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TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Monster Ball Match

TNA Impact Wrestling
January 30, 2015
Manhattan Center
New York, New York

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First In-Ring Segment: 

Bobby Roode comes out with the belt, and says that the belt unfortunately does not belong to him because it was stolen by his best friend. He and Eric Young were closer than blood, but now he won’t rest until he spills Eric’s. As far as the title is concerned the only two men who belong in the conversation are he and Lashley. He knows Lashley is listening and they both have something each other wants, so he wants Lashley to come down to the ring so they can do this like men. Lashley comes out to the ring and Roode says he doesn’t hold him responsible for any of this because it was MVP and his goons who caused it, and Lashley was man enough to fight them. They’ve had great matches against one another, and he’s man enough to hand that belt back to Lashley, but it won’t be that easy because he wants a rematch, and he wants it tonight. Lashley tells Roode that if he wants a rematch, he’s got it. Roode says in that case, why wait? Why not get a referee out here and do it right now

Austin Aries interrupts, coming out with briefcase in tow, and he says he’s not the referee they were looking for, but the crowd chants for Aries anyway. Aries says he keeps finding himself in the position of being the guy with the most options. He started it with Option C, and now he has the option for a World Title match anytime and anyplace he wants. But there isn’t anywhere better to have a World Title match than right here in New York, but should he cash it in right now, take a seat outside and watch them have one hell of an ;athletic, draining, physical title match, and then cash in? The plot thickens further as MVP comes out in his gear and says it looks like Aries holds all the cards, but Aries should hold his breath permanently.

Roode is always whining and crying and blaming everyone but himself for losing the title, but he ought to blame the Beat Down Clan. MVP is so disappointed in Lashley coming out here and calling it his title when he knows damn well that title belongs to the BDC, not him. He knows Lashley’s feelings were hurt when MVP beat his ass down, so he says Lashley ought to kick these two goofs out and make it what it’s really all about: the two of them. Lashley tells Aries to save the briefcase for another time, and if MVP and Roode both want a title shot, he’ll face all three of them tonight for the World Title.

TNA Lockdown Announcement: 

We find out that next week’s Impact Wrestling will be the annual Lockdown event. It will be Team Angle vs. Team MVP in the Lethal LockDown match. Kurt Angle is in the locker room area and he talks about competing agaisnt the best in the world in this business. Angle said by tonight he will have his entire team and that he’s looking for the best in this business to join his team. Angle said he will do everything he can to take out the Beat Down Clan and it’s real it’s damn real. We also find out that Havok will take on Awesome Kong. The Revolution will defend their TNA Tag Team Championship against The Hardy Boyz.

First Match: Triple Threat Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship 
Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne

All three girls take turns going for pin attempts on each other, but nobody gets an advantage. Gail gets tossed and Terrell cradles Madison for twoc ount. Madison takes Terrell out with a back elbow for two count, then bumps Gail off the apron as she tries to climb back in the ring. Madison with a northern lights suplex for two count on Taryn, then she gets a DDT/neckbreaker combo on both Taryn and Gail. Hey, wasn’t Taryn the name of that kid in the Black Cauldron? Anyway, Madison gets another couple of pin attempts on Terrell, but Gail comes in and hits a Russian legsweep on Madison before locking her in a sort of inverted Tequila Sunrise.

Taryn adds to the pressure on Madison by putting Gail in a dragon sleeper, but everyone breaks and Taryn and Gail fight it out on the top rope. Madison shoves them both out to the floor, then goes out after them and flapjacks Taryn on the ring steps. She goes for the head hump on the steps, Gail breaks that up, but Madison grabs Gail by the hair and smashes her face into the steps instead. Taryn and Madison go back inside and Madison hits her sitout buster, but Gail breaks that up at two with a crucifix that gets two count. Madison blocks Eat DaFeet and dodges a crossbody from Gail, and Terrell htis Madison with a Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winner: Still TNA Knockouts Championship Match 

Magnus Promo: 

Magnus is out on the street being followed by the cameraman, and he says that he asked Bram to meet him at the bar so they can talk their issues out with a drink.

Tommy Dreamer & Eric Young Promo: 

Tommy Dreamer comes out to the ring, has a drink offered to him by a fan, and grabs a mic while the fans chant his name. He says he never would have had the career he’s had for the last 25 years if it weren’t for the fans, but things get crazy out here and he wants to talk to Eric Young. Young comes out and tells Dreamer to stay out of his business, but Dreamer says the first person to offer his friendship to Dreamer when he came to TNA was Eric Young, and the second was Bobby Roode. He thinks Young is making a mistake because he went from a nothing joke to becoming the World Champion, and it’s because of what was inside and all the fans supporting him. Dreamer has been screwed over by friends before and it’s burned him up inside, so he tells Eric not to turn his back and burn a bridge with Bobby Roode or with the people.

