Ronda Rousey Highlights UFC 170 Fight Bonuses

ufc 170

In the main event of tonight’s UFC 170, Ronda Rousey garnered her first stoppage by strikes as she defeated Sara McMann to retain the UFC women’s bantamweight championship. The champion also ended up with some extra cash in her pocket at the end of the night.

It was announced during the post-fight press conference that the fight night bonuses went to Rory MacDonald and Demian Maia for their “Fight of Night”, which MacDonald won by unanimous decision. Rousey and Stephen Thompson for “Performance of the Night”, with Rousey defeating McMann and Thompson defeating Robert Whittaker.

The four fighters received $50,000 bonuses.

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Johny Hendricks To Battle Robbie Lawler For Vacant Welterweight Title At UFC 171

sampleThe MMA world won’t have to wait long for a new UFC welterweight champion. UFC president Dana White announced during the Georges St-Pierre conference call that Johny Hendricks will battle Robbie Lawler for the vacant welterweight title at UFC 171 on March 15.

St-Pierre announced during the conference call that he was vacating the welterweight title and wasn’t sure if he will ever fight again.

Hendricks last fought at UFC 167 last month losing a controversial split decision to St-Pierre.

Lawler has won three fights in a row in his return to the UFC last competing at the same UFC 167 defeating Rory MacDonald.

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UFC 167 Medical Suspensions: Johny Hendricks Could Be Suspended For Up To Six Months

Johny-HendricksUFC 167 took place on Saturday night from Las Vegas, Nevada with Georges St-Pierre in the main event defeating Johny Hendricks by a controversial split decision to retain the UFC welterweight title. requested and was able to receive the post-fight medical suspensions from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Three fighters received potential six months suspensions including Hendricks with a possible right knee injury, but could be cleared from a doctor sooner than that timeframe.

St-Pierre a 45 day suspension and 30 days of no contact. Here is the list of the medical suspensions from UFC 167:

- Georges St-Pierre suspended until 1/1/14 with no contact until 12/17/13
- Johny Hendricks suspended until 5/17/14 unless cleared by orthopedist for right knee and suspended until 12/17/13 with no contact until 12/8/13
- Chael Sonnen suspended until 1/1/14 with no contact until 12/17/13
- Rory MacDonald suspended until 12/17/13 with no contact until 12/8/13
- Josh Koscheck suspended until 1/1/14 with no contact until 12/17/13
- Ali Bagautinov suspended until 5/17/14 unless cleared by orthopedist for left foot and suspended until 12/17/13 with no contact until 12/8/13
- Evan Dunham suspended until 1/1/14 with no contact until 12/17/13 for left eyebrow laceration
- Rick Story suspended until 1/1/14 with no contact until 12/17/13 for left eyebrow laceration
- Erik Perez suspended until 12/17/13 with no contact until 12/8/13 for laceration on bridge of nose
- Gian Villante suspended until 5/17/14 unless cleared by orthopedist for both hands
- Cody Donovan suspended until 5/17/14 unless cleared via X-ray by orthopedist for right hand and suspended until 12/17/13 with no contact until 12/8/13

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The Good, The Bad And The Dirty From UFC 167

hendricks ufc 167UFC 167 took place on Saturday night in Las Vegas with Georges St-Pierre defeating Johny Hendricks in the main event to retain the UFC welterweight title in an epic main event. Right after the fight ended, St-Pierre told Joe Rogan that he planned on stepping away from the sport for awhile and wasn’t sure if he would retire. Controversy ensued after the fight as the fans in the MGM Grand Garden Arena booed the decision and the fans on social media and media thought that Hendricks won the fight.

After every event we will be posting this new feature on the website and hope that you enjoy this.

The Good

1) Johny Hendricks- Usually you never think the loser of the main event can come out on the good side. had scored the main event Hendricks winning 48-47, giving Hendricks Rounds 1,2,4 and giving St-Pierre Rounds 3 and 5. Hendricks took the champion down a couple times during the fight, rocked the champion on a couple occasions and was able to stuff numerous takedown attempts from the champion. The biggest issue for Hendricks going into the fight was his cardio, as he had never been in a five round fight. “Bigg Rigg” cardio was able to hold up throughout the fight. Hendricks inflicted more damage to St-Pierre and gave the champion the biggest test of his career. UFC President Dana White stated at the post-fight press scrum that a rematch will happen in the near future.

2) Robbie Lawler- People were overlooking Lawler heading into his fight with Rory MacDonald as the odds had Lawler as much as +340 underdog and that MacDonald with a win could gain a title at the winner of the main event. Lawler used inside and outside leg kicks to offset MacDonald from utilizing his jab and his power shots that rocked the Canadian especially in the third round. Lawler said after the fight that he was wanting a title shot if St-Pierre is going to retire or going to take an indefinite leave of absence.

