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TNA Impact Wrestling 3/6/15 Results & Reaction

TNA Impact Wrestling
March 6, 2015
Manchester, England

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BDC & Drew Galloway Opening Segment: 

Kenny King comments on Drew Galloway, saying that this whole situation is getting out of control. The chosen one chose to get involved in BDC business, so now, the BDC chooses to take a piece of his ass. King says you don’t mess with the BDC and you don’t mess with their money. MVP on the mic and asks Drew if he has any clue what he’s done and who he’s done it to. He wants Drew to think long and hard about it, because the world title is business, serious business, BDC business. One year in the making, one year ago MVP came to TNA and came to dominate and win the world title. But now Drew got involved in their business. MVP will give him a chance to apologize for what he has done, and he needs to do so while MVP is calm. No Drew, which angers MVP. They then spot him in the crowd, making his way to the ring. MVP says he is now public enemy #1 to the BDC.

Drew says he’s at home right now, and not far away from where he slipped into the ring to stop them from stealing the TNA Title. He is surrounded by wrestling fans not “sports entertainment” fans. Drew says he is in TNA to speak up for those that have not been listened too, to stand up for wrestling, to give the fans a voice. Drew says your not screwing with Roode or Lashley, you’re screwing with the wrestling fans. People have always tried to dictate to the fans who the champion should be, but wrestling should be decided on by the fans based on what happens in that ring. King says Drew spilled Ki’s blood last week and that they demand retribution and satisfaction. King then says of they don’t get their revenge tonight they will take a ride and make a visit, and then take it out of Drew’s mom and dad’s ass. Drew says he didn’t come to TNA to make an ass out of the BDC or to talk; he came to stand up for wrestling and to fight. Drew then says King can send his boys to the back and then King can try and teach him a lesson. King asks the BDC to go to the back so he can do this solo.

Josh’s Reaction: I thought this was a pretty good segment to start off the show I figured that the BDC was going to address MVP getting screwed out of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. BDC went into a direction that I liked and they talked about the guy that’s been the constant thorn in the BDC back side. We didn’t know why Drew Galloway was here, but we do now. I thought the whole pro wrestling vs sports entertainment was a cheap attempt to get a reaction from the crowd. It’s the same thing and it’s never doing your company any good when you need to take shots at other wrestling companies because when you hear about other companies as a casual viewer you will flip the channel and see what the company is doing.  I liked Drew’s promo and we know why he’s here now and he’s standing up for wrestling as a whole. Low Ki was bit over bearing in this segment, but understandable. I wasn’t sure who the leader was cause Mr. Kenny King did what he always does talk, talk, talk. Good opening segment TNA gaves us a reason to care about Drew Galloway and happy to see Drew be in a major spotlight in a one of the major wrestling companies.

Grade for this Segment/Storyline: 93/100 A- 

First Match: Kenny King vs. Drew Galloway 

The BDC rushes the ring, and they distract Galloway and then King and crew beat down Galloway. The match continues as the BDC clears out and King shoots Galloway off the ropes. Clothesline by Galloway, chops follow. Snap suplex and King rolls to the floor. Galloway follows and attacks King on the floor. He then slams him off the barricade, but King back with a boot to the gut and a right. He then rakes the eyes, but as he tries to slam Galloway into the post, Galloway battles back. They exchange chops, but as King charges Galloway hits a tilt a whirl and dumps King onto the edge of the apron.

As they battle back into the ring, King stuns Galloway off the ropes and then hits a leg drop on the apron and then covers for two count. Galloway fights back with rights, and then connects with a big boot. King back with a high cradle suplex and the cover gets two count. King slaps Galloway a bit, which only fires Galloway up. He then slams King to the corner and pummels him with rights. Corner forearm follows, Galloway up top and hits a clothesline and that gets two count. Galloway signals for the end, but the future shock DDT countered, King heads up top and hits the blockbuster and covers for two count. King with a backslide and the ropes, but only gets two count. Galloway hits the future shock DDT and that’s all.  The BDC tries to attack, but Galloway retreats through the crowd.

Winner: Drew Galloway 

Josh’s Reaction: Pretty solid match Kenny King works well as a heel not only on the mic, but also in the ring. I always thought that Galloway was a underrated wrestler in the ring. Match was pretty good and Galloway started his in-ring run with TNA on a high note. Galloway can be a big assett for TNA if used right and if given the chance, but wouldn’t put him in the title picture any time soon. Good start for Impact and a enjoyable match between Galloway and King can’t wait to see what happens next in that storyline.

