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WWE Monday Night Raw Results: WWE Battleground is Set

WWE Monday Night Raw
July 14, 2014
Richmond Coliseum
Richmond, Virginia

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WWE Monday Night Raw Pre-Show: 

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with Byron Saxton, Booker T and Alex Riley at the WWE  studios in Stamford. They hype tonight’s six-man main event and announce a segment between Lana and Zeb Colter. We go to a video package on Seth Rollins and John Cena. They hype the Fatal 4 Way main event at Battleground. Riley says Reigns is trying to prove to Cena that he’s the big dog in the house now, even though Cena is champion. Riley predicts a title change. We get a look back at Rusev vs. Reigns from SmackDown.

They talk about Rollins vs. Ambrose at Battleground next. Saxton shows us a clip from Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho from SmackDown where The Wyatt Family were playing mind games with Jericho, leading to a loss. Saxton announces that Jericho will be demanding answers from The Wyatt Family tonight. They also announce Ric Flair will be appearing on RAW tonight. We go to Network promos. We come back and get a look at Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio from last week. New Superstars have signed up for the Battleground Battle Royal and they talk about that match. We go to Renee Young and Rob Van Dam backstage. RVD talks about the battle royal but says he’s going to take everyone else to the extreme. He’s interrupted by Alberto Del Rio, who says he will be the next Intercontinental Champion. Del Rio threatens RVD if he doesn’t stay away. We go back to the panel for more Battle Royal discussion. We get a look at The Usos vs. Rowan and Harper now. We come back from more Network commercials and get talk about the Divas. We get final hype for tonight’s RAW and that’s it for the pre-show.

WWE Monday Night Raw: 

First In-Ring Segment:

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up from Richmond, VA with Michael Cole welcoming us. WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena comes out to a massive but mixed reaction.Cole is joined by JBL and Jerry Lawler. They hype tonight’s main event as Cena makes his entrance. Cena tells Richmond the champ is here and gets another big reaction. Cena says we’ve got a feisty crowd tonight. Cena tells everyone that the free preview for WWE Network ends up at midnight. He tells everyone to go sign up because at Battleground, the champ may not be here. Cena reminds everyone he doesn’t have to get pinned to lose the title. The music hits and Roman Regins makes his way to the ring through the crowd.

Reigns hits the ring to a pop and takes a mic. Cena says fans are chanting Reigns’ name and introduces him to the crowd. Cena says they’re teaming tonight but facing off on Sunday. Cena thanks Reigns for helping him out last week. Cena says Reigns had a cute little stunt at the end of RAW and his message was clear – he’s not to be ignored. Cena understands it’s every man for himself on Sunday but they need to make it to Sunday. Cena says Reigns has been screwed over by The Authority but… Reigns tells Cena to get to the damn point. Cena says they should take Kane and Orton out tonight and then at Battleground, they’ll see if Reigns is as good as he thinks he is. Reigns says they should get rid of Orton and Kane. Reigns says then we will see if Cena is really as good as he thinks he is.

They come face to face and Dean Ambrose appears on the big screen. He says enough of this whole “prettiest girl at the dance” argument going on. He says we’re not dancing tonight, we’re fighting. Ambrose says The Authority always has a plan but he has one tonight and it’s called Operation Screw The Authority. Ambrose says it begins when they stop arguing. Kane, Orton and Rollins surround Ambrose. He looks at them and starts brawling but they beat him down. He comes back fighting but gets beat down again. They throw him repeatedly into a door and continue the attack. Rollins throws him head first into the door. The three stomp some more before throwing Dean face first into a wall. Kane chokeslams Ambrose on a production case. Ambrose is bleeding from the mouth. He asks if that’s all they got and the crowd pops. Rollins stands up on the production cases and nails a big stomp on Ambrose, laying him out on the floor. We go to commercial.

First Match: Sheamus vs. The Miz

The Miz and Sheamus lock up, with Miz ducking and hiding from Sheamus right away. Miz tries to gain some space, but is taken down with a shoulder block, as well as an elbow drop. Miz tries to retreat, but Sheamus follows. Sheamus gets caught, but fights back right away, throwing Miz to the outside. Sheamus tries to throw Miz into the barrier, but Miz reverses it and throws Sheamus into the barrier instead. Miz gets back in the ring and hits a double axe handle. Miz makes the cover but only gets a two count. Sheamus gets back in it with a rolling senton, and Miz rolls to the outside. Sheamus is in control as we go to commercial break.

