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TNA Bound For Glory 2014 Results

Bound for Glory 2014
October 12, 2014
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

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First Match: Minuro Tanaka vs. Manik 

They’re using the Wrestle-1 ring and the crowd is making a little bit of noise before they lock up. They get quieter as the match begins. They lock up and Tanaka takes Manik down with a dropkick for an applause from the crowd. Tanaka with a back kick to the chest. Manik dodges and Tanaka hits the floor. Manik slingshots out but Tanaka goes back in the ring. Tanaka charges but Manik goes under the ring. Tanaka looks around. Manik comes from the other side of the ring and drops Tanaka on his head. Manik keeps control and dropkicks Tanaka in the back of the head for a two count.Manik with the back suplex for a two count. Tanaka makes a comeback but misses a missile dropkick. Manik dodges another dropkick but gets floored by the next attempt. Tanaka comes back and hits a missile dropkick for a two count.

Tanaka with a snap suplex and a knee drop for another two count. More back and forth. Manik barely connects with a kick for a two count. Manik goes to the top but gets caught with a pin attempt. Tanaka with a big dropkick that sends Manik into the corner. Tanaka climbs up for a superplex and another two count. Fans chant as they trade holds and pin attempts. Manik with a brainbuster for a close two count. Manik with a double underhook for another close pin attempt. Manik gets caught by a huge kick and the armbar for the win.

Winner: Minuro Tanaka

TNA aired a flashback video package of Team 3D defeating The Road Warriors in the early years of TNA.

Ethan Carter III was shown being interviewed backstage and was asked about the confrontation with Rockstar Spud. Carter said he’s found a reliable person that he can depend on and he will debut this Wednesday on Impact. Carter went on to talk about how this is the one year anniversary of EC3. Carter talks about how he’s a moster, terminator and a eliminator. Carter goes on to brag about how he defeated every single TNA Hall of Famer. Carter talks about his opponent tonight. Carter says he’s one of the biggest international superstars in the world, but at the end of the day the bigger you are the more impressive the victory. Carter makes his way out to the ring and mocks the Wrestle 1 Crowd and speaks slowly, so they can understand what he’s saying. Carter says that he’s very good, and tonight he will knock down Hama.

Second Match: Ethan Carter III vs. Ryota Hama 

Fans chant for Hama as the bell rings. They lock up and Hama takes Ethan to the corner. He backs off and Ethan talks trash. He puts his hands on Hama and gets shoved to the mat. Ethan goes to the floor. They lock up again and Ethan runs into three big shoulders. Hama runs over Ethan with a fourth shoulder and the fans pop. Ethan goes back to the floor. Fans chant for Hama as the bell rings. They lock up and Hama takes Ethan to the corner. He backs off and Ethan talks trash. He puts his hands on Hama and gets shoved to the mat. Ethan goes to the floor. They lock up again and Ethan runs into three big shoulders. Hama runs over Ethan with a fourth shoulder and the fans pop. Ethan goes back to the floor.

Ethan comes back in and mocks Hama being a Sumo. Hama squares up and slams him hard. Hama stands on Ethan. Hama suplexes Ethan in from the apron and does a forward roll down onto him for a two count. Ethan moves out of the way and dodges a splash. Ethan unloads on Hama while he’s down. Ethan slams Hama face first into the mat several times. Hama blocks a move and nails a big clothesline. Hama drops a big elbow for a two count. Hama with a huge running splash in the corner. Ethan drops down and Hama hits the big Rikishi splash. Hama with a two count. Hama misses another splash. Ethan tries to slam Hama but Hama falls on top of him for a two count. Hama puts his rear in Ethan’s face and rubs it around. Ethan with a low blow and the 1 Percenter for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III 

TNA aired another video package honoring the new TNA Hall of Famers Team 3D. This video shown Team 3D defeating Beer Money for the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

MVP Backstage Segment:

We get a video from the night before of MVP. He says some are fans of sports entertainment but some, like himself, are fans of the art of wrestling. He says people ask him why he walked away from a multi-million dollar position (with WWE) to go compete in Japan. MVP says he looks for a challenge and the best wrestlers are found in Japan. He wanted to test himself to prove that he’s a premiere wrestler on the planet. He says his heroes, guys like Muta and Misawa, strike fear in the hearts of other peoples heroes, sports entertainers. MVP says he has had success in Japan and now he’s back. He’s done his homework on Sakamoto and he’s not impressed.

