Video: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Brawl at Press Conference

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormer got into a brawl today at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas at a press conference to promote their upcoming fight at UFC 178 on September 27.

Tempers have been flaring between the two sides leading up to their traditional face-off with one another in the press conference.  When they got next to one another, Jones put his head on Cormier who pushed him off.  The next step was Jones throwing a punch which jump started a brawl between the two off the stage and onto the floor in front of media and fans watching. has video footage here or you can check out Heidi Fang’s footage in the video below.

Here are some picture from Heidi on the brawl:



Afterwards, both fighters to to Twitter with a verbal sparring:





And here’s the UFC’s official Vine from the incident:

Bottom line – can’t wait until September 27!


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