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WWE Raw Results: WrestleMania 30 Rematch

WWE Monday Night Raw
August 25, 2014
Honda Center
Anaheim, California


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WWE Monday Night Raw Pre-Show: 

Tonight’s WWE RAW Pre-show kicks off with Byron Saxton, Booker T and Alex Riley at WWE studios in Stamford. They plug WWE Shop and we get a look at Brock Lesnar destroying John Cena at SummerSlam. Saxton also shows us a recap of Brock Lesnar getting the new WWE World Heavyweight Title belt and Paul Heyman‘s promo from last week. Booker continues to praise Lesnar. Saxton hypes tonight’s Hall of Fame Forum with Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair that will kick off RAW. Riley asks what else Cena has to prove in WWE and says it’s a pride issue. We go to Network commercials.

We come back and the panel talks about Dean Ambrose  taking the Curb Stomp on cinder blacks and then disappearing after refusing medical treatment. Seth Rollins has a eulogy for Ambrose on RAW tonight. We get a video on The Bella Twins now. Saxton says both Brie and Nikki will be on RAW tonight to attempt a family reconciliation. We go to more Network commercials. Saxton announces Stardust and Goldust vs. The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Titles tonight. We go to the arena and Renee Young is with The Usos. They’re confident going into the match because they’re Uso-crazy. Riley predicts a title change tonight. We get more hype from the panel and that’s it for the pre-show.

WWE Monday Night Raw: 

First In-Ring Segment:

Tonight’s WWE RAW from Anaheim kicks off with Michael Cole in the ring. JBL and Jerry Lawler are on commentary. The ring is set up with a red mat and the same table that the announcers use. Cole introduces Hulk Hogan first to a pop. Ric Flair is out next to another pop. Shawn Michaels is out next to the biggest pop of the three. The Hall of Famers take a seat behind the table. Cole talks about John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions. He asks HBK about Cena’s chances of taking the title back. HBK says it’s not happening.

HBK says Cena might be at a crossroads. Hogan says you know when it’s your time and Cena’s time isn’t up, he can still go. Flair agrees with HBK. Flair says he and all three of them think the world of Cena. Flair praises Cena but says he doesn’t want Cena up against Lesnar at Night of Champions. Cole asks for predictions. Hogan says “hustle, loyalty, respect” isn’t just a marketing ploy, it’s real. Hogan is going with Cena. HBK says it’s not a personality contest. He says everyone likes Cena but he still doesn’t have a chance. HBK gets some boos. HBK cuts off Hogan and apologizes but says nobody takes a beating like Cena did and comes out the same man. Hogan acknowledges the interruption. He says this is the rubber match and somehow, Cena will find a way to get his hand raised. Flair and HBK say Hogan doesn’t really believe that. They go on about it and Cena’s music hits to a pop.

Cena gets some boos as he takes the mic. Cena addresses the panel respectfully. He says he’s tired of hearing what he should do. He’s here to tell us what’s going on with himself. He brings up the 16 German suplexes at SummerSlam and says he can’t dance around the fact that SummerSlam was a 100% beatdown. He calls it an ass whooping. Cena says HBK was right, a beatdown like that does change a man. Cena says when he came to, he wanted to fight Lesnar again. Cena says he is going to bring the fight to Night of Champions. He thanks Hogan for his support and knows Flair and HBK have their doubts. Cena says this is the biggest rematch of his career. He says he’s not going to Night of Champions to beat Brock Lesnar, he’s going to Night of Champions to beat Brock Lesnar’s ass. Cena’s music hits and he makes his way to the back without stopping as the Hall of Famers look on

Still to come, Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. Also, Goldust and Stardust vs. The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Up next, Rusev vs. Jack Swagger We go to commercial.

First Match: Rusev w/Lana vs. Jack Swagger

Rusev starts on the offensive, but Swagger tries to fight back right away. Swagger hits an elbow, and then locks in the Patriot Lock. Rusev crawls to the outside, and then takes a breather. Rusev then begins to take a beating on the outside by Swagger. Swagger and Rusev get in the ring, and Swagger begins to take down Rusev with knees to the midsection. Rusev however gets back in it, throwing Swagger to the outside. We go to commercial break.

