Chael Sonnen Volunteers To Fight A “Sad” Daniel Cormier


We reported moments ago that former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans had to bow out of his UFC 170 co-main event fight next weekend against Daniel Cormier. The UFC had pulled Cormier from the card as well as a replacement couldn’t be found on such short notice. Well so they thought.

Former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight title contender Chael Sonnen has volunteered his services to fight Cormier.

Cormier released a statement on Twitter stating he was sad and wants to fight.

Johnson responded on Twitter turning down the opportunity as he is facing Phil Davis at UFC 172 in April.

Sonnen whose is never one to be shy and turn down a challenge, accepted Cormier’s challenge.

Sonnen is currently scheduled to fight Wanderlei Silva at UFC 173 in May. The Oregon native is coaching The Ultimate Fighter Brazil opposite Silva and the filming of the show concludes on February 18.

No comment from the UFC yet as to whether they will make Cormier vs Sonnen.

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Rashad Evans Suffers A Leg Injury, Out Of UFC 170 Against Daniel Cormier


A lot of anticipation was building towards the co-main event of Rashad Evans and Daniel Cormier at UFC 170 next weekend. Evans was riding a two-fight winning streak and Cormier is undefeated in 13 fights and was making his long anticipated debut at light heavyweight.

Yahoo Sports is reporting and has been confirmed by the UFC that Evans has suffered an injury and had to bow out of the fight. Cormier was also taken off the card due to not being able to find a replacement in that short amount of time.

The news seemed to take people off guard as Evans was apart of today’s UFC 170 conference call and did an interview on “UFC Tonight” to promote the fight.

UFC President Dana White told that Evans has suffered a knee injury and would be on the shelf for about four weeks.

No announcement has been made on what will be the co-main of event of the show at this time. UFC 170 takes place next Saturday, February 22 in Las Vegas headlined by UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey defending her title against Sara McMann.

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Dana White Says He Gave Lyoto Machida A Personal Check For Defeating Tito Ortiz (Video)

Lyoto Machida returns to the cage this weekend when he faces off against Gegard Mousasi in the main event of UFC Fight Night 36. “The Dragon” made his middleweight debut in October knocking out Mark Munoz.

At UFC 84 in May of 2008, Machida squared off with former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz. That fight was the last on Ortiz’s contract and the feud with UFC President Dana White was at a fever pitch. White couldn’t wait for Ortiz to be gone and Ortiz felt the same way. Machida ended up winning the fight by unanimous decision.

White did an interview with Los Angeles radio host Big Boy and brought up an interesting story regarding that fight when Boy asked him if he ever wanted to see a fighter get their ass kicked in the UFC.

“There’s no doubt about it,” said White. “Absolutely. I can tell you this. Tito Ortiz is that guy, get his ass whooped. The only time in 13 years, all the fights we’ve ever done. Lyoto Machida beat Tito Ortiz, I actually wrote him a personal check.

“I literally bonused him myself.”

Ortiz returning to the UFC a year and a half later, went 1-5 and got inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2012.

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Could CM Punk Excel In MMA? (Video)

Over two weeks ago, former WWE champion CM Punk left the WWE and his return is uncertain at this time.

Punk has made it known in the past of his passion for MMA. The Chicago native trains jiu-jitsu under Rener Gracie and has attended numerous UFC shows in the past. Punk was challenged last week by Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and MMA fighter Jason David Frank to a fight under the World Series of Fighting promotion. talked with numerous figures in the MMA world including Urijah Faber and Kenny Florian and asked whether Punk would be successful in the sport.

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UFC Changes Fight Night Bonus Structure


If your fighting this weekend at UFC Fight Night 36, you now have a reason to be a little more amped up about your fight. The UFC announced earlier today that they are now changing the way fight night bonuses will be distributed. The organization released this statement earlier.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced today a modification to its live event bonuses. Effective immediately, UFC will award Fight of the Night bonuses to each of the fighters in the best fight of the night, as well as additional Performance of the Night bonuses to the two best individual performances on the card. The bonus amounts will remain $50,000. The Performance of the Night bonuses will reward the athletes who put on the best and most exciting individual performances.

Bonuses have been in Zuffa since 2006, with lightweight Donald Cerrone now in the lead with 13 after winning Knockout of the Night with his win over Adriano Martins at UFC on Fox 10 in January. “Cowboy” was tied with fellow lightweight Joe Lauzon and former middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva.

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“TUF Nations” Fighter Will Not Receive A UFC Contract After Show’s Completion Due To Racist Post

Photo From

Photo From

The latest installment of The Ultimate Fighter is airing. The season is called, ““The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia” and the coaches are Australia’s Kyle Noke and Canada’s Patrick Cote. The focus of the series is the fighter who wins the season receives a six-figure UFC contract. Even in some cases, some of the other fighters on the show receive contracts into the company.

