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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results: Roman Regins Stands Tall

WWE Friday Night SmackDown
June 27, 2014
Consol Energy Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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First In-Ring Segment:

Seth Rollins, Triple H, and Randy Orton were introduced as they stood in the ring. Triple H welcomed us to Smackdown. Triple H said that sometimes in this business people refer to era’s. He listed multiple era’s, and the attitude era got a lukewarm pop. He said today he had heard this era being referred to as the reality era, but he thinks it’s better defined as the authority era. He said the authority is constantly making history. He said on Sunday history will be made when, for the first time ever, eight men will compete in a ladder match for the WWE Championship .

He guaranteed that this Sunday we would see a brand new WWE champion and a brand new face of the WWE.He shifted gears to talk about the contract match. He said one man will climb the ladder to reach for a contract that will allow him to make his own opportunity. He said that if he was a gambling man, when Sunday was over you are looking at a pretty solid group, as he looked at both Orton and Rollins. He said that he would bet that the new face of the WWE would be Randy Orton, and standing by his side would be Seth Rollins holding a money in the bank contract. He said whether you like it or not, that is what’s best for business.

Orton said that Triple H you are completely right. He said that after all is said and done on Sunday, he will climb the ladder for the championship and be the face of the WWE. Seth Rollins spoke and that’s right, and he would be the winner of the money in the bank contract. He said just incase things do go wrong, there’s always a plan B. Orton interrupted and said what do you mean if things don’t go according to plan? What exactly do you think could go wrong. Seth said it’s not unthinkable that you won’t get the job done. Orton replied, it’s not unthinkable, that without your little shield guys next to you, that I don’t whip your ass.

Triple H interrupted them both before it got more heated and said, sometimes there are trust issues, and you know why you should trust each other? Because I trust you both. He said there is always a constant and that’s the authority. He said you can either survive against the authority, or you can thrive with the authority. He referred to Orton as the present and Rollins as the future, and that this is best for business.

First Match: Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose

Both men circled each other before locking up. Ambrose got the early upper hand as he unloaded with aggressive offence. He tossed Barrett to the outside and threw him into the ringside barrier. Back in the ring, Barrett managed to recover and caught Ambrose with a kick to the face, and was in control of the match. There was a cool spot when Ambrose was in the ropes and Barrett caught him with one hell of a kick which knocked Ambrose to the outside. The ringside microphones caught some fans at ringside telling Ambrose “come you got him, let’s go”. Barrett came out to ringside and returned the favour from earlier and threw Ambrose into the ringside barrier.

Back from break Barrett whinched in a chinlock. Ambrose used the encouragement of the crowd to attempt a comeback. But Barrett knocked him down and put him back in the chinlock. Barrett shouted “For England!”. After being in the chinlock for about a minute, Ambrose started to slap his face which got the cheers of the crowd and he broke the hold. Ambrose got a minute or so of offense before Barrett caught him on the top rope, but Ambrose came off the ropes a few seconds later and hit a big clothesline. He hit the dirty deeds for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Jack Swagger made his way out with Zeb Colter. He immediately attacked Wade Barrett and threw him into the ringside barriers twice. After the second impact, Swagger went for the ankle lock but you could see Barrett tap his leg a couple of times and the camera cut away. Ambrose made his way to the outside, and beat down Swagger with a ladder. He threw him in the ring but Swagger caught him and dumped him over the top. He pointed up towards the Money In The Bank briefcase as Cole reminded us that he had done it before.

From nowhere, Ambrose reappeared and took the fight again to Swagger. Both men brawled at ringside. Swagger was thrown into the time keepers area. From behind Rollins grabbed Ambrose and threw him into the ring steps. He stood over Ambrose as the crowd chanted you sold out. He threw Ambrose into the ring and hit a curb stomp. He told Ambrose that he won’t ruin this opportunity for him as he stood over, and announced that it was his time.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Second Match: Paige vs. Cameron

Naomi said on commentary that the win she got a couple of weeks ago in a non title match has really boosted her confidence. Cole was stirring the pot by telling her that Cameron was on commentary at Raw saying that Naomi was over rated. In the ring, Paige won quickly with the Paige Turner..

