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Health Update on Jake Roberts, Including Brain Abnormality

Jake “The Snake” Roberts was admitted to a hospital earlier in the week and rumored to have been induced into a coma. At the time, it sounded like Jake Roberts might have been suffering from double pneumonia and possibly the flu.

Today, his attorney, manager, and close friend Kyle P. Magee released an update:

Thank you for helping me out and getting the truth about this situation to the public.


For those that do not know, I am Jake’s attorney and manager, but more importantly his very dear friend and roommate. The truth about the current situation is as follows: Jake has been under the weather for at least a week, may be closer to two weeks, and was told he had the flu and was run down from his travel schedule. Despite not feeling well, Jake made a point to make a show for our very good friend, Sinn Bohdi, in Las Vegas. On that flight, Jake experienced extreme chest tightness and trouble breathing. Upon landing in Las Vegas, he was rushed to the hospital where we learned he had pneumonia in both lungs and had frighteningly little lung function. He is being aggressively treated for that now.


During his testing, the doctors also noticed an abnormality in his brain. The initial diagnosis is that this is from his time taking bumps as a wrestler, but Jake has a neurologist who is investigating. At this point, Jake’s condition is not known completely. It will take some time to find out the answers. However, to clear up a few rumors, Jake did not pass out on the plane. He was alert and awake while notifying the flight attendants of his pain and shortness of breath. Jake was induced to a “coma-like” state in order to effectively treat the pneumonia. Jake has not been completely alert until now due to that treatment. Drugs or alcohol have no bearing on this event despite the internet rumors. Jake was doing great and received a clean bill of health on his PET scan after his leg cancer procedure in May. Hopefully that is still the case now.


To the many supporters, thank you very much from Jake’s team and family. Jake is awake and alert now. It will be his decision when to update the public from this point forward. We appreciate your respect for our privacy.

While it sounds like things are serious for Jake “The Snake,” it seems like the situation isn’t as dire as many had originally noted. Some immediately assumed Jake had fallen off the wagon. This is apparently not the case. In fact, it sounded like his leg cancer had cleaned up quite a bit since originally being diagnosed earlier in the year, and that overall, Jake Roberts was continuing to do well after getting clean with DDP.

While an abnormality in the brain is never a good sign, hopefully doctors turn up some positive news along the way. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jake, his friends, and his family.

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