We return with Rusev in control. Rusev hits a spinning heel kick, and is in firm control. Swagger however fights back and begins his comeback. Swagger then locks in the Patriot Lock! Rusev however crawls under the bottom rope and then falls to the outside. Rusev gets back in the ring and takes Swagger down to his knees. Rusev then begins to work the midsection. Rusev continues his relentless assault on Swagger, and the referee stops the match via referee decision

Winner: Rusev via referee stoppage

We return to Raw with Jack Swagger in the locker room. Bo Dallas walks in and tells Swagger that he let his country down and ask him when will he realize if he just bolieve he will succeed. Bo Dallas walks away.

Second Match: #1 Contenders Match for the WWE United States Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro

Cesaro starts off with an uppercut. RVD however comes back with a leg sweep, and then follows it with the Rolling Thunder. Cesaro kicks out at two, and then gets up and fights back with a couple of uppercuts. Cesaro then hits a double footstomp. Cesaro then puts RVD in a headlock. RVD fights out and takes him down. RVD then hits a split legged moonsault for a two count. RVD then goes for the 5 star frog splash, but Cesaro rolls to the outside. Cesaro then knocks RVD down and then picks him up and hits the Neutralizer. Cesaro makes the cover for the three count.

After the match, Cesaro rolls to the floor and grabs the US Title. Sheamus stands up and wants it back. Cesaro throws it in his face and taunts him. Sheamus backs Cesaro up the ramp but a referee is in between them.

Winner: Cesaro

Third Match: Paige vs. Natalya

They go to lock up and Natalya tries for an early pin attempt. Paige fires back with a huge forearm and laughs as Natalya goes down. Paige with more offense and an abdominal stretch. Natalya turns it around and applies a hold of her own. Paige slams Natalya and kicks her in the face. Natalya comes back and hits a German suplex. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Paige makes it to the apron to break the hold. Paige goes for the PTO now. Natalya goes for a roll up and then a Sharpshooter again. Paige nails the Paige Turner for the win.

After the match, Paige goes to skip up the ramp but AJ Lee‘s music hits and out she comes. Paige goes back in the ring. She turns around to a big clothesline from Natalya on her way out. AJ comes in the ring to help Paige up. AJ calls Paige her little English muffin. AJ says she knows Paige was being sincere when she said she loved her but not as sincere as AJ is being now. AJ drops the mic and gives Paige a big hug. Paige is clearly uncomfortable. AJ offers her hand. AJ grabs Paige’s hand and kisses it. Paige looks freaked out as AJ skips a circle around her in the middle of the ring before leaving.

Winner: Paige

Second In-Ring Segment:

We come back and Corporate Kane makes his way to the ring. A large photo is set up of Dean Ambrose in the ring. The mat is blacked out and there’s a podium. Kane briefly talks about Ambrose before introducing Seth Rollins in a black suit.

Rollins acts serious and takes the podium. He says as the leader, he hand-picked Ambrose to be in The Shield because pain and fear was never a factor for Ambrose. But last week, Rollins says he had to prove that The Authority always wins. With a heavy heart, Rollins shows us what happened last week. He reminds the WWE Universe that they chose this match as a demise for Ambrose. We get a replay of the cinder block Curb Stomp from last week.

Rollins laughs as he looks at the photo of Ambrose. Rollins wonders what was going through Ambrose’s mind and if he knew he was outmatched physically and mentally. Rollins goes on and wonders what if Ambrose would have just walked away. Rollins says he’s the one who created The Shield and the one who destroyed it. Roman Reigns’ music hits and he comes through the crowd to a big pop. Reigns takes out Kane and sends him into the steel steps. He goes at it with Rollins in the ring and unloads. Reigns readies for a spear but Kane pulls Rollins to safety. Rollins and Kane stumble up the ramp as Reigns looks on from the ring.

We see Stardust and Goldust backstage acting bizarre as usual. We go to commercial.

Fourth Match: WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Usos (c) vs. Stardust & Goldust

Stardust and Jimmy Uso start the match off. Stardust gets backed in the corner, and the Usos try to wear him down. Stardust fights back, and begins to work the arm. Stardust throws Jimmy to the outside, and then both brothers take the Usos out! Stardust is in control as we go to commercial break.

We return with Stardust in control over Jimmy. Jimmy fights back, but Goldust is tagged in and stops the comeback from happening. Goldust and Jimmy both go for a cross body and they take each other out. Jey and Stardust are tagged in and Jey begins his comeback. Jey hurts his knee on the outside, and gets counted out.