Third Match: MVP vs. Kazma Sakamoto 

They lock up to start the match. MVP drops Sakamoto with a shoulder and dusts his shoulder off. Fans chant for MVP and Sakamoto doesn’t like it. They lock up and go to the ropes. More back and forth, and some stalling. They meet in the middle with shoulders. MVP grabs Sakamoto’s hair and unloads on him. MVP with a slam. MVP goes for the Ballin’ elbow drop but Sakamoto slides to the floor. MVP leaps out of the ring and takes Sakamoto down to a big pop. Fans cheer for MVP now. MVP pulls Sakamoto but he holds onto the barrier. Sakamoto with a cheap shot. MVP whips Sakamoto into the barrier and hits a huge Drive By kick.

MVP brings it back in for a two count. Sakamoto with a shot to the throat and a flurry of shots in the corner. Fans boo Sakamoto as he puts a boot to the throat in the corner. Sakamoto with kicks to the leg and a one count. Sakamoto with a face plant. Sakamoto misses twice and MVP makes a comeback with rights. MVP unloads in the corner and hits a nice suplex. MVP jumps to his feet as fans pop. MVP drops Sakamoto againa nd hits the Ballin’ elbow drop. MVP with a Fisherman’s suplex for two. Sakamoto dodges a kick and nails a big kick to MVP’s face for two. Sakamoto with a running kick for another two count. MVP blocks a knee and rolls Sakamoto up for two. MVP dropkicks the leg out. MVP with a modified Shining Wizard for the win.

Winner: MVP 

 Samoa Joe Backstage Segment: 

Samoa Joe comments on tonight’s match. He is in Japan, contemplating why he is here and why he is defending the title. He has set out to bring respect back to the greatest division in wrestling, the X-Division. He has defeated challenger after challenger, and tonight he has two. Low Ki and Kaz Hayashi will do what ever it takes to win titles in this business. Gentlemen, be prepared to raise your level, and be prepared to be disappointed.

Fourth Match: Triple Threat Match for the TNA X Division Championship 
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Low Ki vs. Kaz Hayashi

Kaz leaves the ring and lets the other two slap the hell out of each other. Joe with dropkicks and clotheslines to everyone and the crowd is on fire for him. Huge running kick and a knee drop to Kaz for two. Low Ki baseball slides Joe into the outside barricade, and turns around into a crazy spin kick from Hayashi. Joe tries to suplex him out of the ring, but settles for slapping the crap out of his face. Low Ki with a springboard dropkick for two. Everyone rolls to the floor and there’s chops going everywhere. Joe clotheslines both guys to loud “Joe!” chants. They roll back into the ring and Joe hits a splash, but Low Ki breaks up the pin. Low Ki with several running elbows, but Joe catches him out of the air and powerbombs him, then transitions into the Boston Crab, then transitions into an STF. Kaz gets back in the ring and puts a crossface on Joe and Low Ki at the same time! Kaz breaks the hold and responds with a dozen stiff kicks to Joe, followed by a lariat.

He tries to lift the big man, but Low Ki dropkicks them both. Hayashi sets up for the slingshot, but Low Ki catches himself on the ropes and jumps off with a double foot stomp. They both roll to the floor and Joe goes suicide dive to the outside to wreck them both. Loud “TNA!” and “this is awesome” chants – are they actually in Japan!? After a minute they get back to the ring. Kaz tries for a corner splash but runs into the S-T-Joe. He signals for the Muscle Buster, but side-steps a huge kick from Low Ki and Hayashi gets blasted. Ki and Joe trade a few dozen open-hand slaps. Low Ki actually tries to do the Muscle Buster, but Joe counters into the rear naked choke! Low Ki passed out and the ref calls the match.

After the match, Joe says a few things in Japanese for the crowd. He talks about having his first match at Korakuen Hall many years ago, and loving the Japanese people. He says TNA and Wrestle-1 are here to bring the world together for the fans. He is Samoa Joe, this is Bound for Glory, and he is professional wrestling.