Eric Young tells Tommy that he’s a real good guy, but look where being a good guy got him: he’s a fat loser from this dump.n As far as burning a bridge with Bobby Roode, he doesn’t want to burn it, he wants to blow it up. Dreamer takes his jacket off as Eric talks, and Young says they were friends, but that was his mistake. Young doesn’t make mistakes any more, but Dreamer tells him he’s making the biggest mistake of his like. Tommy says this was all over Roode not giving him a title shot, but Tommy asks Young if he ever even asked Roode. Young considers that for a moment, then kicks Dreamer in the gut and piledrives him, then goes out to the floor, punches the timekeeper out, and throws his chair in the ring. Bobby Roode runs out and Eric heads for the hills, stopping to ram the timekeeper into the guardrail on his way out.

The Hardys Promo: 

The Hardys are backstage and Matt says they finally get their shot at the title next week, the shot they reunited for, and they’re going to become the champions. Jeff says before they get there, he has another match with Abyss, and they have a long history against one another, but they’ll meet tonight in yet another Monster’s Ball match!

Second Magnus Promo: 

Magnus gets to the bar and finds Bram already getting liquored up at the bar, so Magnus tells the cameraman that before he comes in to let Magnus see how he’s doing first. Magnus sits down with Bram

Kurt Angle Promo: 

Kurt Angle goes into Gunner’s locker room. Angle ask Gunner if he’s woken up? Gunner says yes? Angle says that he doesn’t believe him and smack Gunner right in the face. Gunner gets up and says that if you need a warrior i’m here. Angle says as much as he would like to wrestle Gunner right now I need someone who’s fought for our country and will be a warrior. Gunner joins Team Angle.

Third Magnus Promo: 

Bram says that briefcase was his, and if it were anyone else, he would have smashed his head when he walked in that door. Magnus says he’s his best friend, and he couldn’t smash his head even if he wanted to, and he’s got a tag title shot and asks Bram who he thinks he’s going to pick for his partner. He says the only thing that’s kept Bram from getting the same shots he has is that his temper has gotten him locked up so much. Bram says Magnus has helped bail him out of jail, he’s helped him with money, and he got him his job, and Magnus says he doesn’t do this for just anyone. They’re not 18 anymore and they can’t just go around smashing things when they want, because now he has a family and needs to feed his son and put a roof over his head.

Bram says he’s right and asks to see a picture of his son, so Magnus shows him a picture from his iPhone and Bram says he’s got his dad’s eyes. Magnus asks if they’re good, and Bram says they’re good. Bram tells Magnus to head out the back door while he settles up the bill, and Magnus walks out back…into a stairwell with no exit. He turns around to head back the way he came, and Bram blindsides him and smashes his head into the wall. Bram takes a golf ball out of his jacket and smashes Magnus in the back of the head with it, knocking him out, then yells “Look at you now!” He composes himself and walks off, leaving Magnus laying as an afterthought.

Second Match: Monsters Ball Match 
Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss

Hardy & Abyss brawl their way down to ringside, and Abyss chokeslams Hardy on the floor, then pulls a whole plethora of weapons out from under the ring. He tosses them inside and brings Hardy back inside, but he takes too long wedging a chair in the corner and gives Hardy enough time to grab a trash can and use it to beat Abyss’ skull in. Hardy escapes a chokeslam attempt and hits a Twist of Fate, then uses a chair to hit Poetry In Motion. Hardy goes to springboard off a chair and hit a dive to the floor, but Abyss moves and Hardy goes sailing through a table instead. That was a really sick bump, but Abyss doesn’t let up, rolling Hardy back inside and then going under the ring for a big full of tacks. Hardy hits Abyss in the ding ding with the cheese grater before Abyss can pour out the contents of that bag, then rakes it across his most tender of areas, but Abyss dodges a corner charge and Hardy goes zipping into the chair in the corner from before.

