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Kevin Nash Explains Price Paid for Years of Wrestling

Say what you want about Kevin Nash (and plenty of people do) but he is one of the smarter people in wrestling over the past few decades.  He picked his spots, knew who to work with and when to get out.

Because of those smarts, he was able to capitalize on his God given talents and make a very good living from wrestling despite not being the most talented guy in the ring.  He still had a very good career and one that has handsomely paid off.

But it also came at another price for the now nearly 55 year-old: his body.  Nash explained that in a recent interview with Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald to promote Supercon from this past weekend.

“My wife, my son and I went on a European vacation,” he said. “Three or four days walking around London. Three or four days walking around Paris. Three or four days walking around Munich. My knees were so swollen. My ankle has been operated on. It’s got a plate, screws in it. My body just couldn’t take walking eight to 10 miles a day. What are you gonna do? Now that you’ve got the time and you’ve got the funds to see the world with your family, you don’t have a body that can participate in anything. Finally, I just had to tap out. I said, ‘I’m going to that little garden over there to sit down in the shade. I’m done.’ They came back and got me 2 1/2 hours later, and I was sitting down. I got a chance to see all those places before, so I was a good tour guide, but I was just physically uncapable of putting that much mileage on my knees.”

Nash went on to say:

“I just went up to a wedding in Minnesota and just the travel — two hours in a car, four hours in a plane. The lodge we were staying at, when we got there after all that travel, I felt like somebody beat me with an aluminum baseball bat. In the plane, the seats are right against my knees. I can’t move. I’m sitting there at a 90-degree angle, jammed in my seat. It’s miserable…Oh well.”

It’s not surprising that the seven-footer is dealing with these pains at this stage in his life.  Anyone would after over 20 years of taking bumps.  But “Big Sexy” is a big guy and entered the wrestling business already with bad knees from his days of playing college basketball.

“I was never a high-flier. I was 340 pounds. I was falling seven feet. You knock me off my feet. I’m seven feet tall. That’s my drop, seven feet with 340 pounds of weight going down. That’s equivalent of getting rear ended at 30 miles an hour in a car. You do that 12 times a night, 300 days a year, 10 years in a row. [Recently] I got up. Gees, it took me an hour to get out of bed. Just to pick your head up off the pillow, it’s miserable. It’s a slow process to get moving everyday.”

It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun but Nash was very well compensated during his wrestling career and he says he doesn’t regret the decisions he made.  He even stated that he still has a good quality of life and gets to the gym everyday.

Nash also talked about the recent Money in the Bank PPV and his thoughts on DDP Yoga.

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