We return with Miz throwing Sheamus into the ring post, and then into the ring. Miz makes the cover but only gets a two count. Sheamus however fights back into it, and then begins his come back. Sheamus hits fifthteen blows to the chest, and then follows it with a powerslam. Sheamus makes the cover but Miz kicks out at two. Sheamus then hits a clothesline to the back of the head. Sheamus goes up top, but Miz throws Sheamus to the mat. Miz then hits the snap DDT, but Sheamus kicks out at two.Miz then goes for a boot to the head, but Sheamus reverses it into the Irish Curse. Sheamus then goes for the Brogue Kick, but Miz moves out of the way and rolls up Sheamus for the three count!

Winner: The Miz

We go backstage with Orton and Kane. Orton says nothing will stop him from winning the championship on Sunday. Kane says that he may walk out with the titles. Triple H then walks in and says that they need to trust each other so the title can come back to the Authority. Stephanie then walks in and says how much she loves him. They start making out as Raw goes to commercial break. 

Second Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango

Ziggler and Fandango lock up, with Fandango pushing away and hitting a shoulder block. Ziggler fights back with a hip toss, but Ziggler then misses a dropkick. Fandango begins to beat down Ziggler in the corner, and then hits a strong Irish whip in the opposite corner. Ziggler is then put into a headlock. Ziggler tries to fight back, but Fandango throws him down and puts him in another headlock. Ziggler gets out, and tries to begin his comeback, but Fandango stops him. Summer and Layla come out of no where and begin to dance on announcers table. Ziggler and Fandango are both distracted, but Ziggler gets the advantage with the Fame-Asser. Ziggler makes the cover and gets the three count.

Layla and Summer Rae begin to flirt with Dolph after the match, and Dolph leaves with both girls as Fandango watches on. We go to commercial.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

We come back and there’s Sonic fast food being served backstage by a Sonic carhop. Damien Sandow comes in on roller skates and wearing a Sonic uniform. This leads to a comedy attempt with Sandow, Adam Rose and the Rosebuds.

Third Match: The Usos vs. Heath Slater & Titus O’Neil

We go to the ring and WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos come out. Before they can get to the ring, they’re blindsided by Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Rowan tosses one of the Usos into the ring post and Harper nails a huge boot to the face, knocking him over the barrier. They bring the other Uso into the ring and lay him out with a big double team move. Rowan and Harper stand tall over  Uso as the announcers hype their Battleground match.

Winner: No Contest

Second In-Ring Segment:

We return with Michael Cole in the ring introducing Lana and Rusev. He then introduces Swagger and Zeb. Cole says this is happening to try and ease the tension between the two countries. Lana calls Zeb and America stupid, and the crowd gets louder. Lana says that Russia will always be the peace and loving country. She then asks Zeb to admit its country mistakes.

Zeb gets the mic and says he won’t apologize to visitors. He says that he fought for this country before and that he made a vow to protect it for the rest of his life. Lana then says that America is crumbling to pieces because of people like Zeb and Swagger. Zeb says that he wants to speak to Rusev, and he then asks when he will be a man and accept their challenge. Rusev accepts and Rusev leaves. Lana then slaps Zeb, and Rusev gets back in the ring. Swagger and Rusev go at it, and Rusev gets the advantage. Rusev goes for the super kick, but Swagger catches him in the Patriot Lock! Rusev is able to crawl out of the ring, and the Real Americans stand tall.

 Flo-Rida will be on next week’s edition of WWE Monday Night Raw from Miami, Florida at the American Airlines Arena. 

We go backstage with Reigns and Cena. Cena tells Reigns to stand up. Cena says that Reigns has to trust him tonight. Reigns says no one knows the numbers game like he does, and that they may have taken one of them out tonight, but at the end of the night they will take out three of them. Reigns leaves as we go to commercial.

Fourth Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio immediately attacks Van Dam, but RVD gets back in it with a monkey flip. RVD then hits a clothesline, knocking Del Rio to the outside. Del Rio then catches RVD in the ring apron, and hits him with a high kick. Del Rio brings RVD into the ring, and then puts him in a headlock. RVD gets out, but is taken out again with a DDT. RVD then hits another high kick, but RVD kicks out again. Del Rio begins to attack the face, and then puts RVD in another headlock. RVD gets out and begins his comeback. RVD hits the Rollins Thunder, but Del Rio kicks out at two. RVD then hits a kick to the face, and then goes to the top. Del Rio gets his knees up, and then locks in the cross arm breaker. RVD has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

The announcers give another lengthy plug to the WWE Network and Cole leads us to a preview for the Beyond The Ring: CM Punk special that airs on the Network tomorrow night.

