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TNA Impact Wrestling Results – July 8, 2015

TNA Impact Wrestling
July 8, 2015
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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Ethan Carter III & Matt Hardy In-Ring Segment: 

Carter believe’s everyone in the world is paying attention to the unpinned, unsubmitted, undefeated, unbeateable, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Ethan Carter the 3rd, EC III. The time is now, he is the undisputed Championah, and the greatest living wrestler alive. Due to Dixie Carter, he is in charge of tonight’s festivities. He has booked a card, wall to wall, rock em sock em kickbutt action in the Impact Zone. The main event will see EC3 defend the title three times.

Hardy makes his way out, he wants a title shot for the belt. Remember, he helped Carter by softening up Angle. He ain’t a fan, he took Kurt to the limit to prove he belongs in the TNA World Heavyweight Title Picture. How about Matt 4 Champ? Everybody seems to approve, calling on his twitter army to trend #Matt4Champ. Carter considers and regretfully declines. Hardy threatens EC3. EC3 already had Matt booked in a tag match, but since Jeff is injured, Hardy has to face off with The Dirty Heels by himself.

First Match: The Dirty Heels (Austin Aries & Bobby Roode) vs. Matt Hardy 

Hardy dumps Roode to the floor and small packages Aries for two count. Matt hits the Side Effect on Aries for another two count, but Roode jumps back in and pummels Hardy with right hands. EC3 has joined the broadcast team at ringside as the Dirty Heels work Hardy over, and Pope asks the champ why he’d force Hardy into a handicap match like this, but EC3’s mic is having technical issues and we don’t get his response. Pope is so mad that he leaves the broadcast booth, conveniently opening up a mic for EC3 to take over as Hardy mounts a comeback, bulldogging Aries while dropkicking Roode for two count. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Roode, but Aries creams him with a roaring elbow. Aries goes for a brainbuster, Hardy blocks and goes for a Twist of Fate, Aries escapes and goes out to the apron, and Hardy tries to suplex him back into the ring but Roode picks his ankle and holds on as Aries falls on top and pins Hardy.

Winner: The Dirty Heel’s 

The Rising Promo: 

Galloway says he wishes it was under different circumstances, but they were there to stand up for pro wrestling and against people who try to manipulate the game like the BDC. He tells Micah and Eli that it was an honor to fight by their sides. Eli says he’s sorry because they all deserve better than this, and he promises he’ll show Drew how much their time together meant to him. Drew says that we see the kinds of matches that happen here and says the roster in TNA is awesome and the future is bright. Eli and Micah leave the ring as Drew says he’s going to continue to fight, and EC3 pretends to cry as he tells Drew how beautiful the #StandUp thing is, and it’s just such a damn shame that he booked a six man tag tonight and Drew has no partners.

Second Match: The Revolution vs. Drew Galloway 

Revolution members swarm Galloway and beat him down 3-on-1. Khoya hits a Sky High, but Abyss breaks his cover up at two count. Galloway dropkicks both of them to the floor, catches Manik coming off the ropes and slams him, then hits a big boot to the face for the victory.

Winner: Drew Galloway 

Ethan Carter III and Mr. Anderson Backstage Segment: 

Anderson comes up to EC3 and Tyrus backstage and says he has one word: congratulations. He’s serious, they don’t like each other but that’s one thing everyone aspires to, so he wants to congratulate him for doing it completely on his own. Anderson says iof EC3 is defending that title three times tonight, he doesn’t have anything going on so he’d like to offer himself up for one of those slots. EC3 says now because Anderson has a match tonight against Bram which is up next.

Third Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Bram 

Bram starts unloading with heavy shots until Anderson mounts a comeback. Anderson hits a Finlay roll and goes to the top, hits a Swanton and makes a cover, but Bram is out at two count. Anderson clotheslines Bram over the top and to the floor, but he goes out after him and is met with a flying chair to his face that prematurely ends the match. Bram clotheslines Anderson after the bell, then grabs the cameraman before going after one of the production people at ringside and tells them to bring Anderson’s mic down. He drags Anderson back to the top of the ramp, grabs the mic, and bashes Anderson in the face with the mic. He tells Anderson he’s pathetic, then drills him with the mic another couple of times. He tears the mic off the wire and goes back to pounding on Anderson with it, even as TNA officials run out to try and stop him.

