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WWE Partnering with Yahoo for Online Content

While the WWE hopes to launch its network in the near future, the company continue to make other in-roads in online content.


Today, Yahoo announced during its NewFront event that it is teaming with WWE for new digital content.  The web portal will be the “premiere global video distribution partner” for WWE.  The partnership includes Yahoo launching a new WWE online hub hosting exclusive Monday Night Raw pre-show content.  That includes a 30-minute preshow for Raw that will only air online.


Yahoo will have exclusive access to WWE’s archives of historical full matches, shows, highlights and other events, and Internet portal will air a live preshow content for every pay-per-view event. Plus, short-form clips from all WWE television programs will now be available on Yahoo.


With these programming agreements, it shows that there are plenty of online company (including YouTube and Hulu) that are excited to work with the WWE.  At the same time, you have to wonder what all of this does to a potential WWE Network and when — and even if — it will ever launch.

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