3) Tyron Woodley- Going into his fight with Josh Koscheck, fans were thinking this was going to be the one fight on the main card would be a snooze fest. It was anything but that as moments into the fight Woodley knocked down Koscheck with an overhand right and the fight was almost stopped. Near the end of the round, Woodley landed a right hook then sent Koscheck dropping to the mat and referee Herb Dean stopped the fight. It was a great win to get Woodley back on track after a disappointing loss to Jake Shields at UFC 161 in June. It showed Woodley has great power in both hands and combined with his wrestling credentials, he is a force in the welterweight division.

The Bad

1) Dana White- The UFC President was very critical of St-Pierre’s comments inside the cage when the champion had stated that he was going to be stepping away from the cage and wasn’t if he was going to retire. White said this regarding St-Pierre’s comments.

“You owe it to the fans, you owe it to that belt, you owe it to the company and you owe it to Johny Hendricks to give him that opportunity to fight again,” White stated during the post-fight press conference. “Unless you’re going to retire. there’s no, ‘I’m going to take a cruise, I’m going to take a hiatus and be gone for two years, I’m going to take a leave of absence, I’m gonna,’ whatever the hell it was he’s saying, it doesn’t work that way.”

After the press conference, White spoke with reporters and cooled off after talking to St-Pierre. White said everything was cool with the champion and was hoping to make the rematch between St-Pierre and Hendricks soon.

The UFC President should have taken a deep breath before he flew off the handle on St-Pierre before talking to him. St-Pierre is their biggest star and pay-per-view attraction as the MGM Grand was sold out with selling 14,856 with a $5.7 million dollar gate.  White is the type of the guy who flies off the handle and speaks off the cuff on anything and everything. But in this case, for the guy who has done everything that the UFC has asked from him, White should have talked to St-Pierre.

The Dirty

1) Judging- Like we had stated earlier that we had scored the main event for Hendricks and a vast majority of fans and the media had done the same. The judges in the main event were Sal D’Amato, Tony Weeks and Glenn Trowbridge. D’Amato and Weeks scored the fight 48-47 for St-Pierre and Trowbridge scored it for Hendricks. The key round was the first round as it was obvious that Hendricks won the second and fourth round and St-Pierre won the third and fifth round. If you look at the first round, St-Pierre got a takedown, but Hendricks got right up. Hendricks was then closing the distance and was able to control the distance land powerful shots.

A lot of people were saying after the fight that maybe MMA needs to go to the half-point system that was done in Pride. I also scored the fight under the Pride rules and had it 49-47.5 for Hendricks.

Is the judging perfect in the sport? Not even close, as when you have a main event as big as this one was, you need to have the best of the best in there and that wasn’t the case on Saturday night.

Will MMA in the United States use the half-point system as was done in Pride? What is the solution to the judging problem?

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UFC 167 Results: Robbie Lawler Defeats Rory MacDonald By Entertaining Split Decision


The fight between Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald was predicted by many to be fight of the night and it sure delivered.

The fight starts off with Lawler throwing a kick and a straight left hand and an outside leg kick. Another outside leg kick by Lawler’ s body then a straight right hand. Both guys trying to gauge distance. A high kick by MacDonald. each guy attempts leg kicks that are blocked. Lawler lands a body kick and MacDonald lands a straight right hand.

MacDonald lands a jab and a moment later a kick to the body kick. Each guy circling each other with no action. MacDonald a jab and then Lawler lands a high kick to end the round. scores Round 1 for Lawlor.

Round 2

Lawler  tries to start the round with a takedown stuffed by MacDonald who then lands a high kick. MacDonald misses a job and then each block kicks. MacDonald lands a high kick and Lawler lands a jab. Lawler then lands a hook and a kick. MacDonald lands a nice body shot.

Lawler lands another outside leg kick with MacDonald landing a combination. MacDonald starting to land a jab and a moment later scores a takedown. MacDonald grinds Lawler against the cage and lets Lawler up, who attempts a takedown. MacDonald tries to circle MacDonald, but ends up on top of Lawler. MacDonald then lands a series of vicious elbows to end the round. scores Round 2 for MacDonald.

Round 3

Lawler starts the round with an uppercut that rocked MacDonald, but as Lawler throws a knee and MacDonald takes him down. Referee Mario Yamasaki stands them up after a few moments of inactivity. Lawler lands some vicious shots that rocked MacDonald with Lawler trying to capitalize, but both guys end up on their feet.

MacDonald tries for a takedown but is stuffed. Lawler lands an overhand right hand that drops MacDonald and lands some ground and pound. Lawler has Macdonald in side control landing vicious elbows and ground and pound. Lawler ends up ontop of MacDonald who attempted a triangle choke and both guys end up on their feet. MacDonald scores a takedown and lands some vicious elbows to end the round. scores Round 3 and the fight to Lawler.

The judges score have the fight for Robbie Lawler defeating Rory MacDonald by split decision (28-29, 29-28×2).