Grade for this Match/Storyline 86/100 B 

Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Kurt Angle Segment: 

Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring. Roode says that EY cost him the title and tried to end his career. But he’s still here. Tonight, in this ring, he will become the #1 contender for the world title and there is not a man on the planet who can get in his way. Kurt Angle now makes his way out. I have a feeling he disagrees. Angle says he will get in Roode’s way and he will become the #1 contender and then he will beat Lashley. Of Roode disagrees, then they don’t have to wait. Angle makes his way to the ring, but EY attacks Roode from behind. Angle in the ring and stops that, EY tries to attack him and all three brawl. Roode sends EY to the floor and his music plays.

Josh’s Reaction: Weird and forced segment literally no need for this segment. I understood what they were trying to do there and get people pumped up for the main event, but you could’ve just had all three guys cut quick promos from the backstage area and talk about the match. There was no need for that segment and it showed by the audience when there was absolutely zero heat or care when Young attacked Roode and zero cheers when Angle went after Young.

Grade for this Segment: 70/100 C- 

James Storm & Bram Segment: 

Storm talks with Bram backstage. Bram says he doesn’t need Strom, but they appreciate what they have done to their recent victims. Storm then says he needs Bram to take out Hardy, but not end it. Storm says of Bram does this he will never have any regrets.

Grade for this Segment: 80/100 B- 

Second Match: Bram vs. Matt Hardy 

Bram attacks at the bell, but Matt slams him to the corner and looks to take control with rights. Bram quickly battles back, misses a corner charge and Matt hits a bulldog and then clotheslines Bram to the floor. Matt follows, but gets kicked into the apron. Back in and Bram delivers rights and uppercuts to Matt, who then fires back with rights. Bram slams Matt to the corner and connects with a spin kick, the cover gets two count. Big rights by Bram, and then into the rear chinlock. He slams Matt to the mat, but then misses the elbow drop. Corner clotheslines by Matt, bulldog countered but Matt with the elbow and boots to Bram. To the second rope and Matt hits the elbow strike, back to the second rope and hits an elbow drop and covers for two count. Side effect by Matt and the cover gets two count. Matt heads up top for a moonsault, connects and the cover gets two count.

Matt looks to finish things, but Bram pulls the ref in the way and kicks Matt in the balls. Impaler DDT by Bram and that is all.  After the match, Bram grabs the turnbuckle rod and looks to beat down Matt. Magnus; music hits and he rushes the ring. They brawl and Magnus looks for revenge as he beats down Bram. Bram retreats, Magnus then says Bram is a sick bastard and Bram left him for dead. Magnus had two choices, he could quit or he could stand up for himself and his family and make his son proud. When he gets his hands on Bram, it won’t be about titles or money, it’s personal boy! Magnus promises to give Bram the beating that his father should have. He then promises that Bram’s blood will stain the grounds of England.

Winner: Bram 

Josh’s Reaction: Wanted to first talk about the James Storm/Bram interaction, I think it’s solid heel backstage tactics no I don’t think that Bram would or need to be part of The Revolution. Storm obviously trying to get the hench man out to go after The Hardy’s and The Wolves to keep tag team aways from Storm & Abyss. As far as the match is concern I thought it was pretty good. To see Matt Hardy perform the way he does at his age and just thinking about the amount of pain and suffering Hardy has gone through and continues to find a way to perform in a high level like that if you have to give that guy the ultimate respect. Bram is the breakout star for TNA this year for me. Bram is one of those things that yea hey may be out there and likes to be in hardcore matches, but he’s always a pretty solid wrestler and he always adds something to new to his matches and I like that. It was nice seeing Magnus back and the personal feud between Magnus/Bram continues. Thought Magnus cut a good promo and we’ll see where these guys go next.

Grade for this Match/Storyline: 89/100 B+ 

Rockstar Spud & Mr. Anderson Backstage Segment: 

Spud is backstage telling Ken Anderson that he has to end this tonight, and Anderson’s been great the last few weeks, but he’s going to the ring to end things with EC3. Spud walks off and Anderson goes “Sounds great, I’m here for you, Spud!”