Winner: Still TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe 

Tommy Dreamer Segment:

We get a look back at Team 3D reuniting to put Dixie Carter through a table. Th ey show pre-recorded comments from Tommy Dreamer, who inducted them into the Hall of Fame. He didn’t think he would be coming back to Japan but to come back and wrestle with his best friends is an honor. He talks about how special the match is and gives thanks.

Fifth Match: Andy Wu & El Hijo Del Pantera vs. Novus 

This was a very good back and forth tag match that the fans were into. Very impressed with the performance of these four performers and it didn’t slow down the show whatsoever. Pantera hit a big dive over the top rope onto Kodama and the floor at one point. Kodama then hit a face plant on Pantera in the ring for two. Jiro wrestles in his custom made airbrushed jacket. He also was adjusting his hair while he was pining Pantera. Wu finally gets a hot tag and unloads on Kodama. Pantera comes back in and the masked team double teams Kodama. Pantera hits a 619. Jiro comes in to make the save but gets sent right back out. Wu springboards out onto the floor with a crossbody on Jiro. Pantera slams Kodama and goes to the top. Pantera goes for a 450 but lands on his feet. Wu makes the save but Jiro tosses him out and hits a big swanton on the floor. Kodama with a corkscrew moonsault on Pantera for the win.

Winner: Novus 

TNA aired some highlights of last night’s TNA Hall of Fame ceremony.

Sixth Match: Hardcore Tag Team Match
Team 3D vs. Tommy Dreamer & Abyss

Bully and Devon shook hands with Dreamer, but Abyss refused to shake hands. Dreamer and Devon to start. They do some slow counters and then into the Indy standoff. Abyss then tags himself in, and demands to go one on one with Bully. Bully tags in and here we go. They trade big rights center ring, Bully then with repeated rights, and then the uranage on Abyss. Abyss no sells that and chokeslams Bully, who says fuck off and pops right up and flexes at Abyss. Boot by Abyss, a slam on Bully follows and then off the ropes and misses the splash. Tag to Devon, off the ropes and Abyss slams them together. They fight back and toss Abyss to the floor. Dreamer in with rights, but then eats the reverse 3D. Abyss rolls back in, rights by Devon and then Bully slams Dreamer. They toss Abyss to the floor, Devon up top and the wazzup head butt to Dreamer. Team 3D calls for the tables and they are those little, evil Japanese tables! Abyss back in and takes Bully to the floor. Dreamer to the floor and brawls with Bully. He then spits water into Devon’s face and Abyss uses the ring bell on Bully. They all brawl into the crowd

Bully rings the ring bell on Abyss’ balls. And now they start to throw in a ton of weapons into the ring. Kendo sticks, road signs, traffic cones and we get ECW chants. Back in the ring and they all have weapons and face off. Dreamer and Bully have a sword fight with the kendo sticks, DDT by Dreamer on Ray and Abyss with the chokeslam on Devon and he covers for two. Bully slams Dreamer into a trashcan, but then runs into a black-hole slam and Abyss covers for two. Abyss with chair shots to Devon, Dreamer and Bully to the floor. Abyss looks for the Earthquake squash, but Devon busts his nuts with the chair. Devon sets up the table, lays Abyss on it (partly) and heads up top. Dreamer cuts him off, heads up with him and looks for the superplex. Bully cuts him off and powerbombs Dreamer through the table. Abyss takes Bully down, and then grabs the bag of tacks. He spills them out, looks to chokeslam both of 3D, but they fight him off and flapjack Abyss into the tacks. Dreamer with kendo stick shots to both, but runs into the 3D, partly on the tacks and that is all.

Post match, Bully thanks all of the wrestling fans, and they get a thank you chant as well as a TNA chant. Bully says they went into the TNA hall of fame last night, and that is because of the wrestling fans. For 2-years they have been wrestlers, and they are thankful for that. They love to perform in Tokyo, Japan. Bully thanks the fans, and Devon drops an “oh my brother, testify.”

