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WWE NXT Results – August 19, 2015

August 19, 2015
Full Sail University
Winter Park, Florida

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Bayley & Sasha Banks Contract Signing: 

Regal says NXT takes over Brooklyn this Saturday. He says that he is pleased to preside over the official contract signing for the NXT Women’s Championship Match. Regal brings out Bayley and mentions that she beat Emma, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch to earn this title match. Regal brings out the current NXT Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks. Banks comes to the ring and she has her hand stamp with her. Regal has Bayley sign the contract first. Before she signs, she thanks William Regal and the fans because without them, she would not be here. This is a huge match and the biggest match of her life. She has been in this position before and every time she has let it slip through her fingers, but not this time. This time is different. She says she feels and all of you can feel it. Bayley says even Banks feels it. Bayley signs the contract. Regal asks Banks to sign it but she has something to say first. Banks says this is a big moment for you. In front of all of these fans who love you. Banks says there is a reason why NXT is in Brooklyn and not here. It is because it will be the biggest show in NXT history. The best part of that is that you will be in the ring with me. Look at you.

Banks wants the people to be quiet while she talks. She tells Bayley that she is scared because she is looking at the baddest diva in the WWE. It isn’t that you aren’t good. You just aren’t her. Everyone knows that. She says at Takeover, she is going to cement her name in history as the greatest NXT Women’s Champion this company has ever seen. NXT or WWE, we are going to find out why she is the boss. Banks uses her hand stamp to make it official. Bayley tells Banks that she is leaving, but she has seen a lot of contract signings. She saw what Sasha did to Becky. Bayley says she is ready to fight. Regal tells Bayley not to do it. Sasha says she is not scared of Bayley. Charlotte and Becky are threats, but you are not. There is a reason why she is on Raw and Smackdown and Bayley is not.

It is because Bayley is a loser and is pathetic. Do you think you are a role model for these girls? Look at them dressed like you. It is so sad. Sasha says a real role model is her because she is going to teach all of these girls that fairy tales do not have a happy ending. You are facing the best. You are facing the NXT Women’s Champion. As far as fighting tonight. Sasha says she does not have the time for that because Bayley is not worth it. Sasha leaves the ring and Bayley looks a little disappointed at what Sasha said. Bayley goes after Sasha on the ramp and attacks her. Bayley punches Sasha and takes her down on the stage. Officials have to separate Bayley and Sasha.

First Match: Tyler Breeze vs. Rob Ryzin 

They lock up and Breeze with an arm drag. Ryzin with a rollup for a near fall but Breeze with a kick and super kick for the three count. After the match, Breeze takes the mask off the ring post and he puts it on Ryzin’s head. Breeze takes a mic and he says the great Jushin “Thunder” Liger nice to meet you and I have heard a lot about you, but I am not impressed. I wanted to say how excited I am to face you on Saturday and I wanted to show everyone what they can expect. Breeze with a Beauty Shot to Ryzin and he pins him again. Breeze drops the mask on the ramp.

Winner: Tyler Breeze 

Second Match: Aaron Solow, Jesuse DeLeon, Jesse Sorensen and Independent Competitor vs. Enzo Amore, Colin Cassidy and The Hype Bro’s w/Carmella 

Mojo sends them to the mat. Sorensen misses a punch and Mojo with a wrist lock and shoulder. Mojo with another shoulder and Ryder tags in. Mojo sends Sorensen into Ryder’s knees. Sorensen with an Irish whip and Ryder gets his knees up and hits a drop kick. Enzo tags in and he goes to the turnbuckles for a double sledge to the arm. Enzo with an arm bar but Sorensen tags in DeLeon and he connects with a shoulder. DeLeon with a snap mare and kick. The fourth member tags in and Enzo with a snap mare and he hits an enzuigiri. Solow and Cassady tag in and Colin with a clothesline and then he punches Solow. Colin with a boot to send DeLeon off the apron. Colin with a side slam for a near fall. Mojo with a discus forearm to Sorensen and Ryder with a Broski Boot. Colin with a Bossman Slam to Solow and then he tags in Enzo. Colin hits the Rocket Launcher for the three count.

Winner: Enzo Amore, Colin Cassidy and The Hype Bro’s 

Jason Jordan, Chad Gable and The Mechanics Backstage Segment: 

Taylor stops by to ask them about their match next week against Mojo, Zack, Enzo, and Colin. Scott asks them if they were impressed and he was very sarcastic. It is impressive they beat four jamokes off the street. Dash says the only thing that amazes him is that the Hype Bros are able to stand after they were given the Shatter Machine. Jason says that him and Chad are on a streak. Chad says it won’t be the homecoming that Cass and Enzo are expecting because they will light them up. They are ready willing and Gable.

