Rey Mysterio Appears At Non-WWE Event While Under WWE Contract

Things are about to get more interesting between Rey Mysterio and WWE.

At Sunday night’s Triplemania, current WWE star Rey Mysterio appeared in a video at the end of the IPPV broadcast. Mysterio was wearing a sombrero wished congratulating AAA for being around for 22 years and then told the fans he would see them soon. After the video aired a #FreeRey message aired and stayed there for a short time.

Mysterio hasn’t appeared on WWE television in a while and just recently had his contract renewed for another year because of the injuries he suffered. It is been reported that Mysterio wasn’t happy that his contract was picked, which was due the time off he had to take for his injuries. reported that it is believed that Mysterio’s contract lasts until the spring.

No word on if WWE will take any action against Mysterio for appearing for another promotion while under contract to them. We will keep you updated on any happenings regarding this situation.

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