After the match, Stardust argues with the referee. Goldust takes the mic and accuses The Usos of getting counted out on purpose. They argue. Goldust wants his rematch right now. Uso points at his knee. Stardust and Goldust attack The Usos and beat them down. They toss Jimmy to the floor and double team Jey. Stardust slams Jey’s injured knee into the ring post and they continue the assault.

Winner: Stardust & Goldust by Countout

Back from the break and Seth Rollins is backstage with Kane. Rollins is upset and wants something done about Roman Reigns. Kane announces himself and Rollins vs. Reigns tonight. Kane says just like with Dean Ambrose, their business with Reigns ends tonight.

Brock Lesnar Segment:

We get more stills from Lesnar vs. Cena at SummerSlam. We also get a pre-recorded video with Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Lesnar says he hit Cena with an F5 early in the match and gave him a chance to stay down. Lesnar says the “never give up bulls–t” kicked in but didn’t do Cena any favors. Lesnar says in his mind, he was inflicting the right amount of pain on Cena. Heyman says Cena survived only because Lesnar took pity on Cena and decided to end it. Heyman says the rematch was a big mistake. Lesnar mocks Cena as a kid and his dad. Lesnar says Night of Champions will be Cena’s last night in this Universe. Lesnar says it’s game over for Cena and almost brings a tear to his eye.

Tomorrow night on WWE Main Event on the WWE Network Seth Rollins will take on Rob Van Dam.

Fifth Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

The Miz comes out and begins to talk about his perks on being a movie star. He then says one great perk is having stunt doubles. He then says tonight Dolph will fight Damien Mizdow. The match starts with Sandow taking down Ziggler. Sandow then hits a suplex for a two count. Dolph however gets back in it and begins his comeback. Dolph then gets taken down and Damien puts him in the figure four! Ziggler however gets out and then hits the Zig Zag for the three count.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Third In-Ring Segment:

Back from the break and Jerry Lawler is in the ring. He shows us what happened with Nikki Bella and Brie Bella on last week’s show. Lawler says no one likes to see a family apart so hopefully tonight is the first step in getting The Bella Twins back together. Lawler introduces Nikki Bella.Nikki takes a seat in her chair and moves it farther away from the other chair. Lawler introduces Brie Bella next. Nikki tells Brie to get her own music. Brie says she can have it. Brie says the person she trusted the most stabbed her in the back. Brie talks about how close they have been.

She knows Nikki’s feelings are hurt, she knows Nikki feels abandoned. Brie says she quit for her husband Daniel Bryan and didn’t know Nikki would be abused by Stephanie McMahon. Brie apologizes. Brie says forget all this, forget WWE, forget Total Divas. Nikki insults the fans and isn’t falling for Brie’s talk. She says she knows the real Brie. Nikki wants Brie to admit she never cared about her. Nikki tells Brie to stop acting like such an angel. Nikki says Brie holds her back. Nikki says she’s done with Brie, done with all this, done with the fat & ugly guys in the crowd who have a twin fantasy. Nikki is done with Brie’s scraggly hair, her love for the Earth, her rat faced husband and all that. Nikki says Brie stole all her boyfriends when they were young and always got in trouble but blamed Nikki. Brie says she’s lying. Nikki says she’s not lying about Brie abandoning her.

Brie starts crying and Nikki says that’s the real Brie Mode. Lawler says that’s enough. Nikki screams at Lawler and calls him an old man, telling him to get out of the ring. Nikki says as far as she’s concerned, she has no sister. Nikki grabs Brie by her hair and says she wishes Brie died in the womb. Nikki throws Brie to the mat and starts beating on her. Lawler pulls Nikki off Brie but Nikki slaps her. Nikki attacks Brie again and hits her with a shoe. Referees and Lawler pull Nikki away again. She yells that Brie is dead to her. Lawler consoles Brie as she cries. Nikki is gone.

Sixth Match: Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins & Kane

Reigns starts off and immediately clotheslines Kane over the top. He pulls Rollins in and goes to work on him next. Reigns unloads in the corner but Rollins tries to get away. Reigns with shoulders in the other corner until Kane makes the save. They double team Reigns until he makes another comeback and sends Rollins out. Reigns unloads on Kane next. Rollins comes from behind but Reigns sends him into the barrier and then the apron. Reigns back drops Rollins onto the apron next. Reigns runs and hits the big apron kick on Kane next. Reigns comes back in for a Superman punch but Kane blocks it and goes for a chokeslam. Reigns counters that and hits a spear for the pin but Rollins nails him with a briefcase for the disqualification.

