Jake Roberts Wants To Buy TNA

jake roberts

WWE legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts talked recently with Steve and the Scum on WGD Weekly. Roberts discussed his interest in wanting to buy TNA and how he run the company. You can watch the complete interview here.

Wanting to But TNA: “I want to run an Indigogo and raise the money to buy that son of a bitch and do it right. Not to be in competition with Vince (McMahon), but to do wrestling the way I liked it. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t. But now I hear the guy from Smashing Pumpkins is snatching it, so maybe I should just buy the band Smashing Pumpkins and go on with my life and start singing.”

How he would run the company: “I got all the thoughts, bro. There ain’t nobody better at that. I would make it simple, there would be good guys and there would be bad guys. There wouldn’t be no bull**** and there wouldn’t be twenty minute interviews. We would actually, ‘rassle, the world needs it man.”

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Surviving the WWE Survivor Series

SurvivorSeries_Orton_ShowYes, I did it. I watched the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view.

And I survived.


And you have to be a pretty big wrestling — make that sports entertainment — fan to have shelled out some bucks to have watched that show.

That’s because the Survivor Series was just dull.

No pop. No fizzle. Just dull.

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Vince McMahon Appears After Survivor Series Ends


After the main event of Survivor Series in which Randy Orton defeated Big Show to retain the WWE championship, WWE chairman Vince McMahon returned. After the event had ended, World Heavyweight Champion John Cena was trying to goat Orton to come into the ring, but was held back by Triple H. Kane tried to enter on a few occasions, but HHH held him back. At one point Kane choked HHH, but Orton talked him into not doing it.

HHH then charged the ring and McMahon came out and held him back. McMahon then charged the ring and HHH and Stephanie MacMahon held him back. Finally Stephanie charged the ring with HHH and Vince holding her back.


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David Shoemaker On His Book ‘The Squared Circle’, Survivor Series and the Future of WWE

squaredcirclebookDavid Shoemaker of Grantland.com talks about his new book “The Squared Circle: Life, Death and Professional Wrestling” (which you can get on Amazon.com), how the mainstream press looks at wrestling, changes in wrestling over the years, why the WWE is still so reliant on big guys, this weekend’s Survivor Series PPV, the future of the WWE, Triple H in his current role with the company and more.

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Between The Ropes Video: WWE Financials, WWE Network, TNA for Sale – October 31, 2013

vince-mcmahon-millon-dollarBrian and Michael (no Steve?!) talk about the WWE financials report for the third quarter, the pay-per-view numbers being down, the impending new broadcast fees for WWE TV and how big this for the company, the WWE Network which is expected to start in early 2014, the importance of John Cena, TNA being for sale, Hulk Hogan’s status and more.

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Vince McMahon Conference Call Highlights: Discusses WWE Network, “Disappointing” Summerslam, TV Rights

The WWE hosted a conference call this morning that was hosted by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, WWE CFO George Barrios, and WWE Investor Relations Michael Weitz.

-Vince said the increased television rights fees offset the “disappointing” SummerSlam numbers and video game sales. Regarding SummerSlam, Vince said fans “didn’t buy the attraction, as most of you know these events are attraction driven.”

-Vince said they are looking for “traditional and non-traditional distribution” for the WWE Network.

-Vince said their largest television contracts are coming up both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. He said India is coming up shortly thereafter.

-Barrios took over the call temporarily and read through the financial presentation. He noted that revenue increased nine percent and said it was largely due to increased licensing fees and to some extent live events.

-Barrios said “Total Divas” has averaged roughly 1.8 million viewers per week. He noted that it performed 150 percent better than the programming it replaced on E! network.

-Revenue from the pay-per-view business was down ten percent “primarily due to the performance of the SummerSlam event.” This is despite the fact that WWE added new digital media platforms for their pay-per-view events, such as Playstation 3.

-The movies released under WWE Studios new film model are expected to bring a 13 percent return.

-Barrios said the company is confident that they can double or triple their 2012 results by 2015 via future television agreements and the WWE Network. He said their key domestic television deals are expected to be done by “next April.”

-Barrios compared WWE to live sports. He said the similarities make WWE “DVR-proof.”

-Barrios also spoke briefly about the potential WWE Network platforms, then opened up the line for calls.

-The first caller noted that the domestic television deals are expected to be finalized by April 2014 and whether they will maintain their current relationships or end up elsewhere. He questioned whether WWE Vince said there is a certain exclusive negotiating window for current partners that ends on the first of the year. He said they can go outside to other potential partners after that. Barrios said the timeline they are offering is typical for television rights negotiations.

