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New Member for The Shield?

Right now, The Shield is down to just Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose following the big heel turn last week by Seth Rollins and leaving the group to join up with Evolution.  So the question now is will The Shield remain with just those two or could a third person be added.

While it has been discuss by online fans and even us here at Between The Ropes (both on last week’s Raw recap podcast and the Flagship show), WWE is now jumping on the bandwagon and openly asking fans in a new poll on WWE.com.  As for 3:00p ET on Monday, here are the results:


There are definitely some interesting names thrown in there.  Of course, the one getting the biggest response for far is Daniel Bryan.  He is, by far, the most popular name mentioned so it’s not a surprise that he has received the most votes.  Personally, I don’t think he should be in this group and has already been established on his own with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and should continue that route.

In second place is John Morrison who is not even under contract with the WWE right now.  That is a very curious choice to even include in this poll considering he doesn’t work there right now.  But this is an “editor’s choice” poll and is looking to get a reaction by including a name like his.  Even if he was with the company, I don’t think he would be a good fit and the spot should go to a new comer.

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That same mind sight would also go for Dolph Ziggler, Big E and Cody Rhodes.   An interesting name included is NXT Champion Adrian Neville.  If he suddenly appeared as the third member of The Shield, that would pack quite the punch for his debut on the WWE roster and put him in a great position.  Honestly, I’d have nothing against that.

However, I have said that if another member of The Shield were to be added, the spot should go to NXT talent Sami Zayn.  He has a look that fits the part better and could easily slide into that position.   Another 18% have voted that either they would like to see someone else or that The Shield does not need a third person.

In any case, it’s an interesting question right now that the WWE has to decide on.

Who do you think should be the newest member in The Shield?  Or should they not add anyone?  Share your thought in the comments below! Or, connect with Between the Ropes on Facebook and Twitter.

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