Grade for this Segment: 91/100 A- 

Drew Galloway Promo: 

Kenny King was backstage receiving medical attention and Low Ki yelled at him. Galloway is sick of the BDC crap, and felt that things needed to change. He has an army in his corner, and they walk side by side.

Grade for this Segment: 90/100 A- 

Rockstar Spud & EC3 Segment: 

Spud makes his way to the ring. Spud says that these last few months have been horrible. He’s been attacked, his friends have been hurt, and the only reason he got through it was because of the fans. But things must come to an end, so he calls out EC3 and asks him to leave Tyrus behind. EC3 makes his way out to the ring. They have a staredown, and Spud says he wants to fight EC3 because this has to end. No friends, no shenanigans, just man vs. man. EC3 says people like Spud do not get to challenge people like him. EC3 is a franchise, born and bred to carry this company into the future while Spud is just a little boy.

As EC3 continues to talk, Spud tells him to shut up. Spud knows that EC3 is a Carter, that he is undefeated and that he has defeated every TNA hall of famer. But Spud wants to end that streak. EC3 says if Spud wants the match, that’s fine but EC3 wants something. EC3 says when he beats Spud, he gets to shave his head. Spud says fine, and then says for EC3 to put his hair on the line as well. Spud says then when he embarrasses EC3 by winning, he will do it again by shaving his head. EC3 agrees, and then says, in this world the bad guys win. Spud then reminds EC3 about how he used to motivate him. He starts to fire himself up, and says he is none of those things, “I’m a fricken man! I will end your streak and shave you bald!”

Josh’s Reaction: Pretty good segment I’ve been calling for this feud to end for awhile now and its seems like that next week in London this feud will finally come to a end who takes the fall in this feud that’s the question. I thought that Rockstar Spud showed alot of heart and EC3 had a real good heel promo.

Grade for this Segment/Storyline:  94/100 A 

Third Match: TNA Knockouts Championship Match 
Taryn Terrell (c) vs Awesome Kong

Terrell attacks right away, but Kong slams her down. She tried to charge Kong, but gets dropped and then Kong lays the boots to her. Hair mare by Kong follows, and then another as she flings Terrell around. Terrell off the ropes, shoulder block by Kong. Chops by Kong now, off the ropes and she slams Terrell to the corner and then hits a big corner splash. Terrell climbs to the second rope and flies in with a clothesline, nothing. Kong then slams her to the mat and keeps control. Kong then chokes out Terrell in the corner with the boot, picks her up and just beats on her with clubbing shots. Kong then misses a corner splash, mounted corner rights by Terrell follow.

Terrell sent to the apron, and then stuns Kong off the ropes. Terrell up top, high cross by Terrell but that only gets one count. Terrell looks for the cutter, but Kong just slams her to the mat to counter. Implant buster countered by Terrell, tries the cutter but Kong again slams her down to counter. Kong then lays the boots to Terrell, and then shoves the ref away and that’s a DQ. After the match the action spills to the floor and Kong slams Terrell to the steps. Kong then looks for the implant buster on the floor, and Gail Kim makes the save and then gets into Kong’s face. Kong shoves her down and they brawl. Kim is aggressive here, but Kong keeps shoving her away. They brawl all the way through the entranceway as the referee checks on Terrell.

Winner: Still TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell by DQ 

Josh’s Reaction: Pretty good match and Taryn Terrell in my opinion is criminally underrated and underappreciated as Knockouts Champion. She’s far superior than Nikki Bella in my opinion. The aftermath brawl with Gail Kim and Awesome Kong is forced just like the Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn program in NXT. I understand you want strike when the fire is hot, but when you rush into these dream feuds what’s going to be the thing that keeps those characters relevant when they’re not feuding with that particular rival. Good match I just think that TNA is making Taryn look like a afterthought and that’s not cool.

Grade for this Match/Storyline: 85/100 B 

Fourth Match: TNA World Tag Team Championship
The Revolution (c) vs. The Wolves

Storm and Abyss look for a double team suplex, but Edwards is in and they clear the ring. They go for dives, but get tripped up by Manik and Koya, leading to Abyss and Storm taking control back. Storm and Richards in the ring, Richards tries to fight back and Storm rakes the eyes and tags in Abyss. Clubbing shots by Abyss, and then a big slam follows. Abyss off the ropes, but misses the running splash. Richards looks for a tag, but Manik pulls Edwards to the floor. Storm tags back in as the Revolution continues their assault on Richards.