Winner: Team 3D 

Seven Match: TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Havok (c) vs. Velvet Sky

We get pre-recorded comments from Velvet Sky. It’s her first time in Japan but she’s hoping it’s not her last. She talks about Havok next. Velvet says she wants the Knockouts Title, the odds are in her favor and she’s not afraid of Havok.  Havok charges but Velvet moves twice. Velvet gets a few shots in and a clothesline but Havok won’t go down. Velvet with kicks and forearms but Havok still won’t go down. Havok stumbles around as Velvet keeps up the attack. Velvet comes off the second rope three times. Velvet runs the ropes but Havok catches her and drops her over the knee. Havok beats Velvet back down and into the corner. Havok yells at the referee and goes back to hitting Velvet with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Velvet says Havok is crazy. Havok drops Velvet over knee and holds it. Velvet starts to fight back but Havok cuts her off and applies a bear hug. Havok barks at the referee again and slams Velvet. Velvet looks to make another comeback and staggers Havok with a clothesline and many forearms. Havok counters with an elbow but Velvet takes her down with a scissors. Velvet with a crossbody off the second rope for a two count. Velvet comes off the second rope again but Havok catches her and applies the bear hug. Havok rag dolls Velvet for just a second and Velvet submits.

Winner: Still TNA Knockouts Championship Havok 

Eight Match: The Revolution (James Storm & The Great Sanada) vs. The Great Muta & Tajiri 

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes James Storm. Storm cuts a promo and introduces himself. He says fans can boo him if they want but he took one of their own and turned him against his mentor. Storm tells everyone to stand and show respect for The Great Sanada as he makes his way out. Tajiri makes his way out next followed by The Great Muta to a pop. Muta and Tajiri spit double mist as the bell rings. Sanada starts with Muta and they lock up but go to the mat after a takedown by Muta. They trade holds on the mat. They get to their feet but end up back on the mat and show each other up. Sanada spits in the air and taunts Muta. Storm tags in as does Tajiri. Tajiri ends up hitting kicks but Storm whips him into the ropes. Tajiri with a clothesline attempt. Tajiri grabs Storm’s beard. Storm with a clothesline. Sanada comes back in and works Tajiri over on the ropes. Sanada runs the ropes and dives but ends up on the floor. He comes back on the apron but Tajiri kicks him into the barrier. Tajiri follows but Sanada goes under the ring. Tajiri follows him under the ring.

Nobody can find Sanada or Tajiri. They finally come back up and Tajiri’s face is covered in mist. Storm comes in and works Tajiri over now. Storm mocks Muta and spits on him after tagging Sanada back in. Sanada works Tajiri over for a two count. Storm comes back in and they double team Tajiri. Storm drops a knee and Sanada hits a dropkick for a two count. Tajiri with elbows now. They go at it but Storm comes in to drop Tajiri and fans boo. The referee argues with Storm to get out of the ring. Sanada comes in and decks Tajiri with some kind of baton. Sanada with a two count. Tajiri hits a big back elbow off the ropes and takes Sanada down. Muta tags in and kicks Sanda’s leg out. Muta catches a kick and whips Sanada. Muta tosses Sanada to the floor and follows. Muta uses the same weapon that Sanada just used on Tajiri. Muta with a chair shot to the side of the head. Muta chokes Sanada with a cable now. Fans chant for Muta as he rolls Sanada in the ring. Muta drops Sanada and drops a spinning elbow for a two count as Storm makes the save. Storm with knees to the face on Muta. Storm nails a flying elbow drop and Sanada hits a moonsault for a two count as Tajiri makes the save.Tajiri tosses Sanada and fights Storm off. Tajiri throws Storm to the outside. Tajiri drops Sanada with a kick. The referee goes down. Tajiri spits mist but Sanada ducks. Sanada comes off the top and catches mist from both Muta and Tajiri.Tajiri with a kick. Muta nails a Shining Wizard on Sanada for the win.

After the match, Storm looks on from the ramp as Muta talks with Tajiri. Sanada is laid out in the corner. Storm attacks Muta and Tajiri from behind. He kicks Tajiri out of the ring and whistles to the back. Manik runs out and works over Muta. Storm chokes Muta with a bull rope. Team 3D’s music hits and out they come to a pop. Bully takes out Sanada and they both work on Storm. Muta spits mist in Storm’s face and then Storm eats a 3D. Team 3D’s music hits as they get a pop and Muta spits mist in the air. Muta makes his exit. Storm, Sanada and Manik look on from the ramp before making their exit. Bound For Glory goes off the air with Team 3D posing in the corners.

Winner: The Great Muta & Tajiri

Josh’s Grade for Bound for Glory: 8/10

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