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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results: A New Power Is Here

SD_772_Photo_160WWE SmackDown
June 6, 2014
US Bank Arena
Cincinnati, Ohio

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SmackDown starts off with the video package centering around The Shield beating Evolution at WWE Payback. Then the video transition to Raw where Batista quit the WWE and Seth Rollins turns on The Shield.

First In-Ring Segment:

Rollins is in his Shield gear and the fans tell him that he sold out. HHH says he isn’t out here to brag and say he told you so, but everyone knows that anyway. He talks about Rollins being the founder of the Shield, a team that crushed legends, giants and champions. They were the most dominant force in the world, so why did Rollins turn his back on them?

Rollins says everyone wants an explanation about why he did what he did to his brothers. The only person who needs to know and the only person that he owes anything to is him Dolph Ziggler of all people interrupts him and says he can’t fall much further down so he can say this.

Ziggler dug the Shield for standing up to everyone and winning. What Rollins did was worse than anything else Shield did because Rollins is nothing more than a traitor. HHH says Ziggler is right. Seth did sell out, and he’ll sell out arenas night after night, which Ziggler will never do. That’s not enough though, so HHH makes Ziggler vs. Rollins right now.

First Match: Seth Rollins w/Triple H vs. Dolph Ziggler

Seth chokes him against the ropes to start but Ziggler comes back with right hands in the corner. A quick suplex gets two for Rollins and he pulls on Dolph’s hair for a bit. Ziggler sends him outside and kicks Rollins through the ropes as things calm down a bit. Back in and Rollins easily punches Dolph down again before putting on a chinlock. Dolph reverses into a sleeper but gets caught in a backpack stunner. Seth kicks him out to the floor and we take a break. Back with Ziggler fighting out of a cobra clutch but getting caught in the Downward Spiral into the middle buckle.

HHH goes over to the announce table to brag about his new man but Rollins charges into the running DDT. They slug it out with Ziggler getting the better of it and hammering away in the corner. Dolph throws him outside and hits a nice dropkick followed by the Fameasser inside for two. Seth comes back with an enziguri from the apron but takes too long going up and gets caught in the top rope X Factor for an even closer near fall. Another enziguri stops a charging Ziggler and the buckle bomb followed by the curb stomp put Ziggler away.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Renee Young was shown backstage interviewing Bad News Barrett. She ask Barrett what’s his feelings on having to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Rob Van Dam and Cesaro. Barrett says that RVD is like a flower child and that Cesaro has the fleas from sleeping with the dog known as Paul Heyman. Barrett says that he’s surprised that WWE management decided to put him in this situation. Bad News says tonight he will be delivering bad news to Cesaro and RVD to prove why he is the Intercontinental Champion.

Back from commercial break Randy Orton, Triple H and Seth Rollins walking in the backstage area and they run into Big Show. Big Show says that Rollins is a big piece of crap and then tries to intimidate Rollins by trying to challenge Big Show to a match. Triple H is laughing and Big Show questions why HHH is laughing. Triple H says the reason he’s laughing is because to him its funny that Big Show trying to pick a fight with someone not his size and says that you want to fight so bad you will take on The Viper Randy Orton.

Second Match: The Usos vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel

Jey nails a quick uppercut on Ryback to start but is quickly sent outside for a shot from Axel to take over. A double suplex gets two on Jey and the middle rope elbow into a middle rope splash gets the same. We hit the chinlock from Ryback before the quick tags have Jey in even more trouble. Jey comes back with a superkick to send Ryback to the floor and another knocks Axel out of the corner. A hot tag brings in Jimmy for a Superfly Splash on Axel for the pin.

Winner: The Usos

Third Match: Rusev w/Lana vs. Xavier Woods

Lana comes out and she talks about how Russia dominated the Olympics this year. She list off a couple of names of Russian athletes, artist etc that won major awards and continue to degrade the USA name. Then Lilian Garcia introduces Rusev and they head down to the ring.

The match lasted about 35 seconds as Rusev landed the massive kick to Xavier Woods. Then Rusev set up the Accolade submission hold and Woods taps out for the victory.