After the bell, Rollins hits Reigns with the briefcase again and unloads on him. Rollins tosses Reigns out to the floor and tells Kane they have to finish this. Rollins tosses Reigns into the barrier and they work him over. Kane reveals another stack of cinder blocks beside the announce table. Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp but Reigns fights free from Kane. Reigns with a big right hand on Rollins. Kane gets hit also. Rollins takes a Superman punch. Reigns throws Kane into the ring post and back into the timekeeper area. Reigns grabs one of the cinder blocks and stalks Rollins with it. Reigns throws it at Rollins’ face but Rollins ducks and it breaks against the ring post. It sounds like a piece hit Lawler. Reigns nails the Superman punch on Kane and his music hits. Rollins talks trash from the stage and says he made Reigns.

Winner: Roman Reigns by DQ

We get more hype from the announcers and a $9.99 plug before The Wyatt Family interrupts on the big screen. Wyatt talks about John Cena and compares him to a wounded animal stumbling through the woods. Wyatt says he’s a man of mercy and must put Cena down. Wyatt tells Cena it’s so much nicer on the other side. Wyatt tells him to run and we go to commercial.

This Friday Night on WWE Friday Night SmackDown the team of Big Show and Mark Henry will take on The Wyatt Family

Seventh Match: Los Matadores vs. Slater Gator

Slater and Diego start the match off. Slater gets taken down with a cross body. Fernando is tagged in and Slater begins to fight back. Slater is then taken down with a hurricanrana. Diego is tagged in and hits a dropkick. Diego hits a chop, but Slater comes back with a high kick.Titus is then tagged in. Titus hits three backbreakers, and then Heath is tagged in. Heath ends up getting caught with a backslide for a three count.

Winner: Los Matadores

Eight Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas

Back from the break and Kofi Kingston is out. Bo Dallas is out next as Kofi looks on disgusted. Kofi unloads on Bo. Bo misses a clothesline and Kofi gets a two count. Kofi with a big shot in the corner but Bo runs right into him with a big knee. Bo beats Kofi down. Kofi jumps off the second rope and hits a big dropkick. Kofi mounts Bo in the corner with right hands now. Bo ends up tripping Kofi off the top and hitting the running Bo-dog for the win.

Bo takes the mic after the match. He says Kofi isn’t like Jack Swagger, Swagger let his entire country down but Kofi only let himself down. Bo says they both just need to learn how to Bo-lieve. Swagger comes from behind and lays Bo out to a mixed reaction. Swagger’s music hits as he makes his exit.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Next Week on WWE Monday Night Raw Chris Jericho will present “The Highlight Reel” with Special Guest Randy Orton.

Ninth Match: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Back from the break and out comes John Cena. Bray Wyatt is also out. Cena starts the match with a huge clothesline. Cena yells at Wyatt to stay down. Cena charges him and hits a German suplex.

Wyatt looks shocked. Cena hits another German as Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt look on. Cena continues dominating Wyatt. Rowan and Harper rush the ring to cause the DQ.

After the match, Big Show and Mark Henry run down to make the save for Cena and we have a big brawl. We go to commercial.

Winner: John Cena by DQ

Tenth Match: John Cena, Big Show and Mark Henry vs. The Wyatt Family 

We return with a six man tag. Big Show is in control over Rowan. Henry is tagged in and continues the assault. Rowan however fights back with a clothesline. Bray is then tagged in. Bray pummels Henry and then tags in Harper. Harper puts Henry in  a headlock. Rowan is tagged in and hits a body slam on Henry. Harper is tagged in and hits a running elbow. Henry however fights back and tags in Big Show. Big Show begins his comeback until he is taken out with a dropkick. Rowan is tagged in and hits a big boot, and then tags in Bray. Bray then hits a big splash. Rowan is tagged back in, and then hits a splash. Harper is tagged in and hits a super kick for a two count.

Bray is tagged back in, but is taken down with a chokeslam by Show. Cena is then tagged in, as is Harper. Cena takes out Harper and locks in the STF, giving him the win.

Cena AA’s both Rowan and Bray after the match, and then hits an AA on an already fallen Harper. Cena stands tall as Raw concludes.

Winner: The Big Show, Mark Henry and John Cena

Josh’s Grade for WWE Monday Night Raw: 8/10

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