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TNA Impact Wrestling Results: It’s A New Day

TNA Impact Wrestling
January 16, 2015
Manhattan Center
New York, New York

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Beat Down Clan Promo: 

MVP says he knew it would be an uphill battle the minute he got to TNA, but he brought in his family, the guys we drove around crappy indies in Florida for a buck and a hot dog: Samoa Joe and Low Ki. They’re the Beat Down Clan, and brings out the guy that still has a problem with Bobby Roode, Eric Young. Young comes out in a Bobby Roode t-shirt and a new haircut and shakes MVP’s hand. MVP says this is the first thing they see eye to eye on, and he gives Young the floor. The crowd chants that he sold out, and Young tells them their opinion doesn’t matter. The truth is a funny thing, because he and MVP couldn’t be in the ring together a month ago without trying to kill each other, but MVP helped his brother take his World Title. He doesn’t like that, but he respects it because he had a brother once that he would do anything for: Bobby Roode. When he was World Champion, Roode was one of the first people he gave a title shot to and he beat Roode. When Roode got the title, though, where was Eric’s title shot? Eric was in more main events in 2014 than anyone, and if anyone deserved it, it was Eric.

But maybe Roode was afraid Eric would beat him again because nobody knows better that Eric is a world class wrestler, world class man, and world class friend, but where was Roode’s visit when Young was in the hospital defending him? He got a text message from Roode, and that text message told him the truth, and now he took the title from Roode and he’s going to take everything else, too. MVP says he planted the seed in Young and it’s blossomed into a mighty sequoia, and now he will introduce out TNA World Champion: Bobby Lashley! Well, Lashley’s music plays but the big guy doesn’t come out, so MVP announces him a second time and Kurt Angle’s music plays instead. Angle comes out to the ramp and says that MVP and his friends call themselves a family, but he sees a bunch of thugs, and he wants Young to know that Bobby Roode is going to kick his ass tonight. Angle says he stepped down and can no longer make matches, but he can make each and every one of them tap out. Samoa Joe hops out of the ring and gets right in Angle’s face, pointing out correctly that he made Angle tap out. Angle knocks Joe out with the microphone, and Atlas Security gets between Angle and the BDC before this can get any further out of hand. Joe is in the ring and has his sweatshirt off, and Angle says that if Joe wants a piece of him, they should do it right now.

First Match: Kurt Angle vs. Saoma Joe 

Samoa Joe has Angle down on the mat and is working over his knee. Joe gets a kneebar, but Angle makes the ropes. Angle goes for a quick boot to the gut, but Joe catches his foot and hits a dragon screw legwhip. Joe gets Angle in a modified figure four and, while we wait to see what Angle does, we go backstage as some dude looks for Bobby Lashley, who is not in his dressing room. As we ponder that one, Joe lets Angle up and continues unloading on Angle, but Angle ducks under a shot from Joe and hits some rolling German suplexes. Joe escapes the Angle Slam and drills Angle with a leaping enziguiri, then goes for the Kokina clutch. Angle slips out the back and gets Joe in an ankle lock, but Joe rolls through and sends Angle into the corner. Joe misses a charge and Angle hits the Angle Slam for two count.

Angle charges Joe and gets caught with the STJoe, and then Joe sets Angle up for the Muscle Buster, but Angle slips out again and gets Joe back in the ankle lock. Joe tries to kick Angle off, but Angle holds onto the ankle and has Joe right in the middle of the ring. Joe grabs the referees shirt and uses him for leverage to roll Angle again, sending him crashing into the referee. With the referee down, Joe kicks Angle in the ding ding and catches Angle in the Kokina Clutch, forcing Angle to tap out. BDC wastes no time coming in and putting the boots to Angle until Bobby Roode comes out with a chair and chases them off. He and Eric Young stare one another down as we go to commercial

Winner: Samoa Joe by Submission 

Bobby Roode Promo:

Roode is in the ring, sitting in his chair. He is trying to hold back his anger and the frustrations from last week. But already tonight this crap has gone too far. Roode heard what Roode had to say about costing him the title, the only thing he loved in the business. Every word that Young said was nothing but a bunch of bullshit. Roode has been here a hell of a love time, and this ring is his home. He lives for wrestling, but tonight, it is not about wrestling it’s about payback.

Josh Matthews & Tazz Announcement:

Taz and Josh are back from the studio, and hype the rest of the show and the other programming on Destination America. We get a preview for Tenay’s interview with Magnus, which will air tomorrow on Impact Unlocked.

Jeremy Borash & Rockstar Spud Backstage Segment: 

Spud meets with Borash, who is wearing a hat. Spud apologizes for last week. Spud says that EC3 is insane, and Borash calls EC3 a jackass. He then adds that EC3 will get what’s coming to him.

