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TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Team 3D vs. The Hardys

TNA Impact Wrestling
August 14, 2014
Manhattan Center
New York, New York

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First In-Ring Segment:

Welcome to Impact, Bully Ray makes his way out to the ring. Ray cuts a promo about how this is the best feeling in the world. He kept his promise that he would and he did, he put Dixie Carter through a table. He has one guy he wants to thank than anyone else and that’s Devon. He brings out his tag team partner, Devon cuts a promo about how great it is to be back in the NYC. Devon said it’s time to get down to business, but they are interrupted by the Hardy Boys. Matt Hardy said it’s been 12 years since they been in the same ring as each other. He brings up their history with each other and how they stole the show with each other. Ray said that they seem to want to see one more match. Matt hypes up the possibility of the match and the fans go nuts. Jeff said that he did not paint his face for nothing and both teams agree to face off.

Samoa Joe is backstage and he is talking about how he is the best in the world.

We are shown once again Dixie Carter going through the table. Austin Aries, Eric Young and Bobby Roode are in the back talking about the incident last week. Aries also talks about how they will deal with their match tonight. 

First Match: 6-Man X Division Elimination Scramble Match
Manik vs. Crazy Steve vs. Tigre Uno vs. DJ Zema Ion vs. Low Ki vs. Homicide

Uno and Steve start things off, Steve trips uno. However, Uno hits a wild power slam, he goes to the top rope where he hits a sick dive for the pin fall on Steve. Manik goes after Uno, they run the ropes and Uno hits a springboard hurricanrana. However, Manik comes back and hits a sick neck breaker. Manik hits  springboard dropkick followed by a code breaker on Uno for the pin fall. Homicide, Mainki, DJ Z and Low Ki are left. DJ Z hits a double drop kick on Homicide and Low Ki. DJ Z rolls up Manik for a pin fall. Final three left, Homicide and Low Ki go after DJ Z. They double team him with Homicide hitting the gringo killer for the pin fall. Homicide and Low Ki are left! Low Ki hits a forearm shot in the corner followed by right hands. Homicide sends him to the floor the hard way. Homicide hits a suicide dive taking out Low Ki. Back in the ring, Homicide sends Low Ki face first into the turnbuckle. This is Wrestling chant breaks out. Low Ki makes his comeback with a reverse forearm shot. Homicide moves a splash by Low Ki and goes for the gringo killer, but Low Ki blocks and hits a big time drop kick. Low Ki hits the sitdown brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Low Ki

We see production people looking at the Dixie Carter video, but EC3 knocks the phone out of his hand and walks out.

Second In-Ring Segment:

Rockstar Spud, Rhino, and EC3 come out to the ring. Spud said that their queen was put through a table and they demand a moment of silence please. Spud get’s upset and gives the mic to EC3. He says that his aunt was put through a table, but all they do is cheer. He demands that Bully Ray is fired on the spot. He is not going to leave this ring until he is get’s what he wants. Outcomes Kurt Angle, he makes his way to the ring. Angle points out that they are not in Nashville, but NYC. They can chant and cheer for anyone they want. Angle said they are going to either wrestle tonight or get the hell out of his ring. EC3 said he is not going to wrestle this week, so if he does not fire Ray then they are going to have a problem. Angle said he might not be scaring them, but the police will be. Here they come, but Spud is not going to stand for this. They take him down and get arrested. EC3 get’s on the mic and names all these people he knows in NYC, he isthe Wolf of Wall Street. He starts throwing money at a cop and they arrest him as well.

Sam Shaw and Gunner are having a group therapy session in the back about how it’s not your fault, oh man no it’s my fault kind of thing.

Second Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner

Both start pushing each other, Anderson with a shoulder block. He talks some trash and Gunner nails one of his own. Gunner hits a back suplex for two. The fans get bored and start the fandango chant. Gunner gets hyped up, they trade right hands. Out comes Sam Shaw and get’s decked by Anderson. However, Shaw attacks Anderson and Gunner separates the two.

Winner: Mr. Anderson by DQ

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are talking backstage about their match tonight.

Third Match: Fatal Four Way Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim (c) vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love

The beautiful people hit a double team move on Kim, they go after Terrell. She fights them off for a minute, but the numbers game catches up to her. Sky goes for a clothesline, but Kim pulls out of the ring and Terrell sends Love to the floor. Kim bash Love and Sky’s head together. Kim with a dive off the apron taking out the BP. Terrell off the top rope crashing down onto the other three women. Back in the ring, Love and Terrell, this leads to back to back clotheslines by Terrell followed by a neck breaker. Kim breaks up a pin attempt, she goes for eat defeat on love, but Love reverses and hits a facebuster for two. Sky pins Kim for two and Love is not happy about it. Terrell pushes Sky into Love and rolls her up for two. Love with a DDT on Terrell for two. Sky breaks up and more tension between the BP. Kim breaks up the cat fight, she nails a corner clothesline on Sky. She attempts the same thing on Love, but blocked. more arguing between BP until Terrell takes them both out. Kim hits eat defeat on Sky for the win.

