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WWE Monday Night Raw Results: Money In The Bank Is Set

WWE Monday Night Raw
June 23, 2014
Verizon Center
Washington, D.C.

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WWE Monday Night Raw Pre-Show:

Tonight’s WWE Raw Pre-show opens up from the Verizon Center in Washington, DC with Josh Mathews, Booker T, Alex Riley and Santino Marella. Announced for tonight is Stephanie McMahon addressing Vickie Guerrero and a rematch from SmackDown with John Cena, Roman Regins and Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton. We get a promo video for Money in the Bank. We get more talk about the ladder match.

Santino says Reigns is a favorite. Booker talks about Orton being a favorite to win. We see Adam Rose and Heath Slater  going at it in the ring for Superstars. Riley picks Del Rio to win the ladder match. We get another video package on Seth Rollin‘ turn after more RAW hype. Renee Young catches up with Vickie Guerrero backstage for her comments on Stephanie. Vickie is nervous about Stephanie addressing her and says she needs to go. It’s announced that Bad News Barrett will defend against Dolph Ziggler tonight. We see Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler making their way out. Booker predicts Barrett will retain. That’s it for the pre-show.

WWE Monday Night Raw 

First In-Ring Segment:

We open up Raw with Stephanie making her way to the ring. Stephanie says that as principle owner of this company, she can not stand negligence. She says last week Vickie could not even get her a cup of coffee. She then tells Vickie to come out. Vickie comes out and makes her way to the ring. Vickie says that she always has the best interest in business in mind, and that she knows Reigns messed with her coffee. Stephanie then reminds her that Reigns was put in the battle royal by Vickie. She then says its on Vickie. Stephanie then says that she is only here because of Eddie. Vickie then begs, and Stephanie tells her to stop.Stephanie then says that Vickie can keep her job if she wins her match tonight. Vickie asks who her opponent is and Stephanie says its her! Vickie is reluctant at first but she then accepts!

First Match: Jimmy Uso w/Jey Uso vs. Luke Harper w/Erick Rowan

Harper starts the match with a big dropkick. They trade uppercuts now. Harper gets the upperhand. Uso stuns Harper with a kick but Harper runs over him. Jimmy comes back with a superkick to the jaw for a two count. Rowan distracts Uso but Jey Uso makes the save at ringside. Harper runs over Uso with a huge clothesline for the quick win.

After the match, Jey Uso takes the mic and tells Erick Rowan to bring his stinky ass back in the ring so he can kick it. Us runs the ropes and leaps out onto both Harper and Rowan. We go to commercial.

Winner: Luke Harper

Second Match: Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso vs. Erick Rowan w/Luke Harper

We return with Rowan in control, hitting a fallaway slam. Rowan makes a cover but only gets a two count. Rowan then throws Jey neck first into the rope, and then continues the beat down in the corner. Rowan goes for a shoulder thrust, but misses, and is then hit with a super kick. Jey then goes up top and hits the big splash for the three count.

Harper and Rowan begin to brawl with the Usos after the match, with Harper and Rowan gaining control. Rowan and Harper stand tall over the tag team champions.

Harper and Rowan begin to brawl with the Usos after the match, with Harper and Rowan gaining control. Rowan and Harper stand tall over the tag team champions. Bray then gets on titantron for a promo. Bray says that he is proud of his brothers. Bray then says that when he climbs the ladder, he will begin a new era, and be champion for all the needy pathetic people that he trampled to get to this point. He then says that everyone will then follow his message

Winner: Jey Uso

This Sunday on the WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff Show Daniel Bryan will make first appearance to speak about him being stripped out of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

We get a video of Lana and Rusev doing some sight-seeing earlier today in Washington, DC. Lana cuts a promo on the United States being weaker than Russia and how we only have one option. Rusev also spoke and threatened to crush us.