In the case of Tyler Manawaroa, he will not be receiving a UFC contract regardless of how he finishes the season.

Manawaroa who is apart of Team Australia had a racially sensitive post on his Instagram from 2012 and Canadian welterweight Kajan Johnson was the only who pointed out the post.

The UFC released a statement on the matter.

The UFC organization had hired an investigation company in Australia to conduct thorough background investigations on potential contestants for ‘The Ultimate Fighter Nations’ television series. Unfortunately, the background checks did not uncover all of the social media history by contestant Tyler Manawaroa. The UFC is committed to having an environment that is free from discrimination. Consequently, UFC has notified Manawaroa that regardless of how far he advances in the completed television series, the organization will not be offering him a contract to compete in the UFC.

“TUF Nations” concludes with a live finale on April 16 from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada headlined by Michael Bisping facing Tim Kennedy.

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Jessica Eye Tests Positive For Marijuana


We had wrote last Monday that UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Jessica Eye had received a one year “probate suspension” from The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for testing positive for a “prohibited drug”. Eye was fined $1,875 and still allowed to fight Alexis Davis next week at UFC 170. broke the story on Saturday that the prohibited drug that Eye tested positive for was marijuana. Eye had been taunting reporters regarding this story.

Eye yesterday appeared on a podcast on and was asked by reporter Ariel Helwani asked Eye at around the one hour eleven minute mark, “So, let’s figure this out. When did you find out that the Texas Commission had an issue with you stemming from your fight at UFC 166? How did they notify you of this?”

Eye said to Helwani, “Well, they didn’t notify me. I found out the same way you guys did, so I had no idea until that Saturday afternoon.”

Fox then confirmed with the TDLR that Eye did test positive for marijuana and found out about the positive test on November 26, a little bit over a full month after her split decision win over Sarah Kaufman at UFC 166.

Eye signed the letter stating her suspension and what it constitutes on January 15.

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Dana White: Thiago Silva “Will Never Fight In The UFC Again”, UFC Releases Him


As we have been reporting, Thiago Silva was arrested last night in Florida involving an incident with his wife. After a bond hearing this morning, Silva now is facing charges of aggravated assault with a firearm, one count of resisting an officer without violence, as well as one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon stemming from a prior incident.

The UFC had released a statement early this morning saying they were aware of the situation.

TMZ talked to UFC President Dana White and told them, “This guy will never fight in the UFC again.” The UFC released a statement a short time ago stating they are terminating Silva’s contract.

“The Ultimate Fighting Championship has terminated the contract of Thiago Silva, effective immediately,” the statement read.

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Details Of What Led To The Arrest Of Thiago Silva, Includes Putting A Gun In His Wife’s Mouth

silva mug shot

Thiago Silva was taken into Broward County Jail last night after an incident at the Pablo Popovitch Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Oakland Park, Florida and then arrested at his home. Silva after his bond hearing this morning, which was denied is now charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, one count of resisting an officer without violence, as well as one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon stemming from a prior incident.

Silva and his wife of 13 years, Thaysa Silva, separated in late 2012 but had been living together at their Oakland Park residence.

On January 30 of this year, Mrs. Silva called police to their house for a domestic incident that occurred. She was “visibly shaking and sobbing controllably” when police arrived to the scene. Thaysa alleged that Thiago and her got in an argument over accusations of extramarital affairs, when Thiago picked up a revolver, pushed her onto the sofa, pointed the firearm at her and threatened to kill her.

Thaysa alleges to have screamed, after which Thiago covered her mouth with his hand, held her down, and placed the revolver inside her mouth. Thiago then left the residence, fleeing the scene in his vehicle.

Thaysa informed officers that she feared for her life and believed Thiago intended to kill her. Later that day, Thaysa filed for a temporary injunction for protection.

On February 5, 2014, Thaysa again called police following an incident at the shared residence. Thaysa alleges that she arrived to the residence at 8:53 p.m. to find Thiago inside. She confronted Thiago and asked him to leave, citing the temporary injunction for protection. He initially refused, stating that she was the one who needed to leave. Thiago did eventually leave without any incident.

Following his departure, Thiago allegedly sent Thaysa a text message that read, “I am gonna f**k you up and you are going to die. I am going to hire someone to kill you and I am gonna move my girlfriend in.”

On February 6, 2014, at approximately 7:44 p.m., Thiago Silva allegedly parked his Dodge Charger outside the Pablo Popovitch Mixed Martial Arts Academy where Thaysa Silva, Pablo Popovitch, and approximately 25 adult students were training. Thaysa and Popovitch are currently involved in a romantic relationship, a fact of which Thiago is aware of, and one that “contributed to his actions.”

