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Vince Russo “Done” with TNA Wrestling

After recently exposing that he has been secretly working for TNA Wrestling and with the reported fallout between the wrestling company and Spike TV, Vince Russo announced on Twitter today that he is no longer working for TNA.

There is already some skepticism about the “suggested” part of what he said but in the end, Russo has once again parted ways with TNA Wrestling.  And it looks like it could be for good this time.  Well, never say never.

After denying it over and over, Russo had to come clean a few weeks ago after he included Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com on an email with some broadcasting instructions for Mike Tenay and Taz.  He tried to claim the email was a swerve but finally admitted he had been secretly working for TNA.

Once word got out, Spike TV was none to happy about it which may have been part of the reasons why they reportedly ended TV negotiations with TNA Wrestling with about two months left on the current deal.

One guy in the wrestling company that will likely not be shedding a tear is Taz who tweeted this a few days ago:

There had also been some talk lately that Russo’s ideas where not being used on recent edition of Impact which frustrated him.  That may also explain why the show has been praised by fans with more focus on the in-ring product and more straight-forward storylines that make sense.

No matter how, Russo is gone from the company.  The man who during his career gave himself the WCW Championship, put the belt on David Arquette, brought the reverse battle royal into the world and even had a little person flogging the dolphin in a trash can.


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