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TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Three Way Tag Team Match

TNA Impact Wrestling
August 27, 2014
Manhattan Center
New York, New York

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First In-Ring Segment:

Welcome to Impact, Kurt Angle is in the crowd. He says tonight we will see EC3 Vs. Rhino and the main event will be Team 3D vs. The Wolves vs. The Hardys for the tag team title series. He addresses the controversy with Bobby Roode and Eric Young. When he find out who the number one contender is, he will let us know. Angle is interrupted by MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. MVP says he is tired of Angle trying to play to the crowd as booker. He takes a shot at fans on Twitter, but makes it a point to make fun of the NYC fans. He says that the king of New York is Lashley.

Outcomes Tommy Dreamer, he said that he has been friends with MVP for a long time, but MVP has a problem with his mouth. Dreamer calls out King by saying that he is queens, not Las Vegas. Dreamer said that Lashley has finally lived up his potential by being the most dominate world champion that TNA has ever seen. Dreamer said that he does not need to get cheap heat, and all of a sudden Kenny King attacks him. Dreamer makes his comeback with a kendo stick. Angle tells MVP to shut up and books Dreamer Vs. Bobby Lashley in a street fight tonight. Lashley attacks Dreamer from behind and we have a match.

First Match: Street Fight Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Tommy Dreamer

We are back and Dreamer nailed Lashley in the face with a trash can lid. A kendo shot to the body and back of Lashley. However, Lashley counters after a few shots and lands a german suplex onto the ramp. Lashley throws Dreamer into the guard rail. Lashley hits a spear in the corner, he follows it up with a bear hug. However, Dreamer bites his way out of it. He shoots off the ropes, but Lashley cuts him off with a clothesline. Lashley nailed a power suplex, he sizes up Dreamer, he misses the spear and hits King. Dreamer with a series of trash can lid shots to Lashley, he throws Lashley face first into the trash can. Dreamer with a big time DDT for a near fall. Dreamer with a kendo stick, flies off the top rope, but is cut off and clothesline by Lashley. The champ then follows it up and hits the spear on Dreamer for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

We get promos for later, Madison Rayne talks candidly backstage about how tired she is of hearing about Taryn Terrell’s comeback, and we have commercial sign.

Following the commercials, TNA offers a promo indicating that “HAVOK” arrives next week. Then we get a glimpse of Gunner and Samuel Shaw being friends and calling each other “bro.” A short, strange spot.

Second Match: #1 Contenders Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship
Madison Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell

Both girls attempt quick roll ups right off the bat. Terrell hits a monkey flip, Rayne misses a spear and spills out to the floor. Terrell misses a dive off the apron and crashes to the floor. Back in the ring, Rayne nailed a dropkick for a count of two. Terrell reverses an Irish whip and lands a clothesline. Terrell hits a series of clotheslines, but Rayne cuts her off with a knee to the gut and rolls her up for two. They trade right hands, Rayne hits a snap suplex into a bridge for two. Rayne goes for a suplex, but blocked and Terrell hits it instead. Terrell with a back elbow, Rayne kicks her in the gut and kicks her in the face for a near fall. Terrell reverses and hits a clothesline off the top rope. Terrell in control, lands a clothesline and then a swinging neck breaker for the near fall. Terrell back to the top rope, she hits a crossbody for a near fall. Rayne with a big boot and rolls her up for two, Rayne uses the ropes, but the referee calls her out on it. Terrell hits an RKO for the win.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Kurt Angle sits down with Eric Young and Bobby Roode to talk about some things and we go to break.

We fade back from commercial and in a moment of extreme creepitude, Samuel Shaw has put on Gunner’s old uniform and Gunner walks in and angrily tells Shaw to take it off.

Back in the venue, we have a 6-man tag going on featuring the best and brightest of the X-Division.

Third Match: Manik, Homicide and DJ Zema Ion vs. Tigre Uno, Low Ki and Crazy Steve

Homicide goes right after Steve, but Steve bites Homicide. Uno tagged in as well as DJ Z. Uno with a one leg drop kick for a count of one. DJ Z with a big boot, but Uno hits a springboard head take over. Manik tagged in, but Uno hits a reverses samoan drop. DJ Z pushes Uno off the top rope and tags in.Homicide. This leads to Homicide hitting a back elbow for a near fall. Homicide works the left arm of Uno, DJ Z accidently hits a double sledge on Homicide.

Low Ki tagged in, he clears house on Manik. Low Ki hits a series of elbows to the top of the head. Manik locks in a standing headscissors, but KI fight’s out and hits a jumping double stomp. Low KI goes for a suplex, but Homicide makes the save. Steve attacks Homicide, but Steve sends Homicide to the floor and hits an outside dive. DJ Z calls for something, but Uno sends him out of the ring. Uno goes for something, but Manik jumps in his way. Uno takes out DJ Z on the floor, Manik goes for a dive, but Low Ki hits a springboard kick followed by a cradle powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Tigre Uno, Low Ki and Crazy Steve

Commercials roll in and roll out and we come back to hear Rhino saying he is going to gore the holy bejeezus out of Ethan Carter III.