After the match Lana gives Rusev the medal she gave him on Raw then a massive Russian Flag comes down to the ring as Rusev and Lana celebrate.

Winner: Rusev

Fourth Match: Triple Threat Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro w/Paul Heyman

Barrett is defending of course and this is a result of Cesaro breaking up RVD’s title shot on Tuesday. Cesaro is quickly double teamed to the floor but comes back with a running uppercut to the champion’s back. Rob kicks them both down with ease for a double Rolling Thunder and two on both guys.

Cesaro sends Rob outside and stomps away on Barrett in the corner as Heyman shuts Cole down every few seconds with one great line after another. For instance, Cole: “Why did Cesaro interfere in the match on Tuesday?” Heyman: “It got him into the title match didn’t it?” The split legged moonsault gets two on Cesaro but Barrett pulls Rob to the floor as we go to a break. Back with Rob fighting out of Barrett’s chinlock and low bridging him out to the floor.

The big flip dive is blocked by an uppercut but Barrett runs Cesaro over and puts him on the barricade, allowing Rob to hit the spinning kick to the back. Back in and Winds of Change get two on Rob and the German suplex gets the same on the American. Barrett gets knocked down by Cesaro who is kicked by Rob, setting up the Five Star. Rob walks around instead of covering though and walks into the Bull Hammer for the pin by Barrett.

Winner: Still WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett

Bray Wyatt comes on screen and talks about being put in a box at Payback. It brought back a lot of memories and he heard Sister Abigail’s voice. She told him that the sharks would circle Bray and that death was real. He would find his peace in death but his rebirth would make him much stronger. His voice will soothe their ears and he will lead their armies. There’s nothing left to fear because he is reborn. Join him.

Back from break we got a recap video of the NXT Takeover event last Thursday on the WWE Network.

Fifth Match: Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

Fox is thrown down when trying a headscissors and a dropkick puts her on the floor. We get a mini fit out there and Alicia shouts at Natalya a lot for good measure. Now Alicia offers a handshake but Natalya smacks her in the face instead. Natalya does it again for good measure and gets thrown throat first into the bottom rope. A northern lights suplex gets two for Fox but Natalya counters the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a cross body for the pin.

This week’s post match freak out includes Fox yelling at Lillian Garcia.

Winner: Natalya

We got a recap video of the segment between Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon from Payback and also the announcement Stephanie made on Raw on the state of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Money in the Bank PPV.

Sixth Match: Santino Marella w/Emma vs. Bo Dallas

We get the now traditional armdrag followed by the celebration to start but Santino scores with two armdrags of his own and celebrates. JBL: “Why would you do that?” Back in and Bo pulls him into a clothesline, followed by the Bodog for the pin.

After the match Bo Dallas tells Emma to not think that Santino is a loser all she has to do is Bolieve.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Renee Young interviews Big Show. Big Show says that Triple H, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton are nothing more than a bunch of bullies. Big Show talks about a time when he was little in elementary school and there was a kid bullying him and he said once he and that bully were alone he KO that bully. Big Show says tonight he will ball up his fist and KO The Viper.

The Shield returns this Monday night to respond to Seth Rollins action.

Byron Saxton interviews Randy Orton. Orton says usually he would not be enthusiastic to be fighting the Big Show. Orton talks about how Big Show stuck his nose in business that has nothing to do him and just like Monday he gonna catch people off guard and lay out the Giant.

Seventh Match: Randy Orton vs. Big Show

A quick chop puts Orton on the floor but he comes back by going after the knee. That goes badly for him too as Big Show headbutts him out to the floor with ease. We take a break and come back with Orton holding Big Show in a chinlock. Back up and Big Show knocks Orton out of the air but a dropkick puts the bigger man down again. Orton manages to hit the Elevated DDT off the top but Big Show comes back with a spear. HHH gets on the apron but Rollins comes in with the springboard knee to the face for the DQ

An RKO sets up a pair of curb stomps onto a chair to end the show.

Winner: Big Show by DQ


Josh’s Grade for SmackDown: 8/10

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