Third Match: Naomi vs. Alicia Fox

Naomi and Alicia lock up, with Naomi get in her offense immediately. Alicia does get some elbows in, but Naomi hits a hurricanrana. Naomi goes on the outside and tries to keep Alicia down, but Alicia throws Naomi onto the ground. Naomi is then thrown into the ring, and Alicia then hits a backbreaker. Naomi is then hit with three elbows, and then Alicia hits a Northern Light Suplex. Alicia then begins to choke Naomi in the rope. Alicia then dumps Naomi onto the outside. Naomi is thrown back into the ring, but Naomi hits the Final Cut for the three count. 

Winner: Naomi

Sheamus is backstage preparing for the main event when Roman Regins walks in. Sheamus hopes he’s ready and Reigns is always ready. Sheamus says he’s still skeptical about Reigns. Reigns says if he wanted to take Sheamus out, he would be unconscious right now. Sheamus says it’s going to be fun tagging with Reigns tonight but magical when he becomes the new champion on Sunday. Reigns says he doesn’t believe in magic, he believes in Roman Reigns and so should Sheamus. Reigns walks out and we go to commercial.

 Fourth Match: Titus O’Neil vs. Bo Dallas 

Back from the break and Titus O’Neil waits in the ring as Bo Dallas makes his way out. Bo says Titus is going to prove to everyone that all you have to do is Bo-lieve.Bo starts with a dropkick, but then is taken out by Titus with three back breakers. Titus then begins to beat down Bo in the corner. Bo however catches Titus with the Running Bo Dog for the three count.

After the match Bo Dallas tells Titus that he will get back on that horse and that all he has to do is Bolieve.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Second In-Ring Segment:

Here’s HHH to talk about how all the decisions in this country are made right here in Washington DC. He explains the double ladder match on Sundaya nd how the winner of the briefcase is almost guaranteed to be World Champion. The lineup for the ladder match will be Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler (big pop), Rob Van Dam and Bad News Barrett. That’s only six even though the graphic had seven spots. HHH picks Rollins to win the match of course and here’s Seth, now with his own t-shirt.

The fans chant YOU SOLD OUT and Rollins says they really should be over it by now. If the fans love Ambrose and Reigns as much as they claim they do, they should still be thanking Rollins for getting them as high as they did. Shield may have gotten him this far, but this Sunday he’ll climb the ladder all by himself. You can call him a sellout but on Sunday you’re going to call him Mr. Money in the Bank.

This brings out RVD who thinks he’s not being taken seriously. Seth: “I do take you seriously. I’d take you even more seriously if this was 2005.” RVD: “Back when you had to ask your mom to stay up late and watch me wrestle?” Van Dam brings up crushing HHH’s trachea in the first Elimintion Chamber before challenging Seth to a match right now. HHH says let’s do it.

Fifth Match: Seth Rollins vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD is in complete control to start the match, knocking Rollins to the outside. RVD then hits a moonsault off the apron. RVD is in control as we head to commercial break. We return with Rollins in control, choking RVD in the ropes. Rollins then hits the triple verticals for a two count. RVD is then put into a headlock. RVD gets out, but is then hit with a neckbreaker. Rollins then begins to beat down RVD in the corner. Rollins hits a clothesline, and then makes a cover for a two count. RVD is then put into another headlock. RVD fights out and puts Rollins in a roll up for a two count. RVD then begins his comeback. RVD goes for the Rolling Thunder, and it connects! RVD goes up for the Five Star Frog Splash, but Rollins moves out of the way. Rollins then begins to beat down RVD. Rollins then hits the Powerbomb and Curb Stomp. Rollins makes the cover and out comes Dean Ambrose!

After the bell, Ambrose keeps unloading on Rollins. They fight out of the ring and officials pull Ambrose away. Ambrose comes back for more, leaping over the announce table and tackling Rollins again. Rollins runs off to the stage and Ambrose taunts him from the ring. Fans pop as Ambrose takes the mic. He says if he’s not put into the Money In the Bank match, he’s still going to show up in Boston, bash Rollins’ face, take the briefcase and screw up the pay-per-view. Ambrose says he’s coming to Money In the Bank.