Third Match: Steve Cutler vs. Samoa Joe 

Cutler with a kick and punches to Joe. Cutler is held back by the referee and he charges into the corner and is met with an STJoe. Joe with a choke and he takes Cutler to the mat and applies the Clutch and Cutler taps out. After the match as Joe makes his way to the back he is met with a boot from Baron Corbin. Corbin knocks Joe off the stage and then they make their way to the announce table as Corbin continues the attack. They make their way to the ring and he continues the attack. Corbin sends Joe into the ring and Joe kicks Corbin but Corbin hits End of Days on Joe and Joe is down as Corbin stands over him.

Winner: Samoa Joe via Submission 

Fourth Match: Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton vs. Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy w/Alexa Bliss 

Blake with an arm drag. They lock up and Dawkins with arm drags into an arm bar. Fulton tags in and they take Blake down with a double fireman’s carry and they get a near fall. Dawkins tags in and they give Blake another double fireman’s carry and Dawkins gets a near fall. Dawkins with a wrist lock but Blake with punches. Dawkins with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Dawkins with a sunset flip for a near fall. Dawkins with a drop kick and he gives Murphy a drop kick when he tries to interfere. Blake takes care of Dawkins. Blake sends Dawkins into the turnbuckles and he tags in Murphy and they kick Dawkins in the corner.Murphy with a European uppercut and kicks as he tags in Blake. Blake with a snap mare and he stretches Dawkins. Dawkins with a rollup for a near fall.

Dawkins with a forearm and he tags in Fulton but Murphy tags in as well. Fulton with shoulders and punches. Fulton with a back breaker to Murphy followed by a spinning gutwrench suplex. Blake makes the blind tag and Murphy moves out of the way. Murphy hits the suplex and Blake hits the frog splash for the three count. After the match, Simon Gotch and Aiden English make their way to the stage. Simon asks for everyone’s attention for just a moment. Aiden says they have an announcement about their plan. Simon tells Alexa she would be wise not to exploit her feminine privilege. Aiden says that she is not Saved by the Bell’s Miss Bliss so she cannot come up here. Simon tells her not to do it. AIden says they tried to be gentlemen. Bliss slaps Simon and Aiden.

Winner: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy 

Kevin Owens & Finn Balor Ladder Segment: 

Owens says on Saturday night, the biggest Takeover special takes place in Brooklyn, New York. Owens says before he goes on, he wants to address the “Brooklyn Sucks” chants. Owens asks how stupid and hypocritical you are being? Week in and week out, you will chant Fight Owens Fight unless he is putting the finger on Sami Zayn. Then you’ll boo. If someone mentions the name John Cena, you boo. If he talks about beating John Cena you cheer which is ironic. You are the John Cena of wrestling fans. He says you think that is funny, but it is pathetic. Nothing genuine comes out of your mouth ever. That is why you claim to love NXT. You claim to want everyone in NXT to succeed. But when NXT sells out a 13,000 seat arena because he is in the main event, you boo. You want NXT to grow, but you boo because it isn’t yours any more and you don’t get to see it live. That is why every time he has to come to Full Sail, he feels sick to his damn stomach. He says that he is performing for ungrateful and undeserving pieces of trash.

What will make him feel better is beating your flavor of the month Finn Balor that is deserving of witnessing the biggest main event in NXT history. Owens says as far as Balor is concerned, Balor you need to understand one thing. All Japan was, was a fluke. You shouldn’t have beaten him. It is not going to happen again because at Takeover in Brooklyn, the Kevin Owens that you will face is a Kevin Owens you have never encountered before. If you thought what he did to Sami Zayn and the others was bad. Buddy, you have no idea what is coming. He does not just want the NXT Title, he needs it to shove it everyone’s stupid faces. He needs it to prove that he is better than you. Balor, at Takeover, it’s not going to be Walk Owens Walk, or Lose Owens Lose. It will be Fight Owens Fight. It will be Destroy Owens Destroy. It will be Climb Owens Climb. Owens says when he is up here, it is not going to be an epic battle with you on the other side and us battling as we fight for the title.

When he is up here, Finn Balor will be down there with a trainer, a doctor, and a stretcher wheeling him out as he climbs up and claims what is his the NXT Title. The lights go out Owens looks at the stage, but Balor is sitting on the turnbuckle in the ring staring through Owens. Owens climbs down the ladder, very carefully and he drops the mic. Balor and Owens exchange punches in the center of the ring. Balor with punches but Owens with a forearm. Balor with a Pele Kick and then he grabs the ladder and tries to hit Owens with it. Owens gets out of the ring and then Balor puts the ladder back up in the ring. Balor tells Owens on Saturday at Takeover, not only will he beat Owens for the NXT Championship, he is going to kick his ass and shut his mouth.

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