each other and Lawal lands a takedown. Jackson is in closed guard. Lawal landing short rabid punches and Jackson gets up. Lawal presses Jackson against the cage looking for a takedown and gets it. Jackson gets up and then Lawal scores another takedown. Lawal throwing knees to Jackson’s thigh and takes him down again. More knees to the body of Lawal. Jackson gets up, Lawal lands a jab and Jackson misses wildly. Both guys circle circling each as Jackson lands a short uppercut.

The second round begins with each guy circling each other and Lawal lands a low kick. Jackson lands an uppercut and shots to the body. Lawal tries for a takedown, but gets stuffed by Jackson. “Rampage” starts to land the jab, but Lawal throws a jab and tries for a takedown. Jackson landing short uppercuts and Lawal gets Jackson’s back. Both guys back to the middle of the cage. Lawal lands a left hand and s= then gets a takedown, but Jackson gets right up. Jackson lands a straight right hand and then an uppercut to end the round.

The final round starts as Lawal throws an inside leg kick. Jackson lands a jab, Lawal immediately tries for a takedown, but is stuffed by Jackson. “Rampage” lands a left hook and Lawal trying for a takedown and scores it. Lawal landing some forearms and elbows. Jackson gets back to feet and both guys in the middle. Lawal presses Jackson against the cage. With 40 seconds left, the referee releases them into the cage. Jackson lands a left hook and the clock runs out. The fight goes to the judges.

Quinton Jackson defeats Muhammed Lawal by unanimous decision (29-28×3) to win the light heavyweight tournament final.

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