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WWE Releases: A Necessary Evil To Change

JTG2People definitely reacted to the cuts made by WWE yesterday. The big bombshell after the realization that 3MB had played their last song was the release of JTG. He had become the “internet hero” of employment in the WWE. Most of the names mentioned are more “cult heroes” for the IWC than any kind of major performers being released. I say this, with all due respect to the performers and their respective careers. None of us truly want to see anyone fired and lose their job. I don’t care who the person would be and if they were a personal favorite of mine or not.

Still, you can’t say that any of these talents named yesterday are a game changer for WWE business in any way, shape or form. It is not to say that some of these names might have interest from TNA, ROH or even Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. I have no doubt all of them will be able to find their way to remain in wrestling if they so desire to do so.

Chris Hero when he was released from WWE developmental has been able to keep very busy with ROH and on the independent scene. Same is true for A.J Styles, who has had success in both New Japan Pro Wrestling and with ROH since TNA let him go. The team “Bad Influence”, is now heading to ROH from TNA as well not with the name but still the same great tag-team. The four wrestlers I mentioned are in my mind better and more talented wrestlers than anyone released yesterday.
 I would submit, so are guys like Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville and Tyler Breeze to name just three of the top talents in NXT, waiting for their chance on the main roster. If these cuts were made as an attempt to make room for more of the talent from NXT to migrate or grow on the main roster, I have no problem with it what so ever.

Let’s face it, for all you crying foul for these talents released can any of you honestly tell me you would rather see a 3MB match than a match between Zayn and Breeze like we saw at “NXT Takeover”? I would hope the answer would be obviously not.

Many have heard the rumors that three pretty prominent names are expected to be reporting to NXT developmental in the start of August. This adds to a group down there that already has somewhere between 75-100 talents already there under contract. At some point something has to give.

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You can debate if these individuals that were released were given a fair shake or not by the WWE. I would suggest in most cases they were at least given one shot at being featured in some way. You may disagree and that is perfectly fine.

Here is the reality of things though this is the WWE’s call at the end of the day and the list of people they have released that have went on to bigger and better things is a pretty short list. Some might use Ethan Carter III once know as Derek Bateman as a recent example. When you consider that is in a company that most experts including our own Michael Wiseman see this as a sinking ship. How much success has he really had? Bateman that is, not Wiseman who is just glad the Miz is still employed!

Joking aside, it is never fun to see people go, but it is part of the deal in wrestling sports and in life. What also is part of this is the desire to see new and exciting people get their chance to succeed. If this in any way was part of the reason for these releases, then I am fine with it. Even if it wasn’t, it is hard to say that anyone did not have a long time to make their mark in WWE. Sometimes,it just doesn’t happen and the blame game for that only the talents and the company truly know the answers to that.

Change is not always bad, but this is part of the consequences of that change. If you’re a fan that wants change you have to accept the consequences of that change. It will mean some people that you may enjoy will have to be cast aside. Adding fresh talent that can contribute to this roster is a step in the right direction. None of the talent released was going to bring that change to the WWE.

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