Fifth Match: Nikki Bella vs. Cameron & Alicia Fox

Back from the break and out comes Nikki Bella. We see Brie Bella slapping Stephanie McMahon several weeks back. Stephanie makes her way to the stage now. Stephanie says Brie abandoned Nikki and abandoned her career. Now Nikki is left to suffer the consequences. Stephanie tells Nikki to blame her sister for all this. Out comes Alicia Fox and Cameron.

Nikki and Alicia start this match off. Nikki takes Alicia down, and tries to keep her away from Cameron. Cameron is tagged in, but Nikki takes her down right away. Nikki then knocks out Alicia, and then hits a Alabama Slam on Cameron. Nikki makes the cover but Alicia breaks it up. Alicia is tagged in and she begins to beat her down. Cameron is then tagged in. Cameron works on Nikki in the corner, and then tags in Alicia. Alicia puts Nikki in a headlock. Nikki fights out and begins her comeback. Cameron is able to make a distraction, and Alicia capitalizes. Alicia makes the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: Cameron & Alicia Fox

It was announced that WCW and TNA Legend “The Icon” Sting will be the pre-order superstar for the upcoming WWE 2K15 Video Game.

Randy Orton tells Triple H backstage that he’s not sure about Kane. Triple H says Kane is their pawn and will stick to the plan. He says Orton is the plan. Triple H says they want Orton to leave Battleground with the title. Orton says then there’s no need for a Plan B and Triple H agrees.

We get another odd backstage promo from Stardust and Goldust.

Tomorrow night on WWE Main Event Sheamus will take on The Miz.

Sixth Match: Cesaro vs. Big E  w/Kofi Kingston

Big E gets pushed in the corner right away, but Cesaro gets taken down with a slam. Big E then knocks Cesaro to the outside, but Big E gets thrown into the barrier when he follows Cesaro around the outside. Big E is able to get in the ring to make the count, but Cesaro begins the attack right away. Cesaro hits a big clothesline, but Big E kicks out at two. Cesaro then hits a Tiger Bomb, but Big E is able to kick out again. Cesaro puts Big E in a headlock.Big E fights out and hits a shoulder to the gut. Big E then hits the big splash, and then Big E calls for the Big Ending. Cesaro goes to the outside for a breather, and then grabs a chair. Kofi grabs the chair out of Cesaro’s hands, and then Big E catches Cesaro with the Big Ending for the three count!

Winner: Big E

Third In-Ring Segment:

Back from the break and Jericho gets a big pop in the ring. Jericho welcomes us to RAW Is Jericho. He says he grew up in WWE and this ring is home to him. He’s been working here 15 years and he’s seen and done it all. Jericho name drops and talks about some of the stuff he’s seen and done in WWE. Jericho says he’s never seen anything like Bray Wyatt. He says Wyatt is an anomaly, a manipulator, a shadow in the dark, a freak surrounded by freaks and a seemingly unstoppable force. Jericho wonders why Wyatt is coming after him. Jericho says their match at Battleground can get crazy and nuts if Wyatt wants. Fans chant “let’s get crazy.” Jericho says he has the whole WWE Universe in his hands and that is a true unstoppable force.

The Wyatt Family graphic flashes and we see Bray laughing. Wyatt cuts a promo and a “boring” chant starts in the crowd. The graphic flashes again and we go back to Jericho in the ring. Wyatt is still laughing on the big screen and blows his lantern out. The arena goes dark and lights up with phones in the crowd. Lights come back on and Rowan and Harper are staring Jericho down. Jericho starts brawling but they get him. Rowan whips Jericho into a big boot from Harper but Jericho ducks and slides out of the ring. Jericho’s music hits and he backs up the ramp. Bray runs out and decks Jericho from behind on the stage. Bray nails Sister Abigail as Harper and Rowan make their way up the ramp. The Wyatt Family poses over Jericho to end it.

Seventh Match: AJ Lee vs. Eva Marie

Eva and AJ lock up, with AJ taking control. AJ hits a spinning kick, with Eva falling to the outside. Eva pushes AJ into the ring apron, and then rolls her to the ring. Eva hits a backbreaker, and then lifts AJ up. AJ catches Eva in the Black Widow, and Eva taps out.

