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TNA Impact Wrestling 3/20/15 Results & Reaction

TNA Impact Wrestling
March 20, 2015
Wembley Arena
London, England

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First Match: Ultimate X Match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship 
The Wolves (c) vs. The Bro Mans vs. The Revolution

Richards sends Z to the floor, saves Edwards from the Revolution and takes them down with dropkicks. They toss Manik and work over Sanada and send him to the floor. They now work over Jessie with double teams, and clear the ring. Stereo dives cut off as Love shakes her ass, Z tries to attack bu they toss him over the top and onto the Revolution. The Wolves try to climb; Jessie cuts them off and hits a dropkick on Edwards. Manik trips up Edwards and then talks Jessie into working together as he tosses Edwards to the floor. They now work over Richards as Z is back in along with Sanada and they take turns working over Richards. Jessie holds Edwards, and then Manik decides to climb so Jessie hits a dropkick to stop that. Z is in and they double team Manik and then Jessie tries to help Z climb, but they fail. Jessie tries to jump off of Z’s back and fails.

Z on Jessie’s shoulder and now Manik on Sanada’s shoulders and we have a chicken fight. The Wolves are in and hit doomsday missile dropkicks and everyone is down. Richards now looks to climb, but Sanada is up to stop that. Manik over and climbs over Richards and climbs the cable but Edwards pulls him off and the Wolves hit a powerbomb/back stabber combo. Z climbs and gets stuck in the truss as the Wolves shoved him into it. Jessie now looks to climb but Sanada climbs with him. They battle on the top rope, trade forearms and rights and sprays mist to Jessie and he falls to the mat. Sanada climbs but Edwards grabs a leg and then crotches him. Edwards up and climbs as Manik holds onto Richards. Sanada up and a hurricanrana to Sanada. Richards now up and hits the double stomp on Sanada and now climbs. Edwards climbs as well, Manik and Z are now in but they are too late as the Wolves get the title to retain.

Winner: Still TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves 

Josh’s Reaction: Fun opener. Kudos to all six guys in that match. It was one of the better Ultimate X matches that i’ve seen in TNA. Manik and Sanada had a pretty impressive outing. I think it would be cool if The Revolution can rotate members and go for the tag titles all four guys in that sable are good in the ring. DJ Z and Jesse had a good outing. The Wolves are the wolves! Fun match I’m looking forward to see who challenge The Wolves next.

Grade for this Match/Storyline: 89/100 B+ 

Austin Aries & BDC Segment: 

He shows off the bruises from the attack by the BDC when they put him through a table. They also took his briefcase, which he risked his career to attain. He wants his property back and he won’t leave until he gets it. He calls out the BDC to return his briefcase. Samoa Joe and Low Ki make their way out to the ring and Ki has the case. Ki says that Aries believes that they have something that belongs to him, and Aries says that is a fact. Ki says possession is 9/10 of the law, and while they have it, Aries can’t play his games. Aries says that Ki is not Austin Aries, which means that the case has no value to Ki. But Aries says they can remedy this, and says that Ki stole his title. He says winner takes all, the briefcase and the title on the line right now. Ki says fair enough, and adds that Aries doesn’t deserve a shot. Joe attacks, and Ki says if he wants it bad enough he has to go through Joe.

Grade for this Segment/Storyline: 82/100 B- 

Second Match: Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe w/Low Ki 

Joe works over Aries with chops, jabs and head butts. Joe with clubbing shots to the back, he then whips Aries across the ring and then connects with the clothesline. Aries then battles back with rights, hits a dropkick an tries the brain buster but Joe counters. He then posts Aries, who falls to the floor. Ki talks shit to Aries as he lays on the floor, and then cheerleads for Joe as he comes to the floor and slams Aries to the steps. Elbows by Joe follow, and works the shoulder as he rolls him back into the ring. Aries tries to fight back with the lefts, off the ropes and runs into a bear hug, and then an overhead suplex by Joe. Joe covers for two count. Joe works a cross face to ground Aries, but Aries fights to his feet and escapes. Joe slams Aries to the corner, back splash and enziguri both connect and Aries is down

Joe now works a nerve pinch, Aries powers to his feet and elbows out. Eye rake by Joe, atomic drop and running boot connect for Joe. But he then misses the back splash, and Aries now connects with forearm strikes. Mounted strikes follow in the corner, Aries to the apron and hits a neck breaker in the ropes. Aries up top and hits the missile dropkick. Joe to the corner, shotgun dropkick connects. Brain buster try, but Joe counters into an arm bar. Aries manages to make the ropes and Joe has to break. Jabs by Joe follow, sets Aries up top and chops by Joe now. Joe looks for the muscle buster, Aries clips out and connects with the forearms and Joe is sent to the floor. Heat seeking missile by Aries connects and he wipes Joe out. Ki attacks on the floor and that’s a DQ.