Thiago Silva allegedly began to honk his horn continuously until Thaysa Silva went outside to speak with him, noticing immediately that he was “extremely intoxicated.” Thiago then brandished a glock pistol, pointed it at Thaysa, and stated, “You have ten seconds to bring Pablo outside and if he does not come out, I will go in the gym and start shooting everyone.”

Popovitch exited the gym and approached the driver’s side of vehicle, as Thiago allegedly pointed the firearm at Thaysa. Following ensuing death threats from Thiago, Popovitch ran back inside the gym, locked the front door and called police. Thiago subsequently drove off.

That was when police and the SWAT team arrived and the standoff enused. Silva when police arrived gave them the middle finger, but eventually they were able to get into Silva’s home. Silva was then taken into custody at approximately 11:12 p.m ET.

For all the news involving Thaigo Silva go here.

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Thiago Silva Kept in Jail Without Bond, Attempted Murder Charges Downgraded


As we have been reporting, UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva was arrested last night after an incident at the Pablo Popovitch Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Oakland Park, Florida. After a four hour standoff and barricading his home, Silva relented and was taken into jail by the by the Broward County Sheriff’s department.

Silva made his first appearance in court this morning by video in a bond hearing. His attorney Scott Saul was able to convince Broward Judge John Hurley to have the two attempted murder charges downgraded to aggravated assault with a firearm and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon by telling him, “He never got out of his car. He never fired a gun,” Saul argued in front of Hurley. “You’ve got two real rock-solid aggravated assault charges. What I think this is, is you’ve got a professional fighter and an (assumption) thinking he can kill, an overreaction based on what the man does for a living.”

After arguments were heard from Saul and the Broward County Prosecution, Hurley decided that Silva would held without bond as he thinks Silva is a “legitimate concern” to his wife Thaysa and those in the community and also the chance that Silva is a flight risk and could flee to his home country of Brazil.

For everything that has been going on regarding Thiago Silva go here.

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Thiago Silva Arrested On Four Charges, Including A Pair Of Counts On Attempted Murder

t silva

Last night UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva was taken into custody after an incident at a ji-jitsu school in Florida. Silva remains in the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Broward County, Fla., and faces multiple charges that including a pair of counts of felony attempted murder. He is being held without bond.

The other charges Silva has include aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and non-violent resisting of an officer/obstructing justice.

Silva left the academy and went back to his apartment at Coral Heights Court in Ft. Lauderdale. Silva then barricaded himself inside his apartment before surrendering to Broward County Sheriff’s Office’s authorities, which included a S.W.A.T. team that was called to the apartment.

We will provide more updates as when they come to us.

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Report: UFC Light Heavyweight Thiago Silva Taken Into Custody By Florida Police (Updated)

thiago silva

According to, UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva has been taken into custody by Florida police after an incident at a Ft. Lauderdale jiu-jitsu school and a standoff at the Silva’s residence.

The incident took place at Pablo Popovitch Mixed Martial Arts Academy earlier in the evening, which the Local10 was able to identify by the address.

Allegedly Silva then left the academy and went back to his apartment at Coral Heights Court in Ft. Lauderdale. Silva then barricaded himself inside his apartment before surrendering to Broward County Sheriff’s Office’s authorities, which included a S.W.A.T. team that was called to the apartment.

Silva is scheduled to return to the cage at UFC 171 next month against Ovince St-Preux.

Update (1:15 AM ET): The UFC released a statement to a short time regarding the incident.

“This evening, we were made aware of a situation involving Thiago Silva,”, the UFC stated. “We are in the process of gathering the facts and have no further comment at this time.”

We will have updates on this when more information becomes available.

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Report: Ronda Rousey Tapped To Film Two Movies


It was a busy 2013 for Ronda Rousey as she fought two times and also filmed two movies. 2014 looks like another busy year for the UFC women’s bantamweight champion. is reporting that Rousey has signed with Warner Brothers for lead roles in the “Entourage” movie and “Athena Project”, which is a New York Times bestselling book by author Brad Thor.

Rousey will begin shooting the “Entourage” movie in the middle of March and “Athena Project” still doesn’t have a writer for the movie, so it is not known when the movie will begin to film.

“Athena Project” follows a top secret, all-female Delta Force counterterrorism team code named the Athena Project that is sent in to hunt and kill a master terrorist after a bombing in Rome kills 20 Americans. Trouble ensues once the team realizes there’s more at play than a simple bombing.

Rousey’s next fight takes place at UFC 170 in almost two weeks on February 22 as she defend her title against Sara McMann in the main event of the show. It is not known at this time if Rousey will fight in between movies.

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Dana White Says That Georges St-Pierre Never Complained About Headaches To Him

Photo from

Photo from

Who is telling the truth in the saga between UFC President Dana White and former welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre? The former champions trainer Freddie Roach stated on Tuesday that GSP had been suffering from migraine headaches. Roach also advised St-Pierre to take a at least a year off and said a superfight between the Canadian and Anderson Silva could have happened if Silva and St-Pierre had won their respective fights.

