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A Shield Divided Is Still Standing Strong


While some will debate if it was the right time to break up The Shield, you could conclude that there may never have been that perfect time. The simple reality was always there was too much emerging talent in that group for it to last over the long run. It’s not like they are not likely to cross paths and reform at various points in their WWE careers. We are a few weeks into things and already The Shield is starting to take shape as individual talents.

The best way to describe Dean Ambrose is the comparison to Brian Pillman, who also spent time in Cincinnati where Ambrose is from. But perhaps, a better explanation of Ambrose would be taking the qualities of Jake Roberts, Roddy Piper and Pillman, throw it in a blender and you get Dean Ambrose. He was also a favorite of CM Punk who back in the day went down to FCW and had a match with Ambrose. Even back then, sharing the ring with the WWE Champion you could see why Punk liked him and why he was so talented in the ring and on the microphone.

You hear an expression like “every movement matters in wrestling” a lot. Dean Ambrose is a classic example of that in action, as every little movement and reaction is part of the larger story of both his character and the current situation he may be in. He walks a fine line of sanity to insanity that in wrestling is never a bad thing, as he snaps only he knows for sure.

Having him be the one to feud with Rollins is smart and will help out both guys as they can have great matches.

In terms of Seth Rollins he made the shocking turn and broke away from the group. I can’t say the follow up from the creative behind this has blown me away because it hasn’t. In terms of the things, Rollins can control I think he has done very well. You cannot blame Seth Rollins for the terrible new entrance music, the lack of him getting new gear or the quality of guys he has faced in terms of booking.

When he has been given the chance to speak he has done a solid job on the microphone. His in-ring work is first rate, as it always has been. He is part of the second “Money in Bank” ladder match and that is something he could really use. To have the briefcase might be the ticket for everyone to continue to take Rollins as a serious threat and main event player.

It seems from the moment this group was formed, the WWE saw Roman Reigns as a star and he has been treated like one from that day one. You can make the argument that he has been perhaps the most protected character in the company aside from John Cena. WWE sees Reigns according to some as the eventual replacement for Cena to take the company forward.

You can understand why from his family background to his looks it is all there for Reigns. If there are any questions to be answered, it is does he have the endurance to work a singles match for 25-30 minutes and how will he do with more talking and segments placed in front of him?

While the content of the skit Reigns was a part of on Raw this past Monday was pretty horrible, he performed well in his roll despite the fact it was not the best story to begin with. WWE putting him in a recent PSA about fatherhood with his daughter (below) was also a good moment for him in terms of how he could eventually fit into that face of the company. It also made his already larger female fan base even more invested in him.

In the overall evaluation, at least in the short term, it is so far so good in terms of a “Shield” divided at this stage. It hasn’t been perfect, but the three individuals are starting to shine their own lights on the WWE fans. I prefer this path than people suggesting that The Shield should remain and simply replace Rollins. This was and is the better path to go for all three individuals in my view. They are all ready and realistically have been for awhile. I think this is a moment that they all might admit they have secretly been waiting for.

You can still believe that all three members of The Shield are on track to have long and successful WWE careers at this point.

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