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TNA Impact Wrestling Results: #ItHappens

TNA Impact Wrestling
August 7, 2014
Manhattan Center
New York, New York

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Welcome to Impact, we see Dreamer, Devon and Ray arriving at the building. Ray says that tonight they do what they do best and that’s tear the house down.He promises to put Dixie through a table tonight.

First Match: Monsters Ball Match
Bram vs. Abyss

Bram misses with the kendo stick, they trade rights and ECW chants have begun. Abyss with a clothesline he hits a splash in the corner and then clotheslines Bram out to the floor. Bram sends Abyss head first into the steel steps. Abyss reverses and sends Bram shoulder first into the steel steps. Weapons have been thrown into the ring as Bram hits Abyss in the head with a trash can lid. Bram grabs a board with barbed wire on it, good god. Abyss reverses an irish whip, but Bram kicks him in the nuts. Bram has the turnbuckle steel piece, but Abyss low blows him with a cheese grater. Abyss goes for a chokeslam, but Bram fights out.

Abyss then sends Bram face first into the steel chair in the corner. Janice is brought out by Abyss, he misses with it in the corner. Abyss reverses a chair shot with an elbow. Abyss is now bleeding from the arm, he brings tacs into the ring. Abyss spreads them out, but Bram hits him in the face with a kendo stick over and over. Abyss chokeslams Bram, but Bram blocks it. Bram tries to get Janice, he swings, but Abyss blocks and chokeslams him on the tacs. Abyss is about to hit Bram with Janice, but Magnus grabs it out of his hands. Abyss turns around and Bram spears him through the barbed wire board. Bram hits Abyss with Janice in the gut and that’s it.

Winner: Bram

Samoa Joe is in the back talking about his match tonight, but Low Ki get’s in his face. Ki brings up their past in a deep voice. He says that they have a prize up for grabs and Joe is in his way, neither one will stop him from becoming champion. Joe says that the next time he hears Joe’s name, it will be the new X-Division champ.

EC3 does a backstage promo with Jackson and Sinitsky. They all hit their signature tag lines, but EC3 ends it with saying that Aunt Dixie will never go through a table. 

First In-Ring Segment:

Lashley, Kenny King and MVP make their way out to the ring with some ladies. MVP starts talking about how wrestlers came to him saying that they were complaining about who they had to face that night. Now, he is with the champion and has all the power with none of the headaches. Outcomes Bobby Roode, he points out that Lashley is one dominate champion and has taken out all of the top contenders in TNA. However, he is a former World Champion. He knew that MVP kept him away is because MVP knew that he was going to be world champion. MVP was going to use Lashley to get to the world title. Roode said that he kicked King’s and MVP’s ass, the fact remains that Lashley has not beaten him yet. Roode challenges Lashley to put up the gold against him. King attacks Roode and they beat Roode down in the ring. Outcomes Austin Aries and EY down to the ring to make the save.

Gunner and Sam Shaw run into Mr. Anderson backstage, Anderson says that he does not trust Shaw and is not OK with this situation.

Second Match: DJ Zema Ion and The BroMans vs. Mr. Anderson, Gunner and Samuel Shaw

Anderson and Jesse start things out, Anderson lands a series of elbow drops for two. Anderson tags in Gunner, he beats down Robbie who got a quick tag. Anderson and Gunner cut off the ring and really control the early going of this one. DJ Z tagged in and hits a dropkick on Gunner. He hits a knee drop in the corner on Gunner. Anderson get’s the hot tag and clears house. A neck breaker on Robbie from Anderson, he goes for a mic check, but Jesse breaks it up. They throw Gunner to the floor hard, Anderson hits a front senton on Robbie, Shaw clears house on DJ Z and Jesse. Shaw sends Jesse to the floor as well as DJ Z. Andersonis in shock, Robbie rolls up Anderson from behind when he was staring at Shaw and this one is over.

After the match, Anderson attacks Shaw, but Gunner makes the save. Anderson makes his way back up the ramp.

Winner: DJ Zema Ion and The BroMans

Dixie Carter hypes up King Mo backstage, she says that tonight is the end of Bully Ray.

Third Match: 8 Man Tag Team Hardcore War Match
Team Bully Ray (Bully Ray, Devon, Tommy Dreamer and Al Snow) vs. Team EC3 (Ethan Carter III, Rhino, Gene Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson)

Dreamer and EC3 start things off, it’s a brawl. EC3 sends Dreamer knees first into the steel steps. Dreamer nails a neck breaker once they get back into the ring. Dreamer hits a power slam while using a kendo stick. Dreamer connects with a series of right hands. Outcomes Rhino for team EC3. He hits the ring and nails Dreamer in the head with a trash can lid.Rhino hits a spine buster, Devon hits the ring for team Bully and nails EC3 in the head with a trash can. Devon hits a head butt on Rhino and then hits EC3 with a trash can lid.