Winner: Seth Rollins by DQ

We come back and see what just happened. Triple H is backstage with Rollins. Rollins wants Ambrose put in the match so he can control him. Triple H says if this blows up in Rollins’ face, it’s on him. Ambrose is in the match.

Sixth Match: WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Bad News Barrett came out and said that Dolph Ziggler’s victory over Bad News Barrett on SmackDown was a fluke. Bad News says that unfortunately for Dolph Ziggler with his massive ego he’s afraid he got’s the some bad news for him. The Bad News is that he will make Dolph Ziggler look like a fool like the Washington Redskins and we go to commercial break.

Dolph and Barrett lock up, with Barrett immediately shoving Ziggler in the corner, and beating him down. Ziggler fights back, and rolls Barrett up for a two count. Ziggler then hits a dropkick, and makes another cover for a two count. Ziggler bounces off the rope, but Barrett hits a clothesline, knocking Ziggler to the outside. Ziggler is thrown back into the ring, and is covered for a two count. Barrett puts Ziggler in a headlock. Ziggler gets out, and then begins his comeback. Ziggler then follows it with a neckbreaker. Ziggler goes for the Fameasser, but Barrett catches him into the Winds of Change. Barrett then goes for the Wasteland, but Ziggler gets out and hits the Zig Zag! Dolph goes for the cover but Barrett falls to the outside! Both men are down as we go to commercial.

We return with Ziggler hitting ten elbows to Barrett. Ziggler makes the cover but only gets a two count. Barrett goes on the apron, and then launches Ziggler to the outside. Barrett then hits an elbow on Ziggler off the apron. Barrett drags Ziggler in the ring, and makes a cover for a two count. Ziggler is put into a headlock. Ziggler gets out, but then is caught with a wicked kick to the gut. Barrett makes the cover for a two count. Barrett goes up top, and Ziggler catches him with a facebuster from the top. Ziggler makes the cover but only gets a two count.

Ziggler then gets caught and is hit with Wasteland! Barrett makes the cover but only gets a two count. Barrett goes for the Bullhammer, but Ziggler moves and hits the Fameasser! Ziggler makes the cover but only gets a two count. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag, but Barrett hangs on to the ropes. Barrett then goes for the Winds of Change, but Ziggler catches him with a roll up! Ziggler only gets a two count! Ziggler then goes for a splash in the corner, but Barrett hits Ziggler with the Bullhammer in mid air! Barrett makes the cover for the three count.

Winner: Still WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett

Renee Young catches up with Vickie backstage as she’s heading to the ring. Vickie knows she’s not the most-liked person in the back but says she’s the most humiliated person in WWE History. Vickie says she’s taking her dignity back tonight. She says she has no regrets. Randy Orton walks up. He says Vickie is going to regret the decision she made last week when she let Roman Regins in the battle royal. Orton says he would say it’s been nice knowing her but that would be a lie. We go to commercial.

Tomorrow night on WWE Main Event Dolph Ziggler will team with Kofi Kingston and Rob Van Dam to take on the team of Jack Swagger, Seth Rollins and Bad News Barrett.

Seventh Match: Vickie Guerrero vs. Stephanie McMahon

We go to the ring and out comes Vickie Guerrero to Eddie Guerrero’s music. Stephanie McMahon is out next in the same dress she was in earlier. She says their match isn’t in the ring it’s in this… a large pool of waste and slop beside the stage. Stephanie says the first one to go in the pool is the loser. Stephanie calls out Layla, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox to get Vickie and they surround her in the ring.

Vickie escapes the ring and the Divas look on from the ring. Vickie gets cornered between Stephanie and the Divas. Stephanie mocks her as the Divas carry her over to the pool of waste. She fights out and shoves Rosa into the slop. Layla goes face first next. Fox grabs Vickie but Vickie turns it around and tosses her in. Vickie goes to celebrate but Stephanie shoves her into the waste from behind. Stephanie chants “yes!” and tells Vickie she’s fired.