White was on Fox Sports Live and responded to the statements of Roach.

“The crazy stuff I keep hearing back from Georges St-Pierre is unbelievable. No, Georges St-Pierre never complained to us about headaches. Georges St-Pierre has never publicly said the real reasons why he stepped away from the UFC for a year. When he sat down with Lorenzo [Fertitta] and I it was a whole different set of issues, personal problems. It had nothing to do with headaches or drug testing or anything else that’s been said.

“Not only did he tell us it was personal issues, he told us what the personal issues were. I have no idea [why he keeps complaining]. I don’t know if he’s just trying to draw a smokescreen to what he’s really dealing with and doesn’t want to publicly talk about [it]? I don’t know.”

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Jessica Eye Releases A Statement Regarding Her “Probated Suspension”

Photo from

Photo from

On Monday we had reported that UFC women’s bantamweight contender Jessica Eye had her fight with Sarah Kaufman had been changed to a no-contest. She was put on a “one year probated suspension” by The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for testing positive for a banned substance.

We hadn’t heard from Eye until she released a statement regarding the matter.

“I was recently alerted to the fact that I was issued a fully probated suspension and fine by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation,” Eye stated. “While I intend to discuss with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation the overturning of my victory at UFC 166, I have accepted the terms of the probation and intend to compete at UFC 170 on Feb. 22. I pride myself on following the rules and representing my family, teammates, sponsors, and fans in the best light possible. I apologize for any distractions this has caused.”

The UFC made a brief statement as well regarding the matter.

“The UFC received word of the fully probated suspension and fine issued to Jessica Eye by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The UFC intends to honor the probation, which will not force Eye to miss her scheduled bout at UFC 170.”

Eye is scheduled to face Alexis Davis at UFC 170 on Saturday, February 22.

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Anthony Pettis vs Jose Aldo May Not Be Happening After All

aldo vs pettis

Jose Aldo successfully defended the UFC featherweight title for the eighth time defeating Ricardo Lamas in the co-main event on Saturday night at UFC 169. During the post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White stated that Aldo vs lightweight champion Anthony Pettis for the title would be next and Aldo would have to vacate his title. It seems like though Aldo’s camp has already changed their stance.

In an interview with Ta na Area in Brazil, Aldo’s manager Andre Pederneiras stated that Aldo wants to keep his title and have the fight with Pettis take place at a catchweight of 150 pounds.

“Now we have to decided in which weight division this fight is going to happen, if Pettis is coming down, like he once said he would do (for UFC 163), but didn’t due to an injury, if Aldo will move up, or if it’s going to be (a catchweight) at 150 pounds”, Pederneiras said.

“(A catchweight) would be interesting for both, they would keep the belts and do the fight everybody wants to see. Nobody wants to take the other’s title, we want to see the fight and do a great show for everybody. Aldo would move up a little, Pettis cuts a little, and it’s good for everybody.”

Pettis’ manager Mike Roberts told that’s not what he was told and if Aldo doesn’t want to fight for the title, then Pettis will move on.

“It’s not an option that was given to us,” Roberts said. “[The UFC] wants the fight at 155 pounds.”

“The way we understand it is that Aldo doesn’t want give up his featherweight title, so fighting Pettis is not an option at this point.

“We’re interested in Anthony defending his belt against the top guys at 155. If Aldo doesn’t want to fight for the belt, we’ll fight someone else.”

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Anderson Silva And Georges St-Pierre Fight Almost Happened

anderson silva

One year ago, the biggest possible fight in the history in MMA was a superfight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre. Now at this current time, Silva has lost two times and in his most recent fight against UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, Silva broke his leg in the fight. St-Pierre defeated Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November and announced he was vacating the welterweight title and isn’t sure if he will return. The possible superfight was a lot closer though than people ever realized.

Marcos Villegas was in California at media day for the Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley fight that will take place on April 12. Villegas spoke to Pacquiao head trainer Freddie Roach, who has helped St-Pierre work on his standup in the past. Roach gave some insight into the possible superfight and more.

You can see why St-Pierre took a break especially with the migraine headache issue. Do you think the superfight would have happened if Silva would have beat Weidman?

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UFC, Bellator And Boxing Join Together For Cleveland Clinic for Fighters Brain Health Study (Video)

Who would have ever thought that we would ever see fighters and executives from MMA and boxing in the same room? We got that today as we seen the personalities took part today in the Support Professional Fighters Study at Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health that took place in Washington D.C.

The notables that attended were UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, number one contender to the light heavyweight title Glover Teixeira, UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler, Spike TV president Kevin Kay, world champion boxer Bernard Hopkins, U.S. Senators Harry Reid and John McCain.

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