Winner: Still TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim

Fourth Match: Bobby Lashley, MVP and Kenny King vs. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Eric Young

King jumps Roode to kick this one off. Roode fights back with right hands, Roode with a clothesline and then another. Roode locks in the crossface, but King get’s to the ropes. Aries tagged in and hits a forearm shot followed by a spring board slingshot. Aries tagged in Roode, he lands a chop followed by stomping a mudd hole in King.EY tagged in and he along with Roode hit a double elbow. King tagged in MVP who hits a series of jabs. EY with a big time right and this leads to Lashley being tagged in. EY goes for a piledriver, but Lashley hits a back body drop. Lashley misses a clothesline and goes over the top rope. Aries and Roode take out King and MVP Aries with a top rope dive taking out Lashley. Back in the ring, EY goes to the top rope, but King pushed EY off. Lashley with a neck breaker, he tagged in MVP, he get’s little offense and Lashley tagged back in. EY jumps to the hot tag to Aries, while King tagged in. King sends Aries to the apron, but Aries hits a forearm shot and a slingshot senton.

King knocks him down from behind, but Aries nails an outside dive on Lashley. Aries goes to the top rope, and hits a dropkick. Aries runs into a big boot, he knocks off Roode and Young. He tags in Lashley and he goes for a spear, but Aries blocked and locked in last chancery. King breaks it up, Roode hits a spine buster on King. MVP takes out Roode and EY hits a piledriver on MVP. Lashley hits a power slam on EY. Aries with a forearm shot to Lashley, he hits a dropkick in the corner. Aries to the top rope, but MVP nailed him with a shot from his crutch. Lashley nails the spear and this one is over.

Winner: MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley

The Wolves are in the back talking about how excited they are to see Team 3D and The Hardy’s going at it tonight

Third In-Ring Segment:

Abyss makes his way out to the ring, he calls out Bram and Magnus. They make their way out to the ring. Abyss demands Bram to bring Janice back to him. Bram said that he has beaten Abyss twice with her and she does not want him back. Everytime he hits Abyss with her it get’s him wild. Abyss asked if Bram wants to get extreme? Bram said yes and Abyss asked the crowd if they do as well. Abyss challenged Bram to another match that involves tables, glass, tacs and more. He wants to hang Janice 15 feet high and the one who get’s her, they win the match.  Abyss said he is going to get his girl back and shread his ass with it. Magnus pokes fun that Abyss thanks that a 2×4 is his girlfriend and that he has never been screwed before. A brawl breaks out and Bram takes Janice with him to the back.

Fifth Match: Team 3D vs. The Hardys

Devon and Matt Hardy kick things off, Devon with a shoulder block and Matt with a back elbow. Jeff tagged in and they hit a double team elbow and leg drop on Devon. Jeff works the left arm, but Devon reverses and hits a flying elbow. He tags in Ray, and they hit a double team leg drop leading to break.We are back with the Hardy’s hitting a double leg drop on Ray. Jeff hits their signature double team dive in the corner. Devon jumps in and before Jeff can do the same thing, Ray cuts Jeff off by pulling him down by his hair. Devon sends Jeff head first into the corner, followed by rights and lefts. Devon locks in a chin lock, but Jeff fights out. Jeff to the top rope, but Devon nails a clothesline knocking him down. Ray tagged in, and the Dudley’s keep control for the next few minutes. Jeff makes his comeback when he hits a hurricanrana on Ray for a near fall.

Matt and Devon get the hot tags, Matt with a clothesline, bull dog combo. He knocks Ray off the apron and Matt hits the side effect on Devon for two. Matt goes to the top rope and hits the moonsault on Devon for two. Ray breaks it up and Jeff sends Ray to the floor. Devon with a clothesline on Matt and Jeff is knocked off the top rope by Devon. This leads to Devon going behind Jeff, but Matt lifts him on his shoulders and Jeff flies off the top rope with all three men crashing to the mat for two. The Hardy’s put Devon on the top rope, Ray sends Jeff across the ring and Devon hits the doomsday device on Matt for a near fall. Ray power slammed Matt and Devon hit the head butt off the top rope on Matt. Ray told Devon to get the tables and they attempt to grab one, but Jeff hits an outside dive taking out both men. Back in the ring, Matt hits the twist of fate on Devon and Jeff hits the swanton bomb for two. Ray pulls Jeff out of the ring, Matt goes for the Twist of Fate for a second time, but blocked and Team 3D hit their finisher for the win.

Winners: Team 3D

Josh’s Grade for TNA Impact Wrestling: 8/10

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