Stephanie tries to get the fans to sing “goodbye” with her but they boo her. Vickie walks past Stephanie covered in slap and humiliated. Stephanie continues singing. Vickie turns around and she’s upset. Vickie rubs the slop all over Stephanie and tosses her face first into the pool. Eddie’s music hits as Vickie does the Eddie taunt on the stage and blows a kiss goodbye for the fans. A referee tries to help Stephanie out of the pool but gets pulled in also.

Winner: Stephanie McMahon

Backstage segment with Stardust, Goldust and Byron Saxton. Stardust sings and blows stars everywhere. Goldust is impressed and says now he’s the normal one

Eight Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

Kofi and Swagger start off fast, but Swagger slows it down with offense in the corner. Swagger hits a clothesline, and then follows it with a Swagger Bomb. Kofi kicks out at two, and Swagger tries to keep Kofi grounded. Kofi however gets out, and hits a flying cross body. Kofi then knocks Swagger to the outside, and then jumps to the outside and hits Swagger. Swagger is thrown back in the ring, and Kofi is caught in the Patriot Lock. Kofi tries to reach the ropes and get out, but Swagger gets him in the middle of the ring. Kofi has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Naomi vs Paige for the Divas Championship is announced for Money In The Bank.

Renee is backstage with Del Rio. Del Rio says that no one is expecting him to win, but he is going to do it anyway. In comes Cesaro and Heyman. Heyman says that Heyman is the one behind Lesnar breaking the streak, and that he will be behind the one who grabs the title, who is Cesaro. Del Rio asks if Cesaro ever speaks, or if he is just his puppet. Cesaro then says he speaks five languages, but he doesn’t talk to Del Rio because he doesn’t speak loser. Cesaro and Heyman leave as Del Rio looks on.

This Friday on WWE SmackDown Sheamus will take on Bray Wyatt.

Ninth Match: Big E vs. Damien Sandow (Abraham Linclon)

Sandow starts on the offensive, but Big E fights back with belly to belly. Big E then hits the Big Ending for the three count.

Big E cuts a promo on Rusev, until Lana comes out. Rusev attacks Big E from behind, and then locks in the Accolade. Big E tries to get out, but can’t. Rusev stands tall over Big E.

Winner: Big E

Tenth Match: John Cena, Sheamus and Roman Regins vs. Cesaro, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Alberto Del Rio

Cena and Orton start the match off. Orton hits a shoulder block, and both men lock up again. Cena hits a shoulder block, and Sheamus is tagged in. Sheamus hits a big blow to the face, and then tags in Cena. Cena is however caught with a kick to the head, and Del Rio is tagged in. Del Rio begins to beat Cena down in the corner. Cena fights back with a bulldog, and Cesaro is tagged in. Both men lock up, with Cesaro catching Cena with a backbreaker. In comes Bray Wyatt. Bray begins to stomp away on Cena in the corner. Bray hits a modified suplex, and then makes a cover for a two count. Bray “dances” with Cena in the ring, and then hits a modified side slam. Bray is in control as we head to commercial.

We return with Del Rio in control over Cena. Del Rio hits a DDT, and Cesaro tags himself in. Cesaro teases for the Swing, but puts a Boston Crab on Cena instead. Cena gets out, and hits a back body drop on Cesaro. Reigns is tagged in as is Del Rio! Reigns makes his comeback, and takes everyone out. Del Rio however hits the backstabber and tags in Bray. Bray punishes Reigns, and then Cesaro is tagged in. Cesaro beats down Reigns, but then Orton tags himself in. Orton hits a suplex, and then puts Reigns in a headlock. Reigns however makes the hot tag to Sheamus, and Sheamus makes his comeback. Everyone comes in and exchanges finishers, with Sheamus hitting a Brogue Kick at the end to win it.

Kane comes out and destroys everyone. Triple H comes out and stands by Orton as he announces Kane as the final entrant in the ladder match. Kane does his pyro and Reigns spears him out of nowhere! Reigns stands tall as Raw concludes.

Winner: John Cena, Sheamus and Roman Regins

Josh’s Grade for Raw: 8.5/10

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