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Georges St-Pierre To Net $400K For Tonight’s UFC 167


As soon as Georges St-Pierre steps into the octagon to defend his UFC welterweight title against Johny Hendricks in the main event at UFC 167, he will make $400,000 with no win bonus. His opponent tonight, Johny Hendricks will get $50,000 with a potential of another $50,000 if he defeats St-Pierre tonight.

The next highest payout goes to Rashad Evans who will net $125,000 for his co-main event fight against Chael Sonnen and a chance to make another $125,000 if victorious. Here’s the initial list of payouts of some of the participants tonight.

- Georges St-Pierre: $400,000 (no win bonus)
- Johny Hendricks: $50,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $50,000)
- Rashad Evans: $125,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $125,000)
- Chael Sonnen: $100,000 (no win bonus)
- Robbie Lawler: $83,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $83,000)
- Rory MacDonald: $50,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $50,000)
- Josh Koscheck: $78,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $78,000)
- Tyron Woodley: $50,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $50,000)

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UFC 167 Pre-Fight Press Conference Today On Starting At 4 P.M. ET

UFC 167 pre-event press conference takes place today from the Hollywood Theatre at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. Every fighter on the main card and UFC President Dana White will be the presser. The fighters that will be there are: Georges St-Pierre, Johny Hendricks, Rashad Evans, Chael Sonnen, Rory MacDonald, Robbie Lawler, Josh Koscheck, Tyron Woodley, Tim Elliott and Ali Bagautinov.

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“Countdown To UFC 167″ Full Episode

The UFC returns this Saturday to pay-per-view as UFC 167 takes place from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The main event will feature UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre defending against Johny Hendricks. The co-feature will have Rashad Evans fighting Chael Sonnen.

Before each PPV, the UFC will do a “Countdown” show to highlight the card’s big three fights. This episode features the St-Pierre-Hendricks and Evans-Sonnen fight. The final fight featured is a key welterweight bout between Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler.

You can watch the full episode above.

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B.J.Penn Drops Down To 145, Will Fight And Coach TUF 19 Opposite Frankie Edgar

The MMA world thought we had seen the last of B.J.Penn after losing soundly to Rory MacDonald at UFC on Fox 5 last December. We were all mistaken as the UFC announced that the former two division champion will be returning to the UFC, but this time as a featherweight as he will coach the 19th season of The Ultimate Fighter alongside former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. Penn and Edgar will then fight for third time at an event that wasn’t announced at this time.

The pairing was announced earlier this evening on “UFC Tonight”. UFC President Dana White said this was a fight that Penn wanted really bad.

“B.J.Penn is moving down to 145 lbs. to coach The Ultimate Fighter against Frankie Edgar,” said UFC President Dana White. “BJ really hates the fact that he lost to Frankie Edgar. It’s something that’s been burning deep inside of him for three years now. So he’s moving down to 145 lbs. to not only avenge those defeats, but to try and become the first fighter in UFC history to win titles in three different weight classes.

“When B.J.Penn gets fired up about something, he goes, crazy, you know what I mean?” UFC president Dana White said. “The kid’s fired up, he’s got me fired up about this, he believes he can beat Frankie Edgar, he can compete at 145 pounds. It’s tough to say no to B.J.”

Penn (16-9-2 in MMA) is one of only two men to win UFC world titles in two separate divisions. The former welterweight and lightweight champion has defeated a Who’s Who of MMA, including UFC champions Matt Hughes, Matt Serra and Sean Sherk. His reign over the UFC’s 155lbs. division was ended in 2010’s Upset of the Year, when he was outpointed by Frankie Edgar. “The Prodigy” not only returns to the UFC but also The Ultimate Fighter, after coaching season five back in 2007.

After defeating Penn in two fights, Edgar (15-4-1) established a reputation for lightweight excellence. “The Answer” defended the lightweight championship in a pair of all-time classic battles with Gray Maynard before losing the title on a controversial decision to Benson Henderson. Edgar then dropped to featherweight where he lost to featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 156 in February and rebounded with an unanimous decision over Charles Oliveira at UFC 162 in July. Many believe he will join Penn as a two-division world champion.

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Video: UFC on Fox 8 Show Opener

UFC on Fox 8 is finally here as the event takes place from the Key Arena in Seattle. The main event will feature UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson defending his title against John Moraga. In the co-feature, top welterweight contenders will square off as Rory MacDonald will square off against Jake Ellenberger.

The main card will also feature welterweights Robbie Lawler facing off with Bobby Voelker and the ladies kick off the main card as bantamweights Liz Carmouche and Jessica Andrade battle.

UFC on Fox 8 main card kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/5PT with six preliminary fights airing on FX starting at 5 p.m. ET and two fights on Facebook starting at 4 p.m. ET.

The video above is the montage for UFC on Fox 8 that will open up the broadcast.

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