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Destination X 2015 Results

Destination X 2015
June 10, 2015
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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Ethan Carter III & Kurt Angle Segment: 

Ethan Carter III comes storming out to the ring with Tyrus in to complain about how there’s two World Title matches tonight and he’s not in either of them. He’s doing a good, old fashioned sit-in tonight until he gets what he wants. EC3 dares anyone to try and get him out of the ring, so Kurt Angle comes out to confront EC3, and says he’s not stopping anything because the fans want to see wrestling, not some whiny bitch complaining about anything. EC3 threatens to end Angle’s career, so Angle tells him to try right now because if he tries, he promises to snap his ankle in two. EC3 glares at him before wordlessly slipping out of the ring and heading for the back of course with Tyrus in tow. Rockstar Spud passes him on the way to the ring.

First Match: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match 
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Rockstar Spud

Angle quickly takes Spud down and dominates him on the mat, but Spud gets to the ropes to force a break and then starts using his speed to catch Angle with a bunch of dropkicks and springboard moves. Angle scurries to the floor to break the momentum, and Spud tries a dive off the apron, but Angle catches him as he comes in and hits an overhead release suplex right on the floor. Angle brings Spud back in and continues dominating him, hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two count and continuing to press the advantage. Spud escapes the Angle Slam and lays Angle out with an enziguiri and then peppers him with a series of jabs and a big right hand that floors Angle.

Spud dodges a charge and sends the champion out to the floor, then dropkicks him back to the concrete when he tries climbing back inside. Spud goes back to the top and takes Angle out with a somersault dive that connects with that tender back of Angle’s neck. Angle goes back to the top, but Angle quickly runs up the corner and hits the belly to belly suplex. Spud escapes another Angle slam attempt and drops Angle to his knees with another enziguiri, then connects with a series of charging forearms. Angle catches another enziguiri attempt to the anklelock, Spud rolls out and he hits the Underdog. Spud quickly rolls Angle over and makes a cover, but Angle kicks out at two count. Spud takes too long to capitalize and Angle gets Spud back in the anklelock and grapevines the leg. Spud gives it everything he has and tries his best to fight, but eventually is forced to tap out.

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle 

Second Match: X Division Championship Qualifying Match 
Low Ki vs. Manik vs. Crazy Steve

Low Ki is quickly dusted out to the floor, and Manik and Steve go at each other and Manik then dropkicks Steve out to the floor. Ki takes Steve out and sends Manik back in and destroys him with Mongolian chops, but Manik catches Low Ki with a royal octopus and rolls it into a guillotine cradle for two count. Steve is back in and gets taken right back out by Manik and Low Ki, and Ki covers Steve after hitting a Tidal Krush for two count. Steve catches another kick that was meant for Manik, but Steve shoves Manik off the top rope and tries a flying move at Low Ki, who simply walks out of the way. Low Ki takes both opponents out with a shotgun dropkick and then kills Manik with the Warrior’s Way for three count.

Winner: Low Ki 

The Dollhouse Promo: 

Taryn Terrell says she had something special planned for Destination X, and the Dollhouse will never disappoint. If Kong wants to wrestle her for this title and wants to play and try and win this title, then she’ll have to do it in a lingerie pillow fight, and if she doesn’t wear this then Kong doesn’t get her title shot.

Third Match: X Division Championship Qualifying Match 
Tigre Uno vs. Mandrews vs. DJ Zema Ion

Z takes advantage and slams Uno but Tigre comes off with a wheelbarrow armdrag, off the side and ducks the leapfrogs, dropkick to Uno by DJZ! Mandrews off the ropes caught by Z but catches the scissors on Uno! Gets a standing moonsault on DJZ and gets a two! Mandrews caught and atomic drop taken into the dropkick from the canvas but only takes a two. DJZ does not see Tigre Uno up top, Uno off the corner and double dropkick to both! Z makes it up top as Tigre Uno hits the shot but DJZ comes off with a flying
spear to Mandrews! Uno breaks it up as Z takes a flying super legdrop from the top! Mandrews breaks the pin, and runs a waistlock into the ropes, comes off with the springboard tornado DDT, all three men down.

Uno wisely goes to the outside as Mandrews looks for a flying hurricanrana and tosses Uno across the ringside floor! DJZ up and revving- somersault plancha over the top takes Mark Andrews out!! Zema comes off the ropes and flying into Mandrews! Uno sends him out and hits the Phoenix Splash! Jesse Godderz attacks DJZ! Godderz takes Z into the ring and starts beating him down, up and one arm powerbomb into the buckles! The fans are booing as Jesse seethes with rage. Going to do more damage, Jesse Godderz pulls DJZ up and gorilla presses him as he carries him around the ring. Tosses him all the way down to the floor! Godderz poses in celebration.

Winner: Tigre Uno 

Grado Promo: 

Grado does squats in the back. His mom says he’s cool. Grado has been training, jogging, dog walking, and looks to demonstrate his parkour. Grado charges and kind of doesn’t make it over the production box.

