Triple H on Vickie Guerrero, Money in the Bank in Weekly Video


Triple H recently sat down with Michael Cole for his weekly video on  This week, the WWE COO talked about the “sad moment from Raw” with Vickie Guerrero being fired after nine years of service and wishing her good luck in the open job market.

He also addressed the addition of Dean Ambrose to the Money in the Bank briefcase match at Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view and comments from Ambrose who said he “has made an enemy for life” in Triple H.

Plus, the COO also talks about his decision to add Kane to the Money in the Bank Ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at this Sunday’s event which he now claims with be “the most epic ladder match in the history of the WWE”.

It’s a fun watch with Triple H at his best in his role, being not only confident and cocky but explaining his reasoning for everything like only he can.


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