After the match, AJ goes and sits on top of the announcers table. She takes JBL’s headset and says hi to Paige. Paige congratulates her on the win and says her hair looks good today. AJ compliments her also and they stare at each other awkwardly before AJ says bye and leaves.

Winner: AJ Lee

Triple H and Stephanie are backstage talking about Flo Rida coming to RAW next week. Kane walks up. He doesn’t trust Orton and doesn’t like him. Stephanie says that’s part of business, they have tons of people that work for them that they don’t like. Triple H tells Kane to do what he has to do for Sunday and get it done. We go to commercial.

 Eight Match: Bo Dallas vs. The Great Khali 

Back from the break and Bo Dallas is in the ring doing his entrance. JBL is in awe. Bo says El Torito may be tiny but his heart is huge. He hopes his opponent for tonight has a heart as big as Torito’s. Out comes The Great Khali.

Bo ducks a shot but runs right into Khali. Khali drops him with a chop and throws him into the corner for big chops to the chest. Bo fights back and tries chops of his own but it doesn’t hurt Khali. Bo screams, “bad giant!” and Khali tosses him over the top rope. Khali comes to the floor and Bo kicks his leg out. Khali can’t make it back in and gets counted out.

After the match, Bo does to Khali at ringside. Khali is struggling to get off one knee and Bo tries to encourage him. Khali drops him out of nowhere with a big chop. Khali makes it up as Bo stumbles up the ramp and we get replays.

Winner: Bo Dallas by Countout

We come back from a Network promo and Seth Rollins is talking to The Authority. He’s not sure about Orton and Kane. He reminds them he has his briefcase and they say don’t worry, we know what Plan B is. Paul Heyman appears. He’s been around, planning his moves. Heyman likes their Plan B but if they need a Plan C, he’s the guy to talk to. Heyman walks off and Stephanie says she never trusts Heyman.

Fourth In-Ring Segment:

We return with Renee Young in the ring. She introduces Ric Flair. Ric starts off saying he has had a lot of fun in Richmond. Renee asks who he thinks will win the fatal four way match. Ric says that his man is John Cena. Out comes Roman Reigns. Reigns shakes Flair’s hand, and Flair walks to the ramp. Cena comes out and hands Flair the World Heavyweight Championship. Our main event is up next.

This Friday night on WWE Friday Night SmackDown Chris Jericho will take on Luke Harper

Ninth Match: John Cena & Roman Regins vs. Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Kane

Cena and Rollins start the match off. Cena takes down Rollins, and Rollins tags in Orton. Orton then gets taken down, and Kane gets taken down. Kane hits a shoulder block on Cena, and Reigns tags himself in. Reigns and Kane go back and forth, with Reigns hitting a headbutt to take control. Kane however comes back with an uppercut, but Reigns stays in control with a clothesline from the second rope. Reigns then hits a splash on Kane, and then takes down Orton. Kane capitalizes on the distraction, and Reigns is down as we go to commercial break.

We return with Kane in control over Roman Reigns. Reigns however fights back, and takes Kane down. Reigns is able to make the tag, and Rollins is tagged in as well! Cena begins his comeback, hitting the 5 knuckle shuffle, but Rollins gets out of the AA. Rollins hits a kick to the head, and is now in control. Orton is tagged in, and begins to beat down Cena. Cena is put into a headlock. Cena gets out and hits a dropkick. Orton however hits a back breaker and stays in control. Kane is tagged in, and Kane continues the beat down. Cena tries for the AA, but he doesn’t have the strength to do it. Rollins is tagged in.

Rollins is tagged in, and takes a shot to the gut on Cena. Cena is held away from his corner, but Cena tries to fight his way to get there. Rollins goes for the triple verticals, but Cena reverses the final suplex. Cena is able to make the tag, and Orton is tagged in as well. Reigns begins his comeback on Orton, taking everyone out in the process. Reigns calls for the Spear, but Kane interferes. Kane and Orton beat down Reigns, with the ref causing a disqualification.

All hell breaks loose, with Reigns accidentally spearing Cena. Everyone is knocked out but Kane and Orton, and Orton hits Kane with an RKO. Orton celebrates until Reigns hits him with a spear! Reigns stands tall over the 3 men as Raw concludes.

Winner: John Cena and Roman Regins by DQ

Josh’s Grade for WWE Monday Night Raw: 7/10

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