Winner: Austin Aries by DQ 

Josh’s Reaction: Another good Joe/Aries match they never disapoint! For it being Joe’s last TNA match I think that he had the right opponent to go out with. The DQ finish made sense, but I would like to wish Samoa Joe the very best in whatever he wants to do. Joe will always be one of the TNA legends. Aries got his briefcase back so we’ll see if he gets involved in the world title picture in the coming weeks.

Grade for this Match/Storyline: 86/100 B 

Third Match: TNA X Division Championship Match
Low Ki (c) w/Samoa Joe vs. Rockstar Spud

After the match Ki and Joe roll Aries into the ring and beat him down. Ki gets the case and looks to hit Aries, but Aries moves and Ki lays out Joe with the case. Aries takes out Ki with the case and takes it back. Rockstar Spud is here with his case and wants to cash in on Low Ki! The bell rings, Spud hits the underdog and covers for the win! He celebrates with the fans and then runs as Joe chases him.

Winner: New TNA X Division Champion Rockstar Spud 

Josh’s Reaction: I didn’t see that coming and trust me I’m a guy that doesn’t pay attention to spoilers and I know that TNA tapes far in advance. Happy for Spud really cool moment for him becoming the first British Bootcamp alumni to win a TNA singles title! Nice surprise to a solid show so far.

Grade for this Match/Storyline: 75/100 C 

Bram & Magnus Brawl: 

Bram and Magnus brawl backstage, with Magnus getting the better of things. Magnus puts Bram on a production cart and wheels him into some trashcans. They continue to brawl out into the arena now. Magnus controlling with rights and knocking Bram down the ramp. Into the ring they go and more rights by Magnus. Off the ropes and a lariat by Magnus follows. Magnus now gets a chair and lays in repeated shots to the back of Bram. Referees and a security guy are out to stop Magnus, bu the breaks away and continues the attack until they pull him off of Bram. Magnus gets a mic and says Bram just burned his hopes and dreams to the ground. He attacks again and now Mickie is out. She then attacks and low blows Bram and unloads with punches. They pull her off of Bram as he rolls to the floor. Magnus follows and then powerbombs Bram on the ramp.

Grade for this Segment/Storyline: 84/100 B 

Fourth Match: Triple Threat Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship 
Taryn Terrell (c) vs Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim

Kim and Terrell attack Kong at the bell, but Kong shoves them off and looks to attacks Terrell. Kim lays into her with a kick, and then Kim misses Kong and splashes Kong in the corner. Kong then gets a sleeper and swings Kim around and drops her to the mat. Terrell tries a suplex, fails and then Kong looks for a slam, Kim dropkicks but bounces off, and Kong slams Terrell onto Kim. Kong tosses Terrell across the ring by the hair and looks to attack Kim. She then tosses her across the ring, and lays in the boots to Terrell. She chokes her out with the boot, and then delivers clubbing shots to the back of Kim. Terrell to the second rope, leaps off and into a clothesline by Kong. Kim is back up, looks to attack but Kong stops that and looks for the implant buster, countered and then Terrell rolls up Kong with Kim on her and gets two count.

Kong clotheslines them both down, and then slams Kim to the post and she flies to the floor. Terrell on the attack, rights to Kong and then gets the second rope dropkick. Up top and the high cross gets a cover for two count by Terrell. She tries the cutter but Kong slams her to the mat. Kong now climbs to the second rope, leaps off and misses the splash. Cutter by Terrell! Kong kicks out! Terrell is shocked. Kong to her feet, gets Kong in the ropes and goes crazy fists as she yells and then dropkicks Kong to the floor. Kim up top, Terrell over and knocked down. Kim with the high cross to the floor onto Kong. Kim and Terrell battle up top now, sunset flip powerbomb by Kim connects, but she only gets two count. Eat defeat countered and Terrell gets a roll up for the pin.

Winner: Still TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell 

Josh’s Reaction: Stellar triple threat match. That was a major statement and stamp of approval of Taryn Terrell. The fact she defeated Awesome Kong and Gail Kim in the same ring at the same time cleanly that’s telling you something. Taryn Terrell is the real deal and she’s one of the best women professional wrestlers in the world.

Grade for this Match/Storyline: 91/100 A- 

Kurt Angle Promo: 

Angle says it has been a year since he challenged for the title, and puts over Lashley as a dominant champion. IF he wins tonight, he proves that he is still one of the best.

Grade for this Promo/Storyline: 85/100 B 

Fifth Match: No DQ Match 
Matt Hardy vs. James Storm w/The Revolution

They start brawling on the ramp, Matt gets the advantage and tosses Storm into the ring. He then tosses chairs and weapons into the ring, but Manik tries to stop him from getting into the ring, allowing Storm to attack. Storm wedges a chair in the corner, but Matt fires back with a trashcan shot. Uses the lid of the can and they trade shots, and them Matt tosses the can into his face. Matt with the leg drop with the can lid, and now heads up top. Sanada stops that momentarily until Matt tosses him to the floor. Manik then crotches Matt, allowing Storm to get chairs and set them up in the ring. He heads over and trades rights with Matt. Storm up and looks for the superplex and Matt crashes into the chairs. Storm covers for two count. Storm then calls to Abyss for the bag of tacks and Storm sets matt up top. Rights by Storm, he gets the bag and spills the tacks onto the mat.