Second In-Ring Segment:

Bobby Roode is in the ring cutting a promo stating that he will face EY in a new number one contender’s match next week. He brings out EY, Roode brings up Team Canada and their past. He said that he will go to war with EY next week, but it’s for a good reason. He said it would be an honor to face EY next week. EY says that he get’s asked who is the best wrestler in today’s wrestling? He said that it’s Bobby Roode and that will be his answer forever. Does EY think he is as good as Roode? Yes. EY states that next week he will be better.

BroMans and DJ Z ham it up backstage in a funny segment. They’re going to do some kind of funny dating contest. Tenay reminds us there’s a big tag match later but in the meantime, EC3 and Spud are on their way to the ring. There will be a match after these important messages.

Fourth Match: Ethan Carter III w/Rockstar Spud vs. Rhino

Ethan Carter III vs. Rhino Rhino runs down to the ring, this one breaks out in a brawl. Rhino sends EC3 to the floor, and into the barricade. Back in the ring, EC3 throws him hard into the turnbuckle and then lands a clothesline for a count of two. EC3 hits a elbow drop, he taunts the crowd. Rhino fight’s out of a headlock, he lands a series of shoulder blocks. Rhino hits a Samoan drop, and has all of the momentum. Rhino goes for the gore, but Spud holds his leg. Off the distraction, EC3 hits a low blow on Rhino for a near fall. EC3 runs into a back elbow and Rhino then hits a clothesline. Rhino with a belly to belly suplex on EC3. Rhino goes for the gore, but Spud grabs Rhino’s leg. Rhino decks him and EC3 hits him with a steel chair.

Post-match, EC3 whacks Rhino some more, signaling that there’s clearly some unfinished business.

Winner: Rhino by DQ

Cowboy James Storm introduces his protégée and disciple Sanada, re-christened “The Great Sanada” as a kind of implied swipe at Muta. Strangely, Sanada comes out conspicuously holding his hood down, then for the big reveal of his face, he turns away from the camera – seemingly in an accident of bad tioming – and then as he’s about to turn around, they cut to storm. Finally, we get a good look at Sanada’s painted puss and he looks a lot like Muta. His former pal Austin Aries comes out for a match.

Fifth Match: Austin Aries vs. The Great Sanada w/James Storm

Aries with a series of arm drags, Storm gives Sanada some direction. Sanada get’s aggressive, he lands a few strikes to Aries. However, Aries sends Sanada face first into the turnbuckle ten times. Good god. Aries with a neck breaker on the apron. Aries hit an outside dive taking out Sanada. Back in the ring, Aries hits a dropkick off the top rope. Sanada with a big boot, Aries landed a forearm shot followed by a drop kick in the corner. Aries goes for the brainbuster, but Sanada twists the arm of Aries and sends him face first into the turnbuckle. Sanada puts Aries on the top rope, but Aries fight’s him off and pushes him off the top rope. Aries is knocked down off the top rope by Storm, Sanada sprays green mist into the eyes of Aries and hits a superkick for the win.

Winner: The Great Sanada

Third In-Ring Segment:

After the break, Chris Melendez is introduced to TNA fans by Kurt Angle , Mr. Anderson, and Team 3-D. Anderson talks about the Wounded Warrior project and his involvement with Melendez and turns it over to Team 3-D who trained Chris to be a wrestler. Bully Ray explains that Devon and he decided to train Melendez for free after hearing his story and Devon rounds out the conversation by formally welcoming Chris to the roster.

Sixth Match: Team 3D vs. The Wolves vs. The Hardys

Richards and Ray start things off, Ray lands some right hands and chops to Richards. The Hardy’s get into the match, Eddie blocks their tag team move in the corner and Team 3D hit a reverse 3D on Richards. Devon covers him for a near fall. Matt tagged in and hit the side effect on Richards. Devon goes for a clothesline, but tags Matt. Eddie tagged in, he clears house and Eddie hits a big boot on Jeff. Eddie reverses a suplex, he sends Devon to the floor. Eddie with a back kick to Matt and goes for a move, but Jeff cuts him off. The Wolves hit a double team outside dive on Team 3D. Jeff hits an outside dive on the Wolves. Back in the ring, Devon T’s off on Eddie, but the Wolves hit a double team kick to Devon.

The Wolves to the top rope and hit a double foot stomp for the near fall as Ray breaks up the pin attempt. Jeff with a dropkick on Ray sending him to the floor. Eddie with a back kick to Matt, and misses a double foot stomp. Matt with a twist of fate on Richards, Jeff hits a swanton bomb on Richards. Eddie rolls up Devon for two. This is nuts! Team 3D hit the 3D on Eddie out of nowhere and this one is over.

Winner: Team 3D

Josh’s Grade for TNA Impact Wrestling: 8/10

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