Winner: Mr. Anderson by DQ 

Fourth Match: Street Fight 
Jessie Godderz vs. Robbie E

Robbie goes after Jessie like a man possessed. He dumps Jessie to the floor and hits a summersault senton off the apron, then gets a trash can lid and gets a running start before bashing Jessie in the head with it. They go back inside, Robbie puts the trash can lid over Jessie’s groin, and smashes it with a kendo stick. Robbie misses another dive off the apron as they go out onto the floor, and Jessie picks Robbie up and rams him into the ringpost. Jessie powerbombs Robbie into the corner and gets ahold of the kendo stick, but Robbie ducks a wild swing and hits a White Russian legsweep. Jessie catches Robbie with a sweet dropkick, then he powerbombs Robbie onto a couple of chairs that Robbie set up in the middle of the ring. Jessie covers, but Robbie kicks out at two count, so Jessie stands one of the chairs over Robbie and puts him in a Boston Crab. Robbie has blood running out of his nose, but he refuses to tap out and eventually passes out. The referee sees Robbie can’t defend himself and calls for the bell. Godderz spits furiously at Robbie and has his hand raised by the referee.

Winner: Jessie Godderz 

Bobby Lashley & Ethan Carter III Backstage Segment: 

Lashley says that one of his three matches better be against Bobby Lashley. EC3 says his competition tonight is going to be world class, but Lashley’s going to be taking on Tyrus tonight. Lashley says he doesn’t mind making an example out of Tyrus before taking his title back. EC3 wishes Lashley the best of luck, then Lashley stares down with Tyrus.

Jeff Jarrett Interview Part 2: 

Jarrett says it’s no secret that he’s spent 14 months putting together alliances with 14 promotions on five continents, and he wants to bring all forms of wrestling under one umbrella. He never thought he’d bring TNA under that umbrella, but as things worked out, cooler heads prevailed and here he is. Mike asks Tenay for his plans about the King of the Mountain Title now that he has it, and Karen says it has a new home in Global Force Wrestling. Jeff says he wants to bring promotions together on one stage to make dream matches, and that’s what he sees in the future of the King of the Mountain Title.

Fifth Match: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match 
Ethan Carter III (c) vs. Nerv Fernum & Shark Boy

EC3 says he’s a believer in never forgetting where you started, so his first title defense will be against the very first man he defeated: the man, the legend, Norv Fernum! Fernum goes for a handshake, but EC3 suckerpunches him and hits the 1% for the quick win. EC3 goes back to his corner, sits on a stool, and gets watered down boxing-style. He says that this is a special week because it’s Shark Week on Discovery, and now he asks us if he can beat a man from the rough seas.

His next opponent, hailing from the deep blue seas: it’s Shark Boy! EC3 asks Shark Boy if he thinks he has a chance against the TNA World Champion, and predictably, Shark Boy says “Shell yeah!” before unloading on EC3. Shark Boy takes EC3 to the corner, hammers him with right hands, then plays to the fans. EC3 is up and rips his head off with a clothesline, hits the 1%, and that’s it for Shark Boy. EC3 asks us if we’re ready for our third and final title defense, but Kurt Angle comes out before EC3 can finish and says this is a farce and EC3 is nothing but a scared little boy. He’s afraid to face real competition, but Angle holds in his hand a legally binding contract saying he can have his rematch anytime he chooses, and he wants it tonight because he wants his title back, and that’s damn real.

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III 

Sixth Match: Tyrus vs. Bobby Lashley 

Tyrus powers Lashley off into the corner. Lashley goes behind, then goes to a side headlock. Tyrus easily picks Lashley up and tosses him across the ring, then he picks Lashley up and slams him. Lashley avoids an elbowdrop and goes to a rear naked choke, but Tyrus manages to squirm over to the ropes. Lashley goes right back to the rear naked choke, and Tyrus starts to go down, but elbows his way out of Lashley’s grasp and side suplexes him. Tyrus hits a legdrop and covers for two count, Lashley goes for a slam but can’t hold him up and Tyrus falls on top for two count. Lashley pops back up and beats Tyrus down in the corner, then waits for Tyrus to regain his feet. He charges into an elbow, and Tyrus just shoves Lashley down and goes for a Vader Bomb. Lashley is up and nails Tyrus, then carries him out of the corner and hits an electric chair. Lashley sets and waits for Tyrus to regain his feet, hits the spear, and that’s it for Tyrus.