-Vince was asked about the pay-per-view numbers. He once again stressed that pay-per-views are attraction driven. He said it was a “swing and a miss” as far as the attraction they went with. He said the declining numbers really don’t have to do with anything other than that.

-Vince closed out the conference call by wishing everyone a good day and saying, “The future looks bright.”

-It didn’t seem like Vince realized he was still on the line, as could be heard saying, “As Daniel Bryan would say…” There was laughter in the room. One of the three men mentioned something about it being “the shortest” and said no one would have saw it coming.

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WWE Revenue Up In The Third Quarter Of 2013 Compared To Last Year

The WWE has released their financial results for the third quarter of 2013. Revenue was reported at $113.3 million, which is up from $104.2 million from the same quarter last year. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon made a statement touting the success of the third quarter.

“During the third quarter, our achievements were highlighted by the production and monetization of new content, including the original series, Total Divas, the expansion of pay-per-view distribution on the Sony PlayStation 3 platform, and the formation of new partnerships with blue-chip sponsors such as General Mills and Kraft,” McMahon said.

“These accomplishments reflect the strength of our brands, including a national television audience that exceeds the annual reach of most other sports and entertainment programs. This strength provides a solid foundation for the renegotiation of our TV contracts and the potential launch of a WWE network. Based on our ability to create powerful, entertaining content and to expand distribution, we strongly believe that we are poised to transform our business.”

“Given the rising value of live content that has a broad, loyal following, we are confident that we will be able to negotiate our key domestic agreements by the end of April next year and that our efforts, including the potential launch of a WWE network, will keep us on track to double or triple our 2012 OIBDA results of $63 million by 2015,” added George Barrios, Chief Financial Officer of the WWE. “As we strive to transform our earnings profile, we believe that our 2013 OIBDA results, excluding the impact of film impairments, will fall within the previously communicated range of $40-$50 million.”

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Jim Ross, the Real Face of WWE

jim ross with beard

Do me a favor: think back to the ‘Attitude Era.’ Make a numbered list, one to five. Next to each number, write down the names of those men who best defined that short, yet ludicrously profitable, wrestling period from late 1997 until around 2001. [Read more...]

Between The Ropes Podcast | Matt Striker – September 4, 2013

Matt Striker talks about his new job as an announcer with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, life after the WWE, becoming an announcer there after being a wrestler, what he learned the most from being a part of the broadcast team, trying to make himself more valuable as a performer, using historical references in commentary and if that was a good thing, being blindsided by the WWE not picking up his contract, trying to stand out in wrestling these days, acting skills in the WWE, how much he gets in the ring now and much more.

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WWE Raw Rundown LIVE – 8/26/2013

Refresh this page throughout the show tonight for LIVE ongoing coverage and analysis!

Tonight, live on USA Network, WWE Raw is bringing a lot of hype with two major matches.  First, CM Punk sent out a tweet over the weekend accepting Curtis Axel’s challenge from Friday Night Smackdown.  Also, WWE.com is advertising Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam in what might be a prelude to an eventual Championship match-up at Night of Champions.

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WWE Monday Night Raw Rating Up Slightly

The two main event segments that needed to deliver for the WWE on Monday’s Raw did just that in terms of ratings. The rating for Monday’s Raw was a 3.0 with an average of 4.11 million viewers up slightly from the 2.96 rating from last week.

The first hour produced a 2.7 rating with an average of 3.74 million viewers, hour two produced a 3.0 rating with an average of 4.2 million viewers and hour three including the overrun averaged 4.32 million viewers.

Usually the rating doesn’t go up from hour two to hour three. Hour two opened with Brad Maddox, Vince McMahon and Triple H coming out and Triple H announcing he will be the special referee for the John Cena versus Daniel Bryan for the WWE title this Sunday at Summerslam.

Hour three began with a Miz TV segment featuring great promos from Cena and Bryan to help promote Summerslam on Sunday. The final segment of the show was set to feature Paul Heyman versus CM Punk. Heyman came out and cut a great promo, which led to Brock Lesnar coming up as they promoted the Lesnar versus Punk match this Sunday at Summerslam.

Punk then came out from behind and attacked Lesnar to end the show. It is a good sign as the overrun did a 3.5 rating, which shows people are very interested in this match at Summerslam on Sunday.

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WWE Raw Rundown LIVE – 8/12/2013

The show kicked off live from Sacramento, CA, with Daniel Bryan’s entrance to the ring.  Final hype for SummerSlam should be the story of the night… [Read more...]

The Art of Promotion in Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

Bryan Maddox Cena contract signingThere’s no doubt the WWE Universe is excited to see Bryan challenge Cena for the title at SummerSlam. But it wasn’t until this past Monday on RAW that we finally got a framework for their confrontation. If Punk vs. Lesnar is “The Best vs The Beast,” then Bryan against Cena has become “The Wrestler vs. The Entertainer.” [Read more...]