Taryn Terrell, Awesome Kong and Brooke Adams Segment: 

says that if Kong wants her shot at the title, to come right on out in that sexy lingerie. Kong comes out in her usual gear and Taryn says she’s ruining playtime because they got her something really pretty to wear that was even in her size. Taryn tells Kong to turn around and go put it on, but Kong drags Marti and Jade out to the floor and lays the both of them out. Taryn says ther’s going to be no title match tonight, but Brooke Tessmacher comes out and says what she’s doing is a disgrace. Taryn wants Christy to announce her as the winner, but Brooke says she promised to defend the title tonight and also promised the people a little lingerie, and she has no problem fighting her in any match, anytime, and any place. Taryn tells Brooke to walk out of this ring before she humiliates her, and Brooke says that before she takes her cute little booty out of here, she has one other thing to get off her chest then she attacks Taryn, tears her robe off, and reveals the lingerie she’s got on underneath. Taryn tries unsuccessfully to get her robe back, but instead covers herself up with a pillow and runs to the back. Brooke says that she just took Taryn’s robe, and the next thing she’s going to take will be the Knockouts Title.

The Dirty Heels Backstage Segment: 

Roode is backstage telling Austin Aries that they’re back and they have the Wolves right where they want them, but tonight hey need to concentrate on Kurt Angle. Oh, and Roode wants the first shot at the title after Aries wins. Roode wishes Aries luck, but knows he doesn’t need it.

Fourth Match: X Division Championship Qualifying Match 
Kenny King vs. Cruz vs. Grado

Kenny tosses Cruz who kicks him and hits Grado, only to take a shot from King who does the same to Grado. Kenny King is on the offense, slapping the chop into Grado! Beats him down in the corner and ducks a fly from Cruz, catching him in the tilt a whirl gutbreaker. King gets two but Grado breaks it up, King with the chinlock and grating at the face. The fans are cheering Grado as King shifts to turn Cruz inside out with a diving clotheslinet. Kenny King distracted and misses the corner charge, posting himself as Cruz wraps the waistlock but cannot lift Grado to suplex him.

Grado goes for the figure four but gets kicked off and cartwheels out! Grado with the trip and cover but King breaks and boots Grado across the mouth. Tossing Cruz who goes up top and flying Senton then follows it up with a springboard crossbody! King tries to rise as Cruz hits the kick and tilt a whirl caught, Kenny turns it into the Royal Flush! Grado boxes Kenny who chops him and Grado fires back to hit the Flip Flop and Fly! The fans are cheering as Grado goes to the corner, sends King up and over the ropes! Grado charges the corner and hits the rolling slice for the victory.

Winner: Grado 

Fifth Match: Bram vs. Crimson 

Crimson tosses Bram around and sends the man outside. Bram is none too pleased and gets back in as Crimson drags him up, eats and elbow but smashes Bram down! Bram tosses him but Crimson slides back in! He catches the kick and Bram again goes to the floor. Bram picks Crimson sending him into the steel barricade. Another shot with Crimson’s head into the railing and Bram is in control, taking his opponent across the floor and sends him into the steel once again. Bram beats on Crimson and tosses him back inside the ring. Bram beats on Crimson, the Referee warning him not to punch. Bram is all laughs, talking trash as he rolls around Crimson, but gets caught and tossed with the overhead suplex! Crimson for the Rings of Saturn and Bram makes it to the ropes. Crimson again goes for the submission but Bram bites his hand! He hits the kick and pickup to slam the DDT!

Winner: Bram 

Sixth Match: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match 
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Austin Aries

Angle beats Aries down to the mat and chokes him with his boot in the corner. Aries comes out with a hard clothesline that floors Angle, Angle tries a German suplex but Aries rolls through and lands on his feet then dropkicks Angle. Aries hits a slingshot senton on Angle before coming off the second rope with an elbow for two count. Angle gets his boots up on an Aries charge into the corner and hits the Angle Slam for two count. Angle with the rolling German suplexes, but an Angle Slam attempt is countered to a DDT for two count, then Aries goes right into the Last Chancery. Angle slips out and gets Aries in the anklelock, but Aries rolls through and sends Angle crashing into the corner. Aries rakes Angle’s eyes across the top rope and then snaps his neck down on the top rope before coming off the top with a missile dropkick. Aries goes for the IED, but Angle catches his foot coming in and gets the anklelock. Aries goes for the ropes and makes it, but only after a tough effort.

Angle hits another Angle Slam for two count, then he goes up top for the moonsault and misses. Aries gets Angle in the Last Chancery, but Angle fights like hell and somehow makes it to the ropes. Aries drags Angle out to the middle of the ring and goes up top for the 450 splash, Angle runs up to stop him, but Aries shoves Angle off and hits the 450 and gets two count. Angle and Aries trade punches, Aries escapes another Angle slam attempt, hits a pair of roaring elbows, hits the IED, and puts Angle down with the brainbuster, but Angle again gets his foot on the rope. Aries decides to get cute and puts Angle in the anklelock, Angle rolls through and gets an anklelock of his own, but Aries rolls through again and sends Angle out to the floor. Aries goes for the heat seeking missile and Angle moves out of the way, causing Aries to hit the barricade face first. Angle rolls Aries inside, takes the straps down, lifts Aries up, and goes for the Angle Slam, but Aries rolls through and cradles Angle for two count. Angle immediately gets the anklelock again, and Aries taps out. Ethan Carter III comes out of nowhere and blindsides Angle, then he picks up the TNA World Title belt and holds it up high as Angle lays motionless on the mat to close the show.

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle 

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