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Triple H Says Daniel Bryan Isn’t The Face Of WWE Right Now

WWE world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan hasn’t been on the current European tour due to having neck surgery. A timetable still isn’t known at this time, but Bryan is advertised to appear on WWE Raw this coming Monday to address Stephanie McMahon.

In his weekly video with Michael Cole, Triple H talked to Cole about Bryan not being the face of the WWE.

“He’s not right now,” HHH said. “Here we are in Europe and Daniel Bryan is not here. I mean everyone wants to be something, right? Everybody thinks they are good enough to be it and all I can deal with is the facts as I have them and he can say its propaganda or he can say its a load of crap, whatever he wants to say. I saw his little interview. The facts are the facts. The facts are Daniel Bryan is the WWE world heavyweight champion, the supposed “face” of the WWE and yet he is not here on one of our biggest tours of the year.

“That is not being the face of the WWE. To me, that’s not being representative of the WWE world heavyweight champion. You know its one thing to travel around the country for your 15 year career, whatever you did, that’s great. But while your in those bingo halls and those boys clubs thinking, oh boy I’m great and I can do this and I’m the guy. Its a different story when you get there. And who am I to say, listen if he’s not tough enough to be able to handle the gig, that’s not for me to say. I’ll let this play itself out. There Daniel Bryan sits, having neck surgery, holding the championship, what am I supposed to do Michael?”

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HHH also discusses Bryan recovering neck surgery, being tired of the situation with The Shield, Bo Dallas and Hulk Hogan.

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