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TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Battle Lines Drawn On Impact

BpakOxWCIAAmQM0TNA Impact Wrestling
June 5, 2014
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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The show starts with MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King walking in the backstage area looking for Samoa Joe.

First In-Ring Segment:

Samoa Joe comes out with something to say. Joe talks about MVP looking for him, so here he is to make things easy for the boss. Cue the trio with King saying he’s tired of Joe trying to be a tough guy. Joe gets right in MVP’s face and tells him what the mouthpiece can do with his mouth. MVP says time is money and Joe is wasting his. Joe calls MVP a scumbag and a liar but MVP yells at him for bailing after losing a gauntlet match. Unlike Joe, MVP did his job. Joe wants to fight all of them tonight but here’s Austin Aries to interrupt. Aries wants in on this fight, so MVP makes Aries vs. Joe for tonight, loser leaving TNA.

Bram and Magnus were shown backstage. Bram was getting ready for his match with Willow. Magnus tells Bram to not underestimate Willow because he’s not the same Jeff Hardy you think he is. Bram says he’s ready to take on Willow and question Magnus manhood. Bram says he’s already to fight and he wonders if Magnus will ever be ready and they head out of the locker room towards the ring. The match is up next and Impact heads to commercial break.

First Match: Bram vs. Willow

Willow hammers away in the corner to start but Bram takes over on the floor. Back in and an elbow to the jaw puts Willow down for some trash talking stomps. Willow nails three straight dropkicks including the slingshot version in the corner. They head outside again and Willow hits a big dive to take over again. Poetry In Motion off the steps has Bram in trouble but he sends Willow into the steps to put Willow down. Bram rams him into the steps and throws Willow back inside before pulling out that crowbar. Magnus tries to talk him out of it but Magnus blasts Willow with it instead for the DQ. 

Winner: Willow by DQ

MVP was shown in his office with The Wolves.MVP gets in an argument with the Wolves before putting them in a match against each other. If they don’t do it, they lose the belts.

Back from break Mr. Anderson comes into the building dressed up as James Storm. The backstage interview ask him what’s he doing and Mr. Anderson says he likes drinking beer and laughs then walks away.

Second Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards

Richards still has bad ribs. Kenny King is watch the match from the stage and doesn’t seem pleased. The Wolves starts very tentatively as they don’t want to hurt each other but King demands that the Wolves start showing some teeth. They trade modified surfboards followed by a half crab from Edwards. Eddie finally rolls him up for the pin.

King says that’s not good enough and wants to see someone get beaten up. I think you can figure it out from there, but in case you can’t, King gets taken apart.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

MVP and Dixie Carter were shown backstage.Dixie Carter freaks out on MVP for putting Aries and Joe in a contract match. MVP says don’t worry about it. MVP says there’s a reason why he’s the Director of Wrestling Operations, so sit back and enjoy the show cause tonight somebody is going to get fired. 

Madison Rayne and Brittany were shown in the Knockouts locker room. Brittany says she’s sorry for what happen last week and she’s her to help Madison. Madison says that she could do this by herself and she told Brittany to stay here and do nothing and she walks away.

The BroMans were shown backstage and Robbie E is scared of  The Menagerie and starts running out of the locker room.

MVP is show with Brian Hebner and tells him to make sure there is a winner tonight. No screwy finishes there must be one winner tonight between Austin Aries and Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe was being interviewed backstage and talks about how MVP didn’t grant Joe his opportunities to the TNA World Championship. Joe talks about how he doesn’t really regret alot of the decisions he makes, but he’s regrets vauching for MVP to come to TNA and make the place better. Austin Aries joins in the interview and talks about unlike Joe he didn’t take his ball and went home, TNA sent him home and yes we got a common enemy. Aries talks about how he’s going to do what he has to do keep his contract. Joe says the same and Impact goes to commercial break.

Second In-Ring Segment:

The BroMans are in the ring and Robbie is still freaking out over the clowns. This brings out the Menagerie to laugh at the BroMans and scare them to death with the balloons. DJZ and Crazy Steve get in a horn off and the Menagerie cleans house.