Second Match: The Hardys vs. The Wolves 

Matt and Eddie Edwards to begin. Lock up, and Matt tries to work the arm. Escape by Edwards, but Matt cuts him off with a right. Tag to Jeff, they lay the boots to Edwards in the corner. Edwards then rushes Jeff to the corner, tag to Richards and they work the arm and his some double team moves. Jeff back with a head scissors, tag back to Matt and they hit a double team back suplex and Matt covers for two count. Elbows by Matt, a slam follows and then a tag back to Jeff. Double clothesline to Richards, followed by the high/low and a cover by Jeff gets two count. Tag back to Matt, sets Richards up top as Jeff sends Edwards to the floor. Matt climbs, Richards slips out and crotches Matt as Edwards crotches Jeff. Jeff cleared to the floor, double dropkick to Matt in the corner and a cover gets two count.

Tag back to Edwards, chops to Matt in the corner follow. Head butt by Richards, who then tags in and we get double teams on Matt, leading to Richards covering for two count. Davey Richards lays in kicks to Matt in the corner, Irish whip and Richards with the corner forearm strike. Richards up top, misses the double stomp and Matt then hits the side effect. Both men are down, and looking for the tag. Tags to Jeff and Edwards. Jeff with rights, flying forearm follows, leg drop to the balls and then the basement dropkick connects and the cover gets two count. Back elbow by Jeff to both Wolves, whisper in the wind wipes both of them out. The Wolves to the floor, Jeff looks for a dive, countered, Jeff then avoids their dive try and Matt then DDTs both on the floor. Jeff up top now, walks the ropes and then hits a big dive to the floor!

Back in the ring and the Hardys hit a suplex on Edwards, and the cover gets two count. Slam by Matt, Swanton by Jeff eats knees as Edwards saved himself. Richards in, suplex/kick combo connects, but Matt makes the save at two count. Matt gets sent to the floor, but then is back and crotches Richards. Jeff with the rana on Edwards. Side effect by Matt follows, and then looks for the twist of fate, countered and shoved into Jeff. Twist of fate by Edwards, double stomp by Richards follows but then Jeff flies in with a swanton to break that up! Richards with rights and kicks to Jeff, but then gets tossed to the floor. Poetry in motion on Edwards, twist of fate by Jeff, double team twist of fate then follows and that is all.

Winner: The Hardys 

Bram Feast of Fired Promo: 

Bram cuts a promo about the return of the match. He will have Magnus by his side, and hell they may collect all of the cases, so stay the hell away from them.

Kenny King & MVP Backstage Promo: 

King and MVP discuss Lashley not being here. MVP says it is all-good, because Lashley has the belt and they have control again. Young is there and promises to show them all when he takes what Roode has left when he beats him tonight.

Ethan Carter III & Jeremy Borash Segment: 

EC3 talks to John Gaburick about trying out a new camera and gets to take over the controls. Tyrus scares the other dude away. EC3 then tells the guys in the truck to shoot Borash right now. We see bald Borash and EC3 talks to him through the earpiece. He mocks Borash for being bald and says if Borash is so tough, Borash will face EC3 in a match. EC3 will give him 30-minutes to make his decision, and if he doesn’t, whose to say what will happen.

Third Match: No Disqualification Match 
Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

They start brawling on the floor, no lock up bullshit thankfully since they are supposed to hate each other. Roode works over Young with rights on the floor, and we head to a commercial break. Back from commercial as Young and Roode brawl in the crowd.k. Back to action as Young tosses Roode over the guardrail and to the ringside area. Young slams Roode to the guardrail and then follows with chops. Rights by Young now, Roode tries to fight back but Young cuts him off and rolls him back into the ring. Young gets a chair and tosses it into the ring and also has another. He wedges that one in the corner, and then attacks Roode with a clubbing right. Roode tries to fight back with rights again, chops follow and then whips Young, counter and Young with the back elbow. He covers for two count. Young lays the chair on the mat, looks for the piledriver, but Roode backdrops out. Young then runs into a spinebuster. Roode then grabs a chair and lays it on the mat, looks for the Roode bomb, but Young rakes the eyes and escapes. He then slams Young into the chair in the corner. Young then gets the piledriver on the chair to pickup the victory.

After the match Young drew the line in the sand by saying he’s better than Roode, but he just went out there and proved it. MVP and the BDC come down to ringside and MVP says he’s sorry that Roode’s going to take a little trip to the hospital, but tonight is a celebration because we have a new World Champion. He tells Roode that someone may visit him in the hospital, because he sure as hell didn’t visit EY.

Winner: Eric Young 

Austin Aries Backstage Promo:

Austin Aries is backstage and says Low Ki gets his rematch tonight, but nobody here seems able to fight their own battles, but if the BDC backs him into a corner, he’ll get real dangerous.

