UFC Fight Night 46 Results: Conor McGregor Crushes Diego Brandao


The hype surrounding Conor McGregor was nothing like we have seen in a very long in the UFC. Question was whether McGregor could deliver in the main event of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 46 in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland.

The fight starts with McGregor throwing a spinning back kick. Brandao going for a high kick and a right hand that misses. The Brazilian presses McGregor to the cage and the Dublin native reverses and Brandao reverses back. Brandao gets a takedown, but McGregor reverses it.

McGregor landing punches on Brandao, who keeps trying for a heel hook. McGregor in Brandao’s half guard landing more punches before getting on top of him. Brandao gets up and McGregor lands a left to the head. McGregor lands a body kick and a short uppercut. Brandao lands a uppercut.

McGregor lands a straight left hand that drops Brandao. McGregor lands vicious ground and pound and referee Leon Roberts stops the fight.

Conor McGregor defeats Diego Brandao by TKO at 4:05 of round one.

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