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WWE Monday Night Raw Results: New Champion To Be Crowned

RAW_1098_Photo_006WWE Monday Night Raw
June 9, 2014
Target Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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WWE Monday Night Raw Pre-Show: 

Tonight’s WWE RAW Pre-show opens up with Josh Mathews, Booker T, Alex Riley and special guest Kofi Kingston. The panel  hypes breaking news on Daniel Bryan and the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Also, Seth Rollins will address the WWE Universe. We get a look back at Rollins turning on Dean Ambrose and Roman Regins last week. The panel talks about Rollins while we see Titus O’Neil in the ring for a Superstars match.

We go to Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips as Dolph Ziggler is going at it with Titus for Superstars. We go back to the panel for more talk on the WWE World Heavyweight Title announcement that will open RAW. We get a look back at Stephanie McMahon‘s announcement from last week. We see 3MB make their way out for Superstars. Adam Rose and the Rosebuds are out next as the panel talks about Bryan’s injury. Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam and Sheamus vs. Bad News Barrett  in Money In the Bank qualifiers are announced for tonight’s show. RVD is backstage with Renee Young now. RVD says it’s going to be sweet when he beats Cesaro tonight and goes on to Money In the Bank where fans will chant for him.

More talk from the panel. We go to commercials and come back to more hype on Rollins breaking his silence tonight. Riley predicts Cesaro will qualify tonight. We see JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler making their way out. Kofi also predicts Cesaro over RVD. Riley also picks Sheamus as does Kofi. That’s it for the pre-show.

WWE Monday Night Raw: 

First In-Ring Segment:

Here’s a very happy Authority to open the show. Stephanie talks about how they like to make blockbuster announcements and gives us a video of Daniel Bryan’s doctor. Dr. Maroon says that Daniel won’t be able to participate at Money in the Bank due to the severity of his neck injury. HHH is very pleased as Stephanie officially strips Bryan of the title. Stephanie wishes Bryan well and acknowledges his very selfish wife Brie.

However we still need a WWE Champion, so at Money in the Bank we’ll have a WWE Championship ladder match. The participants will be determined by a series of qualifying matches. Stephanie says the first qualifying match took place on Raw last week so Alberto Del Rio is in. HHH says Randy Orton is in as well because he deserves it. They’ve been saying it since Wrestlemania, but now this is proof: Daniel Bryan isn’t WWE Championship material.

HHH isn’t done yet as he rants about telling Shield to adapt or perish but only Seth Rollins listened to what he said. We get a video of the turn last week, which still took place after Shield beat Evolution twice in a row. As for tonight, Ambrose and Reigns will be in a six man tag match against the Wyatt Family. They need to find a partner though, which might be tough after they spent a year running roughshod over the entire locker room. However, they need to adapt or they’ll perish.

First Match: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Sheamus vs. Bad News Barrett

Both men lock up, with no one gaining an advantage. Barrett then goes on the offensive, but then runs into an elbow from Sheamus. Sheamus then begins to throw down knees, but Barrett fights back with knees of his own.  Barrett then hits a clothesline, and then knocks Sheamus down to the outside. Barrett then launches himself off the steel steps on Sheamus, and then throws him back into the ring. Sheamus however catches Barrett, and then hits the ten blows to the chest in the ropes. Sheamus then hits a suplex and goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Sheamus goes up top and goes for a knee, but misses. Barrett and Sheamus get up, and Sheamus launches himself at Barrett, knocking them both onto the outside. Both men are down as we go to commercial break.

We return with Sheamus and Barrett slugging it out in the ring. Barrett hits a modified suplex and goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Barrett then goes up and tries to hit an elbow, but Sheamus gets his knees up. Sheamus then begins his comeback, and ends it with an Irish Curse. Sheamus makes the cover but gets a two count. Sheamus then goes up top, and Barrett catches him into the Winds of Change. Barrett makes the cover but gets a two count. Barrett then goes for Wasteland, but Sheamus gets out and goes for Brogue Kick. Barrett ducks it but then is taken down with a powerslam. Sheamus then calls for the Brogue Kick, but Barrett ducks it and gets out of the ring. Sheamus goes up top and jumps, but Barrett moves and Sheamus is out. The ref counts but Sheamus gets in the ring at nine. Barrett then hits the Wasteland but only gets a two!

Barrett goes for the Bullhammer but Sheamus ducks into White Noise! Sheamus makes the cover and gets a two count. Barrett then hits a headbutt, and then begins a vicious assault, but then is hit with a Brogue Kick! Sheamus makes the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

The Wyatt Family graphic flashes and on the big screen we see Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Harper cuts a promo and Bray Wyatt appears. Bray talks about urges and controlling them. He talks about The Shield falling victim to the faults of man. Tonight, they will burn. Bray says he is no man, he is reborn. Rowan tells us to follow the buzzards and we go to commercial.

Second Match: Rusev w/Lana vs. Zack Ryder

We come back and out comes Lana to the stage. She rips on President Obama and calls him a girly man and a sissy. She shows us the video that came out last week of Obama trying to work out at a gym while overseas. She then praises Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ryder waits in the ring as Rusev makes his way out. The bell rings and Rusev attacks with headbutts. Rusev beats Ryder down. Lana tells Rusev to crush and he stomps on Ryder’s back before applying the Accolade for the win.

