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Ryback States He Is “Going Away For Awhile”

WWE star Ryback stated last night on Twitter after WWE Monday Raw ended that he is going away for awhile.

“Going away for a while to get some stuff fixed. Have not been myself for quite some time. Ps sorry punk…” The tweet also showed a picture of a Ryback action figure standing over a CM Punk action figure. Shortly after posting the tweet, Ryback deleted the tweet.

As of late, Ryback has been teaming with Curtis Axel to form the team known as “Rybaxel”. He was last seen on last week’s Raw in his hometown of Las Vegas teaming with Axel and Randy Orton to face Sheamus, Rob Van Dam and Roman Reigns. He did not appear on Raw this week.

It is unknown on why Ryback would mention Punk in the tweet as they feuded late in 2012 over the WWE heavyweight title and 2013 when he was with Paul Heyman. This could be Ryback messing with everybody as in the past he has joked about being fired on Twitter and deleting the tweets shortly afterwards. Time will tell if “The Big Guy” is really injured or just trolling his followers.

What do you think fans?

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