After the match, Naomi got in the ring, and Paige held the title up to her face. From behind Cameron hit Paige but Naomi held her back. Cameron pushed Naomi into Paige when Paige’s back was turned, which got Naomi and Paige squaring up face to face.

Winner: Paige

Third Match: Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt

As the bell ring, both men locked up trying to get the early advantage. Both men traded offence in the early going with Sheamus getting the upper hand by using his power. Early in the match, Sheamus went to hold Bray against the ropes to pound his chest, but Bray escaped. This allowed his brothers to distract Sheamus, and Bray was on the offence leading into our first commercial.

Back from the break, and Bray got a two count. The camera showed the Uso’s had made their way to ringside, as Cole and JBL explained they were there to even the odds. Bray continued with his offence for a couple of minutes and at one point knocked Sheamus from the top rope to the floor. After a few more minutes of Bray offence, the crowd started to chant Sheamus to try and get behind the celtic warrior. JBL talked about the fact they could use “toys” on Sunday as it was no DQ, Five minutes into the match, Sheamus started his comeback with an explosive clothesline out of the corner as the other Wyatt family members looked on concerned. Sheamus threw Bray to the outside and caught Bray against the ropes, and this time pounded on Wyatt with the crowd counting along. Sheamus went for the Brogue kick but Bray avoided it but walked into a powerslam for a close two count.

Sheamus hit a backbreaker and went for the cloverleaf. He applied the hold but Harper entered the ring and kicked Sheamus in the face to cause the DQ. All six men were in the ring, until the Uso’s and Sheamus cleared the ring of the heels. The Uso’s performed a double flying shoulder charge from the ring to the outside on the Wyatt’s. Bray snuck up behind Sheamus and went Sister Abigail but Sheamus wriggled out it. He went for the Brogue Kick but Bray bailed to the outside.

Winner: Sheamus by DQ

They showed an outside shot of the arena, before Byron Saxton was shown in the locker room. He introduced Goldust. Byron recapped Rybaxel issuing a challenge to Goldust & Startdust for the MITB PPV. Goldust said Rybaxel don’t know what they are letting themselves in for.

At that moment, star like lights turned on in the locker room and Stardust came into shot and blew some gold star confetti out of his hand. He said that Rybaxel called them painted up hermaphrodite. Stardust started talking about the different stars including the solar systems biggest star the sun. He ranted about different stars for about another minute and then walked off. Goldust stared in wonder for a few moments, and said I think what he was trying to say is we accept

Fourth Match: Rob Van Dam & Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro & Alberto Del Rio w/Paul Heyman

RVD and Del Rio started his match off, and both men traded some quick offence on each other. The commentators reminded us that RVD is a former Money In The Bank winner. Heyman went on a rant about how his strategy allowed Brock Lesner to conquer the streak, and his strategy will help Cesaro become the next champion on Sunday. In the ring, Ziggler tagged and went to work on Alberto. Ziggler charged at Del Rio but got caught with an elbow. Del Rio used this opportunity to tag in Cesaro who came in and stood on Ziggler’s head.Cole made a statement that Heyman had never had a client win a Money In The Bank match, to which Heyman matter of a factly said, I’ve never had a client in the Money In The Bank match. Fair point. Ziggler hit a crossbody on Cesaro to regain the offence for the babyface team. He hit a lovely neckbreaker and then hit a fameasser on Cesaro for a two count.

Ziggler jumped on Cesaro’s back which allowed Del Rio to blind tag in to the ring. Ziggler cleared Cesaro from the ring but Del Rio clipped Zigglers leg and hit a kick which knocked Ziggler out of the ring. Heyman and Cole exchanged barbs. At one point, Heyman made a political analogy which got Cole talking politics. JBL indicated that Cole had to use politics to keep his job. In the ring, the heels were all over Del Rio and making quick tags and wearing down Ziggler.Del Rio hit a beautiful back breaker which Ziggler sold well. Cole and Heyman continued to fire barbs at each other. Cole had a go at Heyman for bringing up Lesner when he should be focusing on Cesaro.

Ziggler tried to fight out of his corner but Cesaro stopped him before he could reach his corner. Ziggler countered with a kick and back body dropped Cesaro over the top. Ziggler managed to get the hot tag. RVD unloaded with a number of kicks and rolling thunder. RVD went for the five star splash but Del Rio got his knees up. He put RVD in a cross armbreaker and RVD tapped almost immediately.