After the match, Lana comes in the ring to put Rusev’s medal on him. A large Russian flag drops down over the ring as they pose some more.

Winner: Rusev

Third Match: Rybaxel vs. Goldust & R-Truth

Truth and Ryback start off, with Ryback gaining control. Axel is tagged in and beats down Truth. Ryback is tagged back in and they hit a double suplex. Axel is tagged in and Truth makes some space, tagging in Axel. Goldust then begins his comeback, finishing it off with a power slam. Goldust then hits a cross body on RybAxel, and then focuses on Axel. Goldust then hits a sunset flip powerbomb, but Ryback breaks the cover. Truth is then taken out, but Goldust takes out Ryback. Axel then rolls up Goldust for the three count.

Winner: Rybaxel

We go backstage with Layla getting her makeup done. Summer Rae comes in and pours milk all over her. She then beats her down and leave Layla alone crying. We go to commercial

Second In-Ring Segment:

3MB is in the ring but here come Ambrose and Reigns. The beating is on and they fight up the aisle with Reigns hitting a spear to Slater completely off screen. It looked like a camera error as they were looking at the crowd for a long stretch of time. Thankfully the replay shows a good shot of it.

Ambrose says the Shield was going to go down as one of the best groups ever. They dominated WWE and everyone in it, including Evolution. The team was healthy on the surface but there was a cancer inside them called Seth Rollins. Ambrose says he’ll get the chance to rearrange Rollins’ face by moving his nose over to his one ear (“because you’ll only have one left”) and that they’ll beat Rollins up. I like how simple that last line was.

Reigns very casually (not a bad thing) says Seth committed the most unforgettable sin. After he gets done with Rollins, Reigns is coming for Orton so he can mess up the face of the WWE. Then he’s coming for HHH. When he gets his hands on the King of Kings, they’ll have their own Game of Thrones.

Fourth Match: The Usos vs. Fandango & Damien Sandow

Fandango and Jimmy start, with Fandango hitting a shoulder block early. Jimmy however fights back, and Sandow is tagged in. Sandow begins to dance, as Jimmy looks on. Both men lock up, with Sandow taking the advantage early. Sandow is thrown against the ropes, but Sandow stops and dances. Sandow then turns around into a super kick, and then is hit a splash for the three count. 

Winner: The Usos

Fifth Match: Xavier Woods vs. Bo Dallas

Dallas says the way for Bryan to get back sooner than later is to BOLIEVE! Woods gets caught in a headlock to start but hiptosses Bo down to escape. A knee to the ribs drops Woods again but he sends Dallas into the buckle, only to springboard into something like a spear. The Bodog is good for the pin.

Bo tells Woods to never quit after the match.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Sixth Match: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Cesaro w/Paul Heyman vs. Rob Van Dam

Cesaro and RVD lock up, with RVD hitting a couple of kicks of early. Cesaro however catches RVD into a backbreaker for a two count. Cesaro then thrown into the corner, and is taken down with a monkey flip. RVD then goes to the top rope, and hits a side kick on Cesaro. Cesaro then falls to the outside. RVD then does a senton over the rope on Cesaro, as both men are now down. We head to commercial break.

We return with Cesaro in control. RVD tries to fight back, but Cesaro keeps him grounded. RVD however hits a kick to the head and makes the cover for the two count. Cesaro then fights back with a suplex, which leads to RVD falling to the outside. Cesaro then throws him into the barricade, and then brings him in the ring. Cesaro makes the cover but gets a twocount. RVD however fights back and both men are down. RVD then gets up and begins his comeback. RVD then hits a split legged moonsault and goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Cesaro then catches RVD into a wicked uppercut, but only gets a two count! Cesaro then hits a Tiger Bomb for a two count! Cesaro begins to act frustrated, and then is caught in a roll up for a two count. RVD then hits a kick and then follows it with the Rolling Thunder! RVD makes the cover but only gets a two count.

Cesaro then catches RVD going up top, and then takes out the legs. Cesaro then hits the Neutralizer and picks up the win

Winner: Cesaro

Third In-Ring Segment:

We return with Michael Cole in the ring. Michael Cole introduces Seth Rollins. Seth says that he doesn’t get what the controversy is all about. He says last week wasn’t a big deal because it was best for his business. He says he created the Shield and he could destroy it if he wants. Seth says he was the leader and that Dean is a lunatic and Reigns can’t be anything unless someone can control him. He says that the Shield will be nothing without him. Cole says it was about a team and not one man. Seth says they will see about that later tonight. Seth says in this business you have to adapt and you to evolve. The crowd chants that he sold out but he said that he bought in to the evolution of Seth Rollins. He says last week no one will admit that what he did took guts. He says Reigns and Ambrose thought of him as brothers, but they were just business partners to him. He says everyone will now believe in Seth Rollins, and then calls out the rest of the Shield. Out comes Ambrose and Reigns.

