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WWE SmackDown Results: Epic Tag Team Match

WWE Friday Night SmackDown
August 29, 2014
Citizens Bank Arena
Ontario, California

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First Match: Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

Reigns takes him into the corner to start and runs Bray over with a hard clothesline. Bray sends Reigns out to the floor and hits a big running charge to knock him off the apron. Back in and we hit the chinlock for a bit before Bray hammers on him even more. Roman comes back with right hands and the jumping clothesline but Bray elbows out of the Samoan drop. The backsplash gets two for Bray but he goes to the middle rope, allowing Roman to hit the Samoan drop for two. He loads up the apron boot but gets in a fight with the Wyatts for the DQ. 

Winner: Roman Reigns by DQ

Second Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins went right after RVD to kick things off. RVD counters with a back elbow followed by a springboard back kick. RVD runs into a back kick by Rollins, then Rollins drop kicked RVD into the ropes. Rollins with a snap suplex for a count of twoRollins with a splash in the corner as we make our way back from break. Rollins taunts the crowd as he continues to control the action. RVD lands a back kick to the face, followed by a series of clotheslines to make his comeback. RVD misses rolling thunder and Rollins goes for the curb stomp, but misses as well. RVD with a back kick and goes for the Frog Splash, but misses.

Rollins hits an enziguri to the side of the head of RVD for a near fall. Rollins headed to the top rope, but RVD cuts him off and climbs to the middle rope. RVD goes for a suplex, but Rollins blocked and hits a sunset flip into a powerbomb that sends RVD back first into the turnbuckle. Rollins then hits another powerbomb into the corner and finished the match with the curbstomp for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Third Match: Emma vs. Paige

Paige with a slap to Emma, followed by a back kick to the face. Emma reverses an Irish whip with a big boot. Emma with a back kick of her own, Paige knocks her off the top rope and locks in the PTO for the win.

After the match, AJ Lee comes out with a box of chocolates. AJ tries to give them to Paige, but Paige is a bit concerned. She eats one, and it’s gross. Paige spits it in the box of chocolates. Paige skips to the back.

Winner: Paige

Fourth Match: Submission Match
Rusev w/Lana vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger immediately goes after the ankle but he can’t suplex Rusev because of the bad ribs. With that not being an option, Swagger kicks him in the ankle and puts on the Patriot Lock, sending Rusev crawling to the ropes. They head outside with Rusev whipping Swagger into the barricade. We take a break and come back with Swagger being sent back outside but Rusev’s ankle is hurting too badly to follow up. Swagger blocks a kick and puts the Patriot Lock on outside.

Rusev crawls back inside for the break so Jack kicks at the leg in the corner. The Vader Bomb connects but the ribs are hurt even worse. Now Rusev puts Swagger in a Patriot Lock until Swagger rolls through into one of his own. The ropes save Rusev again and he nails the jumping superkick. Rusev hooks the Accolade but Jack gets an arm free and grabs a rope. The hold goes back on in the middle of the ring but Jack powers to his feet. A towel comes flying in and Bo Dallas trips up Swagger to put him back in the full hold, making Swagger tap.

Dallas says he threw the towel in because Swagger hasn’t learned to Bolieve. Swagger takes a Bodog for good measure.

Winner: Rusev

Miz is on the phone with his agent and says he can be on set within the hour. Reigns already had a match so there won’t be a trilogy. Someone keeps tapping him on the shoulder (Miz: “Autographs will be signed LATER!”) but it’s Kane, who makes Miz vs. Sheamus for tonight.

Fifth Match: Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso vs. Stardust w/Goldust

Jey is at ringside with a taped up knee, making him I believe the fourth current wrestler with a nagging injury (Swagger, Rusev, Ambrose, Jey). Again, GET SOME NEW WRITERS. Before the match, Goldust apologizes for freaking out on Monday but the Usos don’t seem convinced. Jimmy hits a loud chop in the corner to start but Stardust hits the drop down uppercut to take over. He drives some shoulders into Jimmy’s ribs but gets rolled up for the pin.

The Dusts go nuts and attack after the match again.

Winner: Jey Uso

Sixth Match: Sheamus vs. Damien Mizdow w/The Miz

Miz offers a distraction to give Damien an early distraction. Some knees to the chest have Sheamus in trouble but he pops up with the running ax handles. He nails the ten forearms to the chest and pulls Mizdow back in for White Noise and the pin.

Miz gets in a cheap shot post match and runs, only to have Dolph Ziggler throw him back into the ring. Sheamus tries a Brogue Kick but hits Damien instead. Nice setup for a future tag match.

Winner: Sheamus

Clips of Lesnar and Heyman’s pretaped interview from Raw and the Hall of Fame forum.

Seventh Match: Roman Reigns, The Big Show & Mark Henry vs. The Wyatt Family

They all pair off because the bell rings with Reigns and Wyatt fighting out to the floor. We get started with Big Show and Rowan slugging it out in the ring. Big Show actually busts out a sunset flip for two before cranking on a hammerlock. Reigns comes in and drives Rowan down by the arm. It’s quickly off to Henry to stay on the arm as the big guys make some fast tags.

Big Show hits the loud chop on Rowan before allowing Harper to come in for one of his own. Harper takes another in a different corner before asking Big Show to hit him again. Big Show gives him a running basement dropkick of all things, much to Cole’s shock. Off to Henry who gets dropkicked down by Harper, allowing Bray to come in for a beatdown.

We take a break and come back with Henry countering a Rowan suplex to put Erick down. There’s the hot tag to Big Show for some clotheslines but Rowan nails him with a clothesline to take over. Harper Gator Rolls Big Show to Wyatt’s delight. Back to Bray for two off a DDT and Rowan gets the same off a splash. Erick cranks on the neck but lets Big Show up, allowing the giant to get a boot up in the corner. Harper keeps Big Show down and puts on a choke.

Big Show stands up and drops Luke down on his back, only to have Bray come in and hammer away. A huge clothesline drops Wyatt and there’s the real hot tag to Reigns. Roman cleans Harper’s house and hits the apron boot. There’s the Superman Punch for two as Rowan makes the save. Big Show takes out Rowan with a chokeslam but Bray runs Big Show down. The World’s Strongest Slam drops Bray but Harper kicks Mark in the face. Harper loads up the discus lariat but Roman nails a great looking spear for the pin.

Winner: Roman Reigns, The Big Show and Mark Henry

Josh’s Grade for WWE SmackDown: 9/10

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