After the match, the heels celebrated in the ring. Del Rio indicated it was thanks to him that they won the match. Cesaro took exception to this and knocked Del Rio down. Heyman held him back so he wouldn’t continue the attack.

Winner: Cesaro & Alberto Del Rio

Renee Young was backstage and introduced the tag team title champions The Uso’s. Renee asked what is their reaction to putting their title belts on the line this Sunday. The Uso’s compared themselves to cockroaches that you think are dead but you lift your shoe and their still moving. The Uso’s said they are bringing everything on Sunday and they will still be the Tag Team Champions.

Second In-Ring Segment:

Rusev was in the ring with Lana, who was holding a microphone. Lana showed a picture of a derelict warehouse and said it was a metaphore for the USA. She said that you’re lazy, you’re fat, you’re impatent causing the decay of very own way of life. She said in mother Russia, they are inspired to be disaplined by the greatest leader Vladamir Putin. This got a lot of heat from the crowd. She ended her promo by saying your American dream is becoming the Russian reality. Rusev got the microphone and said America Rusev crush. Sin Cara snuck into the ring, and we have our fifth match of the night.

Fifth Match: Rusev w/Lana vs. Sin Cara

Sin Cara started off trying to use his speed, but quickly got slowed down with a knee to the bread basket. Sin Cara flipped over the top of Rusev but turned around into a big kick. Rusev put his camel clutch submission hold on, and Sin Cara tapped quickly.

After the match, Rusev and Lana stood in the ring, and the Russian flag dropped behind them. Big E’s music played and out he came. He said that for too long Rusev had been attacking his country. He cut a passionate patriotic speech about America. He got in the ring, and said a real man doesn’t attack from behind, he looks him straight in the eye. Both men stood face to face with Lana holding back Rusev. Rusev,left the ring, but snuck back in when he though Big E’s back was turned. Big E spotted him and knocked him back out of the ring.

Winner: Rusev

They showed a replay of what happened between Stephanie McMahon and Vickie Guerrero on Raw from last Monday. It was a classy sendoff in a WWE way… They announced that on Sunday we would get Big E vs. Rusev, and Layla vs. Summer Rae with Fandango as the special guest referee… Kane made his entrance followed off by Roman Reigns. The crowd were really into Reigns.

Sixth Match: Roman Regins vs. Kane

Both men traded blows to start this one off. Reigns hit an impressive power slam on Kane for a two count. Kane took over the offence at the 1 minute mark with a DDT as we went into a commercial.

We came back, and Kane had Reigns in the middle of the ring in a chinlock. Reigns battled his way to his feet and hit a headbutt. The crowd sounded like it was going crazy, but I couldn’t see anyone on the hard camera side reacting. Kane manages to stay in the match with a kick to the face and re-took over the offence.

Kane threw Reigns to the outside and started to take apart the commentators table. He setup for a chokeslam onto the table but Reigns faught back. He charged at Kane but Kane got the elbow up. Back in the ring Kane charged but Reigns side stepped and hit several headbutts on Kane who went down. Reigns setup for the superman punch and connected. He setup for the spear but Randy Orton charged the ring. He got in the ring and beat down Reigns. Reigns came back with a superman punch on Orton, but walked into a chokeslam from Kane.

Kane went to the outside and grabbed a ladder. Randy Orton looked nervous in the corner, but Kane looked up at the title belts and setup the ladder underneath. He looked at Randy Orton and allowed Randy to climb the ladder, indicating this is what he would do on Sunday. As Randy was near the top of the ladder, Kane grabbed the ladder and for a second looked like he was going to push it over, but he was just holding it steady. Randy stood at the top of the ladder holding both title belts up for the money shot. Randy’s music played as Kane setup to hit Reigns with another chokeslam. Randy stopped him and stood over Reigns holding the belts. He then backed away and set him up for the punt to the head. Reigns got up and hit the spear on Orton, followed by a spear on Kane. We went off the air with Reigns holding up the Championship belts.

Winner: Roman Regins by DQ

Josh’s Grade for WWE SmackDown: 10/10

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