Back to the corner, Storm up with Matt but Matt fights him off and shoves Storm off and into the pile of tacks! Matt then hits an elbow drop, and covers for two count. Matt counters the superkick and hits the twist of fate, but Abyss pulls out the ref. Matt to the floor and tries to fight off the Revolution and Matt works over Koya with chair shots. Twist of fate on the floor to Manik. Back in and Matt misses the charge and collides with the chair in the corner, Storm rolls him up for two count. Storm picks up Matt, twist of fate again! Abyss tries to wake up Storm and hands him the bull rope. Mist to Matt by Sanada, cowbell shot by Storm, two superkicks and Matt is done. After the match the Revolution looks to take out Matt. Storm says he is the reason Jeff is out of wrestling and now he will take out Matt. They have him trapped by the ropes and Storm hits him with the cowbell.

Winner: James Storm 

Josh’s Reaction: Very brutal and vicious fight! Not surprise that the Revolution interfered that’s the thing you get when Jeff Hardy is band from England. James Storm for some reason feels like a afterthought even though he has this big heel stable. Once again TNA ruin a special moment with there commercials spoiling major storyline plots with Jeff Hardy making his return next week.

Grade for this Match/Storyline: 87/100 B+  

Sixth Match: TNA World Heavyweight Championship 
Bobby Lashley (c) vs Kurt Angle

Lashley shoots for a single leg, Angle stops that so Lashley backs off and then drops Angle with a shoulder block. Lock up now, Lashley with the single leg and cover gets 1. Go behind by Angle, escape by Lashley and he hits a clothesline. Go behind and takedown by Lashley. Angle works to his feet, go behind and Lashley escapes, but runs into an overhead belly to belly. German by Angle follows, another and then a third. Rights by Angle follow, to the corner and a drop toehold into the ankle lock by Angle. Lashley gets the ropes and Angle has to break. Angle then clotheslines Lashley to the floor. Angle to the floor, Lashley back in and Angle follows, but Lashley then back out. Angle follows again and Lashley slams Angle to the barricade. Lashley works over Angle on the floor, slams him to the apron and then rolls him back in. Lashley in, elbow strikes follow and a cover gets two count. More elbows in the corner by Lashley, lays the boots to Angle and then chokes him out with the boot.

Lashley hen hits a suplex, floats over and covers for two count. Lashley works the back now, trying to control Angle. But Angle gets to his feet, delivers rights but then runs into a clothesline, Lashley covers for two count. Lashley now works a key lock variation, Angle tries to get to his feet and does. Elbows by Angle, Lashley slams him to the corner but Angle with the boots and then to the second rope and connects with the shoulder block. They trade rights center ring now, and then grabs Lashley and hits a German. Hits a second and a third and then sets… Angle slam countered and Lashley hits the spinebuster and covers for two count. Lashley backs off, sets and charges but Angle sidesteps him and hits a German, another and a third, a fourth, a fifth and a sixth. The straps are down Ankle lock by Angle, Lashley rolls and then kicks Angle away. Lashley then snatches up Angle and his the running powerslam and covers for two count.

Lashley misses a spear and posts himself. Angle then rolls him into the ankle lock. Lashley rolls and sends Angle to the corner to break the hold. Lashley sets, looks for the spear but Angle kicks him in the face and hits the Angle slam, but it only gets two count! Back elbow by Lashley, clothesline follows and Angle is down. Lashley grabs Angle, stalling suplex follows and he sets for the spear again. The spear connects but Lashley only gets two count! Lashley is shocked by this, and then heads up top to the high-risk district. Angle is up and up to the top with Lashley, but gets tossed off. Lashley misses a frog splash, and both men are down. Angle now heads up top, high cross connects, but Lashley rolls through and grabs an ankle lock! Angle fights, and finally gets the ropes. Lashley charges, sidestep and Angle slam connects, but Lashley kicks out at two! Lashley now transitions into an arm bar, Angle works to escape and rolls and turns this into the ankle lock. Angle then drops down and grapevines the leg, Lashley fights but then finally taps. Angle gets the title and falls to his knees. He finally makes it to his feet, and checks on Lashley and helps him to his feet. They hug and then Angle celebrates with the title.

Winner: New TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle 

Josh’s Reaction: What a main event title match is supposed to be! Congratulations to Kurt Angle becoming the brand new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Grade for this Match/Storyline: 95/100 A 

Josh’s Grade for TNA Impact Wrestling: 86/100 B

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