Fourth Match: Taryn Terrell & Brooke vs. The Beautiful People

Tessmacher chases after Robbie, but then gets cut off by a Love clothesline. Tessmacher battles back, hits a dropkick and then works the arm. Love escapes with a knee, Sky tags in, drop toehold by Tessmacher. She tags in Terrell, forearms follow and then a boot to the gut and neck breaker connect. Love in, suplex by Terrell and then Tessmacher is in and they dropkick Love and Sky. Terrell heads up top and dives off onto the BP and BroMans on the floor. She tosses Sky back in, hits a second rope clothesline and tags in Tessmacher. She heads up top, distracted by Robbie, and lays him out with a forearm. Sky then rolls her up with the tights for the win.

After the match lights out and then Kong appears. Kong stares them down and lays then out with clotheslines. Implant buster to Love follows. DJ Zema hits the ring and challenges Kong gives the chokeslam to DJ Zema. Kong stands tall, but here comes Havok. This pleases Kong, and they stare down again until security arrives to break them up. There’s tension there.

Winner: The Beautiful People 

Ethan Carter III & Jeremy Borash Backstage Segment: 

Ethan Carter III busts in on Borash backstage and asks if they’re going to have a match next week. Borash says he’s an announcer, not a wrestler, and EC3 says he’s not, he’s a man who has given his blood, sweat, and tears to this company for 13 years. Nobody came to help him last week because nobody respects him, and he tears Borash’s hat off and asks why would they. Borash finally says he’ll fight EC3 next week, and EC3 says challenge accepted.

Revolution Backstage Segment: 

Some camera guys complain backstage, and Manik tells them to follow him. He leads them to Storm, who says that it is time for the world to meet his newest disciple, Koya (the former Mahabali Shera). Storm says Koya was lost, but has now found Storm and the revolution. Next week, Koya will be unleashed on Impact Wrestling.

Next week will be the annual Feast or Fired event!

Fifth Match: TNA X Division Championship Match 
Austin Aries (c) vs. Low Ki

Aries & Ki lock up, they work to the corner and Ki breaks clean. He then lays in a boot to the gut, and then European uppercuts. Head butts follow, and then back to the uppercuts. Aries fires back with rights, and then forearm strikes. Kick by Ki, he charges Aries but then gets tossed to the floor. Aries waits on Ki, who is back in and lays the kicks in to Aries. Chops follow, as MVP and King converse on the floor. Running cross body by Aries and then the pendulum elbow connect, and Aries covers for two count. Aries then locks in the last chancery, but Ki gets the ropes. Elbow drop by Aries connects, looks for the brain buster, but Ki counters. Aries tosses Ki to the floor again, looks for a dive but Ki gets pulled out of the way by MVP.

Ki to the apron, Aries looks to suplex him in, but Ki counters and drops Aries on the top rope gut first. Big kick by Ki and Aries falls to the floor. Ki follows, tosses Aries back in and lays in chops to Aries in the corner. More chops by Ki and a cover gets two count. Ki lays in a lot of chops, but them misses and Aries connects with chops of his own. They are killing each other with chops. Forearm strike by Aries connects, and then hits the shotgun dropkick. Aries looks for the brain buster, Ki with a knee to escape, but Aries with the knee buster into a back suplex. Last Chancery by Aries, MVP and Joe distract the ref as Ki taps. Aries fights off the BDC and hits the heat-seeking missile, head sup to but King crotches him. Ki connects with the Ki Krusher, and that is all.

Winner: NEW X Division Champion Low Ki 

Beat Down Clan & Bobby Lashley Promo: 

The BDC and Eric Young are in the ring. MVP says they have made it clear what they are all about. They have rocked the locker room and have the attention of all of the fans. They have this under control, and they are the guys everyone wants to be like. And the world title has come home, and MVP announces Lashley to come to the ring. MVP says that the fans should be applauding the most dominant champion in TNA history. MVP says they are family and winners. MVP calls the Jets losers, and then says look at Lashley. He looks like a champion, unlike Bobby Roode. From head to toe, he made Lashley look this way, he made Lashley champion, he made Lashley what he is. MVP then says the title belongs to him, King, Joe and Ki, it belongs to the Clan. Lashley takes issue with this, and says that they title belongs to him. Lashley says he is the champ.

MVP says he only has the title because they put it on him, because they are family and that is what they do. Lashley says that’s not what he’s about. He tries to leave, and MVP says it does not work this way. He says Lashley is a founding member of the Clan, but Lashley says MVP needs to get his hands off of him. MVP says if it was anyone else, he wouldn’t show mercy. But Lashley is his brother, Lashley took MVP under his ring when they were with the other company, and he loves Lashley.

MVP says he can accept that they will walk different paths, and wants to hug it out because brothers gotta hug man. MVP smiles and kisses Lashley, and the beat down of Lashley begins! Lashley does his best to fight them off, but the numbers game is too much for the champion. MVP says if Lashley wants the title, he got it and hits him in the head with it. MVP celebrates with the title and orders the attack to continue. After more beat down, MVP hits a shining wizard and stands over Lashley, holding the world title. MVP then says that the title belongs to the BDC and they leave with the title.

Josh’s Grade for Impact Wrestling: 87/100 B+

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