Big right by Storm drops Richards, and he then gets a cheap shot in on Edwards. Richards misses with an enziguri and Storm gets an elbow drop. Richards escapes a suplex and lands a back kick. Abyss in and eats a kick, tag to Edwards. He cleans house as the old house of fire. Kick to Storm, pack back stunner follows and the cover gets two count. Storm runs into the toss up kick, the Wolves head up top but as Abyss distracts the ref Richards gets crotched. Edwards off the top and runs into the lung blower. Whirly bird by Storm connects, and Storm covers for two count. Matt Hardy is out to even the odds, and Storm hits a neck breaker on Edwards.

Tag to Abyss, looks for the chokeslam, Richards flies in and they counter and kick Storm to the floor. They clothesline Abyss to the floor, and then hit stereo dives onto Sanada and Manik. Then stereo dives onto Storm and Abyss. Again onto Storm and Abyss. Again with dives onto Storm and Abyss! They take out Koya as well and another set of dives and they also connect on Hardy. Storm rolls in Edwards, but Edwards lands with an enziguri and Manik is in. Sanada as well but he ends up misting Manik. Abyss is back, levels Edwards with a right and then Abyss gets the cowbell and bullrope. Hardy in, twist of fate to Abyss. Double, double stomps onto Abyss and Edwards covers for the win!

Winner: New TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves 

Josh’s Reaction: HELL OF A MATCH!!!!!! Props to all four men I think TNA made the right decision to put the straps back on The Wolves. This was a fun match no need to go in depth with this reaction I totally reccomend everybody to watch this match if you have the chance. Congrats to the Wolves becoming the brand new TNA World Tag Team Champions.

Grade for this Match/Storyline: 95/100 A 

Wolves & Matt Hardy Backstage Segment: 

Hardy congratulates the Wolves, and says as soon as Jeff gets back, they want to go again and make tag team wrestling matter in TNA. The Wolves put over the Hardys, and say it will be a privilege to face them again.

Grade for this Segment: 84/100 B  

Next week EC3 will take on Spud in a Hair vs. Hair Match and Magnus will take on Bram.

Fifth Match: Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle 

We’re back as Roode and EY brawl on the floor. In the ring they go and Roode and Angle take turns beating on EY. Double team backdrop to EY, and then Roode sends him to the floor. Roode and Angle stand off, and Angle hits a German on Roode. He then connects with an overhead belly to belly. Angle knocks EY to the floor as he tries to reenter, and that allows Roode to hit a blockbuster and EY breaks that up. EY grabs the ref as Angle went for a German, and then posts Angle sending him to the floor. EY takes control on Roode, Neck breaker by EY and the cover gets two count. EY makes sure to keep Angle on the floor as he continues to work over Roode, but Roode fights back with rights. EY counters with the neck breaker, and the cover gets two count. EY kicks Angle back to the floor, roll up by Roode gets two count.

Clothesline by EY, and then sets him up top. EY with rights, heads up and Angle is back in and we get the old tower of doom spot. All three men are down, and look to get to their feet. Roode rolls to the floor, and multiple Germans by Angle to EY. He hits 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Roode in, Roode bomb countered but Roode counters the Angle slam and gets the cross face. Angle counters and gets the ankle lock. Roode then rolls, counters and gets the cross face, but EY is back to break that up. He looks for the piledriver, Roode escapes and hits the spinebuster. Angle slam on Roode follows and Angle covers for two count.Ankle lock on EY now. He fights, and gets the ropes. Roode over, Roode bomb on Angle countered and Angle with the ankle lock on Roode. He rolls, and Angle is sent into the ref. EY has a chair and hits Roode from the apron. Angle knocks EY to the floor, Angle slam on Roode and he covers and that is all.

Winner: Kurt Angle 

Josh’s Reaction: Main event was good just the match felt flat to me especially for it being used with the ranking system and the fact that TNA spoiled the main event of the show during the show. The finish of the match was nothing spectacular, but congratulations to Kurt Angle and I’m looking forward to the Angle/Lashley.

Grade for this Match/Storyline: 86/100 B 

Josh’s Grade for TNA Impact Wrestling: 87/100 B+

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