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Between The Ropes Flagship on WWE Network, Financials and Daniel Bryan

Between The Ropes Flagship on WWE Network, Financials and Daniel Bryan

Check out the latest edition of the Between The Ropes Flagship show as Brian and Michael  run down the week in wrestling including the WWE financial situation following the new TV deal, worries about the WWE Network, the upcoming Payback PPV, Daniel Bryan and the world title situation and much more including your questions. Looking for awesome


Does A “Babyface” Like John Cena Work In 2014?

The wrestling business has lots of challenges these days. I think despite the many things you could point to the biggest issue facing the business is making the whole “heel and babyface” dynamic work. Jerry Lawler back in the day referred to crowds in Toronto and Montreal as being in “Bizarroland,” which is a reference

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Top Ten WWE Music Entrances Of All Time

Theme music is the first thing we experience at an event or watching at home to know: In the words of Goldberg, “Who’s next?”  Jim Johnson is the man behind many of themes we hear in WWE. No fans of WWE seem to love a good tune than our friends over in the United Kingdom.

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Triple H Says Daniel Bryan Isn’t The Face Of WWE Right Now

WWE world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan hasn’t been on the current European tour due to having neck surgery. A timetable still isn’t known at this time, but Bryan is advertised to appear on WWE Raw this coming Monday to address Stephanie McMahon. In his weekly video with Michael Cole, Triple H talked to Cole about

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WWE Monday Night Raw Draws Lowest Rating Of The Year

Last week’s WWE Monday Night Raw had drawn the lowest rating of the year. This week’s had that chance as the show was taped in London, England earlier that day. This week’s Raw scored a 2.72 rating with an average of 3.76 million viewers, which is down from last week’s 2.88 rating with an average

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Daniel Bryan Advertised To Be On Next Week’s WWE Raw

WWE world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan announced on last week’s WWE Monday Night Raw that he would be undergoing neck surgery. Stephanie McMahon announced on last night’s Raw that she was ordering Bryan to appear on next week’s show and forfeit the championship as that’s what’s best for business. You wouldn’t think that Bryan would

Wyatts take out Cena on Raw

WWE Raw, Financials and the Latest on Daniel Bryan

Brian and Steve are back with the latest Between The Ropes podcast as they talk about WWE Raw from Monday night including the latest interaction between Evolution and The Shield, John Cena against Luke Harper and how Cena and the Wyatt Family is being used, the UK fans giving Adam Rose, Fandango and Wade Barrett


WWE Monday Night Raw Results: Wyatt’s Message Spreads To London

WWE Monday Night Raw May 19, 2014 The O2 Arena London, England If you missed last week’s edition of Raw click here For all of our coverage of WWE click here   WWE Pre-Show:  Tonight’s WWE Raw Pre-show opens up with fans piling into the O2 Arena in London. Josh Mathews, Booker T and Alex Riley are at WWE Headquarters

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Update On Daniel Bryan Being The WWE Champion (Spoiler)

Last week WWE world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan announced on Raw that he would be having neck surgery and didn’t know if he would return. Bryan had the surgery on Thursday and the procedure known as a cervical foraminotomy to decompress the nerve root was successful. Before the leader of the YES! movement had surgery,