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TNA President Dixie Carter Talks Plans for 2013

Recently, TNA President Dixie Carter sat down with Jeremy Borash to discuss where the company is right now and the plans for the upcoming year.



In the first video, Carter that 2012 was a big year going live with the ‘Impact’ television show and that the locker room is working well together and she is happy with the leadership there right now.  This has been a problem in the past with talent not confident in the direction of the company and upset with the creative direction.


She goes on to say that 2013 “will be the tipping point for this company where we really take it to another level”.  As for what that next level is remains to be seen.  TNA would like to go on the road more often with the remaining three pay-per-views this year all being outside of Orlando.  There is a thought that they would like to take ‘Impact’ on the road as well but that would be a costly endeavor.


Carter also discusses the X Division and says there will be a greater emphasis on it in the coming year and that injuries have been a problem lately for the division and its growth.


In the second part of the interview, Carter addresses about the Knockouts division and says there are big plans in the works there.  As for the division itself, she says that the women should be portrayed in a certain way and not be gratuitous.  That is an interesting comment because in the past with a different creative head (Vince Russo), this was not the case and the argument could be made of how poorly the women of TNA were treated creatively.


Speaking of the creative direction, Carter says that the company has never been as good creatively as it is right now and that anyone who stopped watching should come back.  She goes on to talk about the upcoming year and hopes to have more programming in the United States.


That is all well and good and I hope TNA can improve and stay around for a long time to come.  But I do have skepticism, especially when it comes to the creative direction of the company.  I think that has improved but I want to see more.  The biggest thing that TNA has to do is make stars, bigger than life figures that stand out and are important to the viewer.  They have plenty of talented performers but no one person stands out as being must-see or special above the others.

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