Bully and Eric Young tell the referee to do the right thing tonight. Referee Brian Hebner says he has to put food on his table and leaves. Ray says they’ll do what they have to do.

Back from break Gunner and Samuel Shaw at the Insane Asylum. They’re playing the card game Gofish. Samuel Shaw talks about his imaginary friend David. They continue to play on with the game to end the segment.

Third Match: Contract vs. Contract Match
Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries

Joe hammers away to start and hits an early Facewash in the corner. Aries fights out of the MuscleBuster and gets two off a rollup but Joe is too big to be taken up in the brainbuster. Instead Joe sends him into the corner for the enziguri but Aries rolls out of the corner Rock Bottom. There’s the Last Chancery but Eric Young comes out to pull Brian Hebner to the floor. He does the same when Joe puts on the Clutch and Bully Ray punches Hebner out. Joe and Aries are ticked off and we’ll call this a no contest.

Speaking of which, here’s the trio to say that MVP runs TNA. Ray says MVP has a god complex and should come fight. After some trash talk, we get the following match made for tonight: Bully Ray/Eric Young/Austin Aries/Samoa Joe vs. MVP/Kenny King/Samoa Joe/Austin Aries, and let’s make it first blood because why not.

Winner: No Contest

Mr. Anderson was shown still walking around imitating James Storm as Impact goes to break.

Third In-Ring Segment:

Now Anderson is in the arena as the most stereotypical cowboy ever. James Storm finally comes out and says he doesn’t take kindly to a man cheating in a drinking contest. Storm wants to fight but not tonight. Anderson comes out and the fight is on with Storm getting the better of it and nailing Last Call. A challenge is made for Slammiversary.

Back at the Insane Asylum.Gunner brings Shaw his sketchbook as part of his therapy.

Back from commercial break. Gunner and Samuel Shaw is still at the Insane Asylum. Gunenr shows him a couple of sketches and ask Shaw how he feels about those sketches. Shaw talks about how he misses his mom and she’s still thinking about Chirsty Hemme.

Fourth Match: TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Angelina Love (c) w/Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

Angelina is defending and heads outside at the bell. The chase is on with Angelina chasing after Velvet for some reason until Madison catches the champion in the ring. A Velvet distraction lets Angelina dropkick Rayne to the floor and here’s Brittany to check on her. Back in and Madison nails some clotheslines to take over followed by the mat humper. Not that it matters as Velvet sprays hairspray into Brittany’s eyes to give Love the pin. 

Winner: Still TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love

MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley and ECIII walk towards the ring for their big main event match.

After a break, Madison wants to know why Brittany didn’t help her. Brittany logically points out that she did exactly what Madison told her to do.

Fifth Match: 8 Man Tag Team First Blood Match
MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley & Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries & Samoa Joe

Aries and King get us going as you have to tag in a match where it’s about blood. A quick Last Chancery is broken up by Ethan so Aries takes him over to the corner for a tag off to Young. Carter runs away from Ray but Bully wants MVP. They slug it out with Ray getting the better of it via a big boot to the face so it’s quickly off to King. Ray catches him in a front facelock and brings in Joe. King runs off as well so we get Lashley vs. Joe in a showdown. That sounds interesting so let’s take a break.

Back with Joe hitting the running enziguri in the corner on Lashley and bringing in the World Champion. Eric gets taken down in the corner and the heels stat their shots to the head. They show some nice thinking by going after the forehead with punches and kicks followed by a hard elbow from MVP. All four villains get in some shots to Young’s head with Ethan asking if Eric is ready to bleed.

Young finally breaks free and makes the tag off to Joe who clans house. Lashley spears him down but gets caught by an Eric missile dropkick. Everything breaks down and we get the secondary finishers a go-go. Aries dives off the top to take out MVP and King but Ethan plants Ray with a spinebuster. Ray grabs the chain and blasts Carter in the head for the blood and the win

Winner: Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries & Samoa Joe

As the winners celebrate, we cut to the back to see the trio destroying Ethan. Dixie breaks it up and gets in MVP’s face, saying the same blood in Ethan flows through her. MVP doesn’t care so Dixie says if he wants a war, he’s got one.


Josh’s grade for Impact Wrestling: 7/10

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