Abyss gets Janice out from under the ring and comes after Hardy with it, but Hardy moves and Abyss buries Janice in the top turnbuckle. Hardy hits another Twist of Fate, takes his shirt off, goes to the top rope for the Swanton…and is promptly tripped up by Manik. The entire Revolution comes out to attack Hardy, but Matt runs out with a kendo stick and goes nuts caning the entire Revolution until Storm bashes him in the skull with a trash can. Sanada and Manik hold Hardy so Storm can hit him with the Last Call, but then the Wolves run in and clear the Revolution out, bringing it back down to Jeff and Abyss. Abyss dumps out the bag full of tacks and tries to superplex Hardy onto the them, but Hardy hits a sunset bomb that sends Abyss crashing right onto the pile of tacks. Hardy follows that up with the Swanton for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy 

Austin Aries Promo: 

Aries says Lashley was kind enough to grant him a title shot without making him cash in his briefcase. But Lashley better realize that Aries has made a career out of being an opportunist, because he may lose tonight, but he’s still got a backup plan in that briefcase.

Third Match: Rockstar Spud & Mark Andrews vs. Robbie E & Jesse Godderz

EC3 comes out in street clothes and tells Spud and Mandrews that their request for a tag match tonight has been denied, but he’s found suitable replacements.The Bromans jump Spud and Mandrews, and Jessie easily press slams Mandrews before he and Robbie hit a double flapjack. Double running knee in the corner to Mandrews, but Mandrews is able to break free and tag in Spud, who goes nuts and gives both Bromans the testicular claw. Spud with a leaping enziguiri to Jessie, Sliced Bread #2 to Robbie, and Mandrews tags in and hits a shooting star press on Robbie for the win.Tyrus comes in and flattens both of them, and then EC3 gets in the ring and screams at Spud that he will never give him the pleasure of facing him. But he will do him another favor and give him a match with Tyrus next week. Actually, to make it fair, he’ll let Spud and Mandrews face Tyrus in a handicap match in a cage.

Winner: Rockstar Spud & Mark Andrews 

Four Match: Fatal Four Way Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship 
Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries vs. MVP

MVP ducks out of the ring right away once he realizes the others seem to have set their sights on him, but Roode and Aries go out to the floor and herd MVP back inside to Lashley, who proceeds to unload months worth of frustration on his former cohort. Roode comes in and ties up with Lashley, but winds up on the short end of a quick exchange, as Lashley gets him down in the corner and puts the boots to him. Roode gets a boot in Lashley’s face and hits a blockbuster, then gets another boot up and catches Aries coming in with the IED. MVP comes in and kicks out Roode’s knee, but walks right into a spinebuster from Roode, who covers him for two count.

Aries and Roode are going at it in the ring while Lashley and MVP are out on the floor. Lashley comes back in and Aries shoves Roode at the champion, who easily scoops Roode up and powerslams him. Aries breaks the cover at two, but then Lashley turns his attention to Aries and tosses him across the ring. Aries ducks a charge and uses Lashley’s own momentum to send him out to the floor, then follows him out with a heat seeking missile. MVP was laying in wait and waylays Aries as he tries coming back in, then opens up with a flurry of hard shots to Roode. MVP with a running Yakuza kick to Roode in the corner followed by an exploder suplex for two count. MVP kicks Lashley off the apron as he tries to get back in, then drills Roode with a Triple H kneesmash. MVP goes ballin’ on Roode, then hits a Perfectplex for two count. Aries quickly darts in and gets MVP in the Last chancery, but Lashley casually walk in and easily lifts Aries off the mat, flips him over his shoulder, and plants him with a big flapjack move.

Aries quickly recovers and takes out MVP with a dive to the floor, then rolls MVP inside where Roode catches him right in the crossface. Lashley breaks that up and then tries to superplex Aries, but Roode powerbombs Lashley off the top rope, superplexing Aries by proxy. Eric Young runs out to the ring, pulls Roode out to the floor, nails him with a chair, and rams him into the barricade. Young heads to the back since his work is done, and Lashley goes for the spear, but Aries catches him coming in and gets the Last Chancery. MVP breaks that up and puts the boots to Aries, Aries knocks him to the floor with a roaring elbow, but he goes for another heat seeking missile and is caught completely off guard by a big Lashley spear that sends him hurtling across the ring. It’s academic at this point as Lashley covers Aries for the win.

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley 

Final Segment: 

We found out that it will be Bobby Roode against Eric Young in a Six Sides of Steel Match. We also found out representing Team Angle it’s Gunner, Austin Aries  & Team MVP it will be the rest of the members of the Beat Down Club. Bobby Lashley declines being part of Team Angle and Impact goes off air.

Josh’s Grade for Impact Wrestling: 88/100 B+

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