Between The Ropes Podcast – August 6, 2013

Brian and Steve talk about last night’s WWE Raw, Brock Lesnar’s latest destruction of CM Punk and “saying something stupid”, the Daniel Bryan – John Cena storyline, Randy Orton and the McMahons getting involved, the latest on SummerSlam including added matches, Total Divas, Kurt Angle going to rehab and more.

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WWE Monday Night RAW Analysis and Review – August 5th, 2013

Make sure to check out the new and improved WWE Raw Rundown for complete coverage of everything that happened on last night’s show.

Bryan in a suitDaniel Bryan’s corporate makeover proved more entertaining that I initially expected. WWE was smart to lead this segment with a short, but funny, video that captured Bryan’s transformation, and then move the comedy out of the way in favor of Bryan v McMahon drama. Everything that Bryan said about being a “wrestler” further cemented his status atop the mountain. I’m also curious to see where things go with Vince McMahon – while some people are saying his presence isn’t necessary, I think Vince adds an element of unpredictability to the whole affair, and only strengthen Bryan’s chances at winning the gold. Remember how Money in the Bank 2011 played out?

The middle of this segment lost me a little. Why, again, is Wade Barrett coming out to shave another man’s beard? Is he just happy to be on TV? Did WWE really need to make him look so foolish? But Bryan recovered things at the end, and him ripping-off the suit (along with the great “fear the beard” shirt) made for a memorable, crowd-pleasing moment.

Also, while I’m buying the Vince McMahon meddling (mostly in anticipation of a possible Orton heel-turn), I could do without the Triple H/Stephanie McMahon garbage. One McMahon is enough for this, or really any, storyline. My biggest concern is that the Triple H/Stephanie/Vince dynamic is going to result in some weird overbooked angle at SummerSlam, and completely overshadow whatever great moment is in store for the PPV. Sometimes simple storytelling is the best.

John Cena, on the other hand, delivered with another strong promo. He played off of Bryan’s earlier comments niceley, and cemented that he might not be a wrestler, but he is a company man. His passion for WWE seemed believable. By staying away from the “preacher-man” gimmick, and instead simply promising to beat Bryan and prove that he is the best, Cena has sold this matchup as major league. It might be a little bit like the Punk – Cena dynamic of the last two years, but that’s okay. Good stuff all around.

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow stood out yet again. While nothing really changed here last night (other than the re-introduction of the briefcase), these two continue to look like superstars. This is my favorite ongoing feud.

While a lot of other stuff happened (Lesnar/Heyman/Punk, Bray Wyatt/Kane, Christian, etc.), one thing that really stood out was the underwhelming return of Kofi Kingston. This guy has been off TV for two months, yet creative simply booked him in a quick victory over Fandango. Really guys? The show was already crowded, so why not hold off on Kingston until AFTER SummerSlam. Better yet, let him surprise attack Ryback and get an ounce of revenge. Kofi Kingston vs. Ryback would be great pre-show fodder.

Overall show was good. WWE has been booking shorter matches in favor of more stuff happening, and while I hate some wrestlers aren’t given long enough to shine, it seems to be working. First, the mid-card finally has some life in it again. Also, the main-event picture has been elevated above everything else with some great mic work by Bryan and Cena. Hopefully this momentum carries up through next week’s RAW and on to Sunday, August 18th – if so, WWE is likely to have one of the best SummerSlam cards in years.

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WWE Raw Rundown – 8/5/2013

Show opened with the long intro, and traditional fireworks. Finally!

Opening Segment w/Stephanie McMahon: Stephanie was in the ring, and she reminded everybody of her ambitious idea to transform Daniel Bryan to somebody Vince McMahon might like. The camera cut to a spa scene and showed D-Bry getting papmered. Next, there was a montage of Bryan working out and getting pumped. He then went to a Texas Roadhouse and ATE MEAT (because apparently corporate champions are required to break their vegan vows). Finally, the last clip showed him at a tailor getting fitted for a designer suit. [Read more...]

WWE Raw Preview – August 5th, 2013

WWE.com relesed it’s “Raw Five-Point Preview” earlier today, with five potential highlights of tonight’s Monday Night Raw. Let’s take a closer look at each preview point: [Read more...]

Between The Ropes Podcast – August 5, 2013

Brian and Steve preview tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw, talk about the WWE financial numbers from last week’s second quarter report, PPV buyrate numbers, thoughts on what WrestleMania was down, if they could ever increase the price in the show, WWE TV future, BJ Whitmer’s injury at the ROH show over the weekend, Tito Ortiz to TNA Wrestling and more.

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