The Wyatt’s then come out and the brawl begins! Reigns and Ambrose almost get their hands on Rollins but he gets out. The Wyatts begin to take down The Shield, but out comes Cena! The Shield and Cena clean house and the Wyatts retreat. It looks like Reigns and Ambrose found a partner

Tomorrow night on WWE Main Event Seth Rollins will take on Dolph Ziggler.

Seventh Match: Paige vs. Alicia Fox w/Aksana

Paige and Alicia lock up, with Alicia throwing Paige to the outside. Paige tries to get back in the ring, but Alicia hits a dropkick. Alicia then throws her back in the ring, and then puts Paige in a headlock. Paige tries to fight back, but Fox hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Alicia then throws Paige to the ground, but is then caught into a roll up for a two count. Alicia then hits a clothesline for a two count. Alicia then hits a backbreaker for a two count. Paige however fights back, hitting a hurricanrana. Paige then hits a couple of knees to the face, and then hits three clothesline. Paige hits a dropkick but only gets a two count. Alicia is then thrown into Aksana, and then is caught into the PTO. Alicia then has no choice but to tap out.

Aksana tries to help Fox after the match, but Fox begins to beat her down. Fox then begins to flip out on the outside

Winner: Paige

Eight Match: Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Santino Marella

Marella escapes an early powerslam attempt and sends Jack out to the floor with a forearm. Colter slaps Swagger in the face and Jack is all fired up, to the point that he misses a charge into the post. Thankfully he blocks the Cobra and hits the gutwrench powerbomb for the pin. 

Winner: Jack Swagger

We go backstage with Cody and Goldust. Cody says that he finally has the tag partner for Goldust. Cody says that he will magnify the magnificence of Goldust. Cody says we will find out who that is next week

Stephanie is annoyed at Cena for getting in her business two weeks in a row. Vickie Guerrero comes in with champagne for the two of them because Brad Maddox and Daniel Bryan are both gone. She sneezes on Stephanie and gets thrown out with a threat of being fired again. 

Comedian Kevin Hart will be a guest star on Raw next week from Cleveland, Ohio.

Sheamus will take on Cesaro this Friday on SmackDown

Ninth Match: John Cena, Roman Regins & Dean Ambrose vs. The Wyatt Family

Both teams face off in the middle of the ring before the bell rings. Both teams then go at it, with Ambrose and Rowan starting the match officially. Ambrose hits a big cross body, and then begins to beat down Rowan in the corner. Ambrose then takes out Harper with a cross body, and then hits a dropkick on Rowan! Reigns is then tagged in and begins the beat down. Reigns then begins to work the arm, but Harper is able to make a tag. Reigns then fights off Harper, and then tags in Ambrose. Ambrose then hits a running dropkick to the leg, and then to solely begins to work on the leg. Ambrose locks in a half crab, but Harper gets out.

Ambrose is however taken down with a boot, and then Bray is tagged in. Bray begins to taunt Ambrose, but Ambrose fights back with some punches. Ambrose however falls in the Wyatts corner, and Rowan is able to make a tag. Ambrose however fights back, throwing Rowan in the steps! Bray is able to make a tag and stop Ambrose’s momentum. Harper is then tagged in and hits a brutal uppercut for a two count. Ambrose is then put into a headlock. Ambrose tries to fight out but Harper throws Ambrose down face first. Harper is in control as we head to commercial break.

We return with Ambrose trying to comeback against Rowan. Rowan however hits a side walk slam and then tags in Bray. Bray goes for a splash in the corner but Ambrose gets his feet up. Ambrose then goes up top and gets caught. Reigns comes in to break the pin but is taken out by Harper who is tagged in. Ambrose then comes back with a clothesline and tags in Cena. Rowan is tagged in and Cena begins his comeback. Cena takes out Harper and Bray, but Rowan then hits a shoulder block to take Cena down. Cena then begins to get beaten down, and Rowan then tags in Bray. Bray hits a big splash and goes for the cover, but only gets a twocount. Cena fights back with a dropkick, but Bray gets up right away and hits a clothesline. Harper is then tagged in, and puts Cena in a tree of woe. Harper then lifts him on his shoulders and then follows it with a neckbreaker. Cena is put in a headlock by Harper, but Cena fights out. Harper however catches Cena into a scoop slam, and then tags in Rowan.

Bray is then tagged in and continues to alienate him from Cena’s corner. Bray then begins to “dance” with Cena, and then hits him with a modified suplex for a two count. Bray then goes for the splash but misses! Cena tries to make a tag, and he does to Roman Reigns! Harper is tagged in as well, with Reigns beginning his comeback. Reigns hits his kick from the outside on Harper and Rowan, and then hits the side slam on Harper. Cena then takes out Rowan, but is then caught with Sister Abagail! Bray then eats the Superman Punch, and then Ambrose hits the suicide dive on Rowan. Reigns then is hit with a super kick, but kicks out at two! Reigns then hits the spear on Harper for the three count

Winner: Roman Regins, Dean Ambrose & John Cena

Josh’s grade for WWE Raw: 9/10

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