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The Shield Still Carrying The WWE

The Shield is no longer a unit but is still very much a major focus of the WWE even on a night that saw amazing returns and was one of the best Monday Night Raw’s in recent memory. The lose of Daniel Bryan was a major blow but the trio of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have taken the ball and run with it. They were labelled as the “Hounds of Justice” they may not be looking for justice but they sure smell opportunity when it is there for them as they always have.

It has been obvious from the very start that the WWE sees a bright and long future for Roman Reigns. He is the one guy that is openly talked about as the eventual successor to John Cena. You got a glimpse of that future when the two had a stare-down during the championship match at Money in the Bank. Reigns last night was placed in a fatal four way match for the title with John Cena, Kane and Randy Orton. He clearly is the one guy that stands out in that match with a group of long time established WWE superstars on the highest level. It is not a question of if Roman Reigns will one day become a WWE World Heavyweight Champion, as much as it is when and how many times he will hold the title in his career.

Reigns would tag with John Cena last night and in the end come to his aid saving him from a beat down from Kane and Triple H. Dean Ambrose prior to that thwarted an attempt by Seth Rollins to cash in his just won “Money In the Bank” briefcase. I’ll get to more on Dean and Seth in a minute, but let’s continue the conversation about Roman. He would lock eyes in a stare-down with another WWE legend in Triple H. It has been rumoured for sometime that we are going to see a match between Triple H and Roman Reigns at Summerslam. You can see a clear path to how we get to that match now with Triple H costing him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in some form or fashion, at Battleground coming up in less than 3 weeks.

Reigns is the prototype of what the WWE Looks for in a guy they want to be the man in the company. He is first and foremost big, massive and has a larger than life persona without saying a word. He also is an attractive man that appeals to female fans, while still being seen as a cool dude by the male audience. Add in the fact he is a blood relative of The Rock and comes from a wrestling family with his father a former WWE star as well, that almost seals the deal. He has shown moments of explosion in the ring where he can mow down opposition in fast and furious succession. He really has it all and it would take something tragic or devastating to stop him from achieving his destiny to be a massive star for this company.

If Reigns is the John Cena or the Hulk Hogan in waiting, does this make Dean Ambrose the C.M Punk or Randy Savage to that? This guy for my money is the most complete package of the trio right now. I tweeted last night that on paper Ambrose is a blue chip star and has it all and he really does.

I will start with the fact I think in a relatively short period of time he has been the best “seller” in the business in terms of how he takes and reacts to moves and situations. Dean Ambrose in just his facial expressions tells stories better than a majority of people on this roster. He is brilliant in his just pure insanity. I mentioned Punk and Savage but he has a lot of Roddy Piper crazy inside of him something we haven’t seen in a long time.

His promo ability is what makes you think of C.M Punk in the sense you are never likely to know what is going to come out of his mouth. He is not the calm and collected guy like Punk is more often than not. Dean is the crazy demented guy that you really are convinced will do anything to accomplish whatever the mission is for him in his mind.

That mission of the moment is to get revenge on Seth Rollins for turning his back on him. He has said that Seth is now dependent on his “daddy” Triple H and Ambrose vows to be a roadblock to him cashing in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase. Dean true to his word came out in the final segment of Raw and did just that.

Ambrose was someone that CM Punk took an interest in mentoring and helping him get to the main roster. As I have mentioned in the past, in his days as WWE Champion on what was suppose to be a rare day of for Punk, he made his way down to FCW the precursor to NXT and faced Dean Ambrose in a match. He believed in Dean perhaps even before people in the top levels of the WWE did.

As for Seth Rollins, he has already had some success prior to this point as he is a former ROH Champion under the ring name of Tyler Black and he was the first ever NXT Champion. So there is some real life back story to Triple H having faith in him before he did the other two to some extent.

Rollins has taken to his new solo heel role very well and has had some issues with some of the things out of his hands like ring gear and his intro. Neither of which has been setting the world on fire. Dean Ambrose was not dealt a great hand in this regard either as long as we are on the subject. The stuff he has been able to control he has done very well with it. He is a brilliant in ring performer and that is likely always going to be his strength. His performance on the microphone has been I would say above average at this point and is improving.

The pairing with Ambrose and what has the makings of being a long drawn out feud might serve him well even more than it will Ambrose. You are almost guaranteed a fantastic match in the ring every time you put these two in it. The reviews from the various house shows’ these guys have been working have been fantastic. They are scheduled to face each other at “Battleground” in a yet to be determined match and it should have the chance to steal that show.

The WWE has done a great job in making all three of these guys’ stars to begin with as part of The Shield. They are all ready to take individuals paths and it is at a time where the WWE needs them too. The last few months for this company has been carried on the backs of the collective unit we called the Shield and they all have performed like they always have. Straight ahead, with no nonsense, or fear and always hungry for more is the mantra of these three guys from day one.  These hounds can hunt and they are always looking to take things to the next level and have been that way since they walked into the WWE.

I believe in the success of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as much as I believed in The Shield.

Just a personal note to all of my fellow Canadian’s that might be reading this Happy Canada Day to you all. The WWE gave Canada their birthday present a day early with the return of Chris Jericho. So enjoy the day and be safe on this holiday.  If you want to support us at Between the Ropes with all the money from your empties over the holiday please do using the banners to support the site via Paypal. Helps with all the costs in running the site and keeps it free content for everyone.

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