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WWE Main Event Results: Cesaro Makes A Big Statement

June 3, 2014
US Bank Arena
Cincinnati, Ohio

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First In-Ring Segment:

Bad News Barrett talks about retaining his title over Rob Van Dam at Payback. Barrett says he hit RVD in the head so hard he became delusional. Barrett says RVD managed to get a pin on him on RAW but only because Cesaro walked out on him. Barrett rips RVD and says he loses just a little bit more grey matter from his pea-sized brain every time he gets hit. Barrett mocks RVD now. Barrett goes on and talks about putting RVD down tonight. RVD runs in from the crowd and they go at it. RVD sends Barrett to the floor and they have words. Fans chant for RVD as his music hits.

Back from break we’re shown the segment between Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon from WWE Payback.

Then another video was shown from Raw where Stephanie McMahon made the match between Kane and Daniel Bryan for Money in the Bank. Remember if Bryan can’t compete the Money in the Bank Ladder Match will turn into a vacated WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Daniel Bryan will be live on Raw next week from Minneapolis, Minnesota to respond to Stephanie McMahon.

First Match: Erick Rowan & Luke Harper vs. Goldust & Kofi Kingston

Cody has picked yet another parnter for Goldust tonight, and it’s Kofi Kingston. Goldy starts off the match with a big dropkick on Rowan, before tagging in Kofi and hitting stereo dropkicks. Rowan tries for a big boot but misses, and gets caught with yet another dropkick. Kingston does a series of mounted punches in the corner, but is eventually overcome by the bigger opponent.

They work towards a hot tag for Goldust for several minutes, who comes in hot and hits a Canadian Destroyer on Harper. Kofi with a series of flying clotheslines on Harper, followed by the Boom Drop. He chases Rowan on the apron, but is caught with a massive big boot. Harper tosses Goldust from the ring, and turns around into a step-up springboard headscissors takedown – crazy good spot – which pops the fans. Harper rolls to the outside but is caught with a suicide dive senton. Goldust attacks Rowan and Kofi tries for Trouble in Paradise on Harper, but Harper levels him with a spinning lariat at the same time, picking up the win.

Winner: Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

This week’s Raw Rebound features the end of The Shield

Michael Cole will have a exclusive interview Triple H tomorrow on WWE.com to address the Seth Rollins situation.

Second Match: WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Lots of back and forth early on. They end up going to the floor. RVD leaps off the apron and takes Barrett down but they both land hard. RVD brings it back in for a two count. RVD with shoulder thrusts in the corner and a big boot to the throat. RVD ends up out on the floor as the referee counts and we go to more commercials.

We come back and Barrett is working RVD over. Barrett works RVD over on the ropes with knees. Barrett drops RVD with a big boot to the face and RVD falls back to the floor. Barrett slams RVD face first into the steel steps and brings him back in for a two count. Barrett with a big elbow drop from the second rope for another two count. RVD starts to make a comeback but Barrett clotheslines him out of mid-air. Barrett with a headlock as fans chant RVD’s name. Barrett misses a big boot in the corner and gets hung up before hitting the mat. RVD with clotheslines and a big kick now. RVD nails Rolling Thunder and covers for a two count. More back and forth. Barrett nails Winds of Change for another two count. Barrett misses a splash in the corner. RVD drops him with a kick to the head. RVD goes to the top for the Five Star Frogsplash but Barrett knocks him off. Barrett readies for the Bullhammer but Cesaro runs in from under the ring and attacks Barrett for the disqualification.

Cesaro drops Barrett with a Neutralizer. We see Paul Heyman looking on from the stage as Cesaro lays out RVD with a Neutralizer. Cesaro joins Heyman on the ramp. Heyman tells him that was nicely done and Cesaro’s music hits. They look on at the ring and laugh at RVD and Barrett. Main Event goes off the air.

Winner: Still Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett

Josh’s Grade for WWE Main Event: 8/10

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