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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results From April 11, 2014

WWE SmackDown April 11, 2014 Cajun Dome Lafayette, Louisiana We open with the In Memory graphic for Warrior. Cole does a voiceover offering condolences to his fans and announces that Raw will be a tribute show. First Segment:Here’s John Cena to get things going. Cena says the fans sound tired but he asks if they’re

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown (Non-Spoilers) For Tonight’s Show

WWE Friday Night Smackdown was taped on Tuesday night in Lafayette, Louisiana. The show airs tonight on the Syfy channel starting at 8 p.m. ET. Here are the matches and highlights that take place on tonight’s show. -Big Show vs. Cesaro -Los Matadores vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel -Rob Van Dam vs. Damien Sandow -Bad


WWE Smackdown Spoilers For Friday March 21, 2014

The WWE held their Smackdown tapings last night in Houston, Texas. The show will air on Friday night on the SyFy channel starting at 8 p.m. ET. Here is what happened at the tapings. Kane started off the show and did a promo about how Daniel Bryan is garbage and how the Authority is better

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results From February 21, 2014

WWE SmackDown February 21, 2014 World Arena Colorado Springs, Colorado Michael Cole welcomes us to Friday Night SmackDown. He announces that tonight Sheamus will take on Christian in the main event, and The Rhodes Brothers with Rey Mysterio will take on The Wyatt Family. First Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger Bryan lands a big

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WWE Fails to Reach Agreement with NBCU, TV Licensing Deal Up for Grabs

Last Friday came and went without the WWE and NBC Universal reaching a new agreement on a television deal before their exclusive negotiating period ended.  Now, the WWE can officially negotiate with other networks including Viacom, Disney and 20th Century Fox which may be looking to land the TV rights for WWE programming. WWE confirmed

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results From February 14, 2014

WWE SmackDown February 14, 2014 Ontario, California 1.) Daniel Bryan, Christian, and Sheamus vs. The Shield Seth Rollins and Christian started the match, and brawled a bit. Roman Reigns tagged in and he and Christian traded offense until Sheamus tagged into the match. Roman Regins and Sheamus had a stare down and Sheamus opened up


WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results from February 7, 2014

WWE SmackDown February 7, 2014 Wells Fargo Center Des Moines, Iowa First Segment: Daniel Bryan comes out to a massive pop from the Des Moines audience #YESMovement. Bryan tells the crowd their great. Daniel Bryan says he doesn’t want to be the face of the WWE. He wants to be himself. He mention that the