We’re back with Snitsky already in the ring and Bully Ray comes out who spears Snitsky then hits Rhino and EC3 with the trash can. EC3 is bleeding after shots from Ray’s chain. Final member of Team EC3 is Jackson, they call him something else, but we know who he is. Jackson hits a power slam on Dreamer, Team EC3 gain control. Snitsky sends Dreamer face first on a steel chair. Final member of Team Bully and it’s Al Snow! Snow hits Snitsky and Rhino with head. Snow with a series of head butts on EC3. Ray goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody on Snitsky and Jackson. Rhino clotheslines Ray, Dreamer hits the DDT on Rhino. Spud hits Dreamer with a kendo stick, but Dreamer is not impressed. Devon hits a spinebuster on him. Snow hits a head butt off the top on Spud. They go and try to get the tables, but Snitsky and Jackson attack Devon and Snow. Out of nowhere, Snow hits a springboard moonsault on Snitsky and Jackson. Team 3D hits their finisher on Rhino for the win.

After the match, Ray points out Dixie Carter and said that everyone she hired just got their ass beat. He says tick tock for her clock for him to put a table through a table tonight. Dixie says that King Mo is going to knock out Bully Ray.

Winner: Team Bully Ray

Velvet Sky and Angelina Love are in the back where they are set to make their way out to the ring.

We see EC3 in the back and he said that they failed him. He says that they are going to protect Dixie Carter, and King Mo will also be protected.

Second In-Ring Segment:

Velvet Sky and Angelina Love come out to the ring. Love said that she wants and deserves her rematch for the knockouts title. Instead of Gail Kim, outcomes Taryn Terrell. Taryn said that they stole from her and then they start arguing. Love said that she is better than any other knockout on the roster. Love tells Taryn to go home and tell her kid that she is just second best. Outcomes Gail Kim, she said that Kurt Angle told her she get’s to choose her opponent. Kim chooses Love, Taryn and Velvet Sky. This leads to Love and Sky attacking the two, Sky accidently clotheslines Love and things break down. Kim and Taryn stand tall in the ring to end this segment.

James Storm slaps Sanada backstage and says that Sanada needs to win that X-Division title.

Fourth Match: Triple Threat Match for the vacated TNA X Division Championship
Sanada vs. Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki

Sanada drop kicks Low Ki out of the ring. Joe blasts Sanada, he lands a chop to the back. Joe misses a knee drop, and Sanada hits a dropkick. Low Ki is back in the ring, he hits a back kick for a near fall. Joe sends Ki all the way to the floor. Joe winds up, he goes for a dive, but Sanada hits a head scissors. Joe hits a back kick in the corner, Sanada drags Joe to the floor and Low Ki hits a dropkick through the ropes on Sanada. They battle around the ring and Joe hits a dive taking out both men. Back in the ring, Joe hits a powerbomb for two, he locks in a STF submission on Sanada. Sanada slides out and hits a dropkick. Low Ki hits a kick on Sanada for two. Joe and Ki staredown, they exchange and Low Ki runs into a big time power slam.

Joe sets up for the muscle buster, but Low Ki locks in a sleeper. Sanada breaks it up. Sanada goes for the tiger suplex, but Low ki hits one of his own followed by the double stomp for two. Joe hits a snap power slam, he locks in a arm submission on Low Ki, Sanada hits a standing moonsault to break things up. Sanada goes for the suplex on Joe, but blocked and Sanada rolls him up for two. Joe reverses and locks in the rear naked choke, Sanada taps and this one is over.

Winner: New TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe

Third In-Ring Segment:

Dixie Carter and crew make their way out to the ring. Dixie fires Jackson and Snitsky. Out comes Bully Ray, and his crew with a table. They get into the ring, Ray says he has promised that he would put her ass through a table. Dreamer said he tried to tell her, but King Mo lands a big right that drops Dreamer. A brawl breaks out and Dixie is stuck in the ring and they set up the table. Spud grabs her out of the ring, but all of a sudden the entire locker room comes out. Spud faints, and Dreamer throws her into the ring. Ray powerbombs her through a table and the crowd goes nuts!

Josh’s Grade for TNA Impact Wrestling: 8/10

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