Winner: Bobby Lashley 

Jeff Jarrett Interview Part 3: 

Jarrett says that the possibilities are endless with GFW, TNA, and other promotions. It’s all about a common goal, and if everyone’s aligned on their single goal and GFW and TNA match up, the sky’s the limit. Mike asks Jeff how he’ll rank his legacy in terms of Jeff Jarrett in TNA, but Jeff says he’ll let the facts speak for themselves. He’s proud of his matches with Kurt Angle, the early days with AJ Styles and seeing him grow, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Don West, and if there is a legacy, it’s that he takes pride in putting together the right team on multiple levels. At the end of the day they’re all competing, and everyone who stepped in that ring wanted to be the very best, and he thinks that’s his legacy.

Seventh Match: Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne 

Rayne says she’ll cut to the chase: look at her and see her being the Queen B, and look at Velvet. Whatever she’s doing with herself right now, she looks like the idiots in the crowd, and that’s where she belongs. Velvet doesn’t belong in the ring anymore, but Velvet disagrees and flattens Rayne with a big right forearm. Rayne tries to escape to the floor, but Velvet goes after her, ramming her head into the ring apron and telling the fans this is for them. Velvet whips Rayne into the ring steps, and she rolls Rayne inside but Rayne connects with a spear and a northern lights suplex for two count. Rayne gets a three quarter nelson and rams kneelifts into Velvet’s head, then does the head hump move on Velvet, but Velvet is right back up, connects with a series of kicks, dodges a big boot from Madison, and hits the Stunner for the win.

Winner: Velvet Sky 

Eight Match: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ethan Carter III (c) vs. Kurt Angle

EC3 slides in rolls out once again, the Referee ordering him to return. The fans are chanting for Carter as Angle hiptosses him in! Angle smashes into Carter, kicking him down into the corner and Ethan tries to rise, Angle hooks and hits the snap suplex! Floatover, kickout at one, Carter back to the outside. EC3 yells as Kurt rushes out and slams shots into Ethan, rolling him back inside. Carter for the low shot but Angle reverses into a German! Hits Two More! Up and a Fourth! Tyrus on the apron as Kurt nails the German and clocks Tyrus off the side! He wraps in the Ankle Lock! Carter shoves the Referee and taps out! The Referee rushes in as Carter rolls out, calling for the bell, Carter has been Disqualified!The Referees are holding Angle back as Carter limps away.

Winner: Kurt Angle by DQ, but still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III

Ethan Carter III & Dixie Carter In-Ring Segment:  

EC3 says he got that one, but now for the cherry on top, after the longest absence his heart could handle, here is the return of his Aunt Dee: Dixie Carter! Dixie comes out and, inexplicably, is cheered by the fans as EC3 knows that Dixie is out here to celebrate him winning the World Title. He keeps cutting her off as he keeps putting himself over, and now with the control they have over the company, the reign of Carter will…wait, Dixie cuts him off and says she hasn’t been on TV for almost a year because of him, because last time she was on TV she went through a table and broke her back. EC3 says Bubba was a monster, but Dixie says she was a monster and doesn’t even recognize the person she became, and now EC3 is turning into a monster.

EC3 has been lying for weeks, but EC3 reminds her that they’re Carters and the world needs them. Dixie says this show and company doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to the fans and everyone who has supported them for even one day. She can’t change the past and they don’t get redos, but she can make sure her mistakes aren’t repeated. EC3 won the title, but now he has to defend it with his skill, not his last name. What he did here tonight has been an embarrassment, but Ethan is right about one thing: someone does need to be in charge and make the tough decisions, and not put up with any BS from anyone in the locker room. Dixie knows exactly who that person needs to be, and it’s not either of them.

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