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New WWE Head Writer Already Out

wwe logoIt was just six weeks ago when the WWE hired Adam Rudman as their new head writer, replacing Eric Pankowski who left just before WrestleMania.

Now, the company is once again looking for a new head writer.

SEScoops.com is reporting that Rudman was recently released from his position.  Multiple reports say that Rudman was let go last Friday.

It was believed that Rudman was well liked by talent.  However, he did not not have much knowledge on pro wrestling coming into the company.

That could definitely be a problem for someone who is going to be the head writer and reportedly directly to Stephanie McMahon.

While the WWE likes people with a Hollywood background, it might be time for them to look for someone who not only have a creative background but also someone who has an understanding of the wrestling business and even has been a fan over the years, especially with the current product.


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