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Did Michael Elgin Quit Ring of Honor?

Earlier today, Ring of Honor tweeted that former champion Michael Elgin was returning to action for the company this Saturday night for their show in Kalamazoo, MI.  This comes after he lost the title last month then was stuck in Canada due to an issue with his work issue before finally returning home more than three weeks later.

Their appears to be some angst between the two sides regarding the reasons behind him losing the belt which could include him wanting to following his dreams and trying out for Major League Baseball and why he got stuck north of the border in the first place.

So take this for what it’s worth but earlier this afternoon, Elgin “quit” ROH on Twitter.

The first thought is that this is simply a wrestling angle being done on social media.  But Elgin also said this on Twitter:

That latest message is in response to the post I did earlier this afternoon about him reportedly returning to ROH for this Saturday’s show. After I tweeting the story, Elgin responded to the BTR Twitter account with this:

So maybe he really did quit. Then again, maybe this is just one elaborate storyline.  What do you think?

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