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WWE Raw Highlights – June 10th, 2013

rawHere’s a quick look at tonight’s very entertaining edition of Raw.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for a more in-depth review of everything important that took place, along with a few more thoughts and opinions.

The Good:

Triple H vs Curtis Axel Opening Segment: Triple H started the match, but Vince came out and ended it, just to have Triple H restart it. Twice. (Technically Curtis Axel won both times) A hot way to kick off Raw.

Kane vs. Dean Ambrose ended in DQ when The Shield interfered to end the match. Then Orton and Bryan came out to even up the score. Match was okay, but the segment as a whole clicked.

New Matches at Payback: Vicky announced in a backstage segment that Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton will challenge for the WWE Tag Team Championship, and Kane will face Ambrose for the US Title. Good next step in their respective stories.

The Miz def. Cody Rhodes via the figure four leg-lock. Paul Heyman came out afterwards to announce that Curtis Axel would take Fandango’s place in the triple-threat match at Payback. Fun surprise, and great booking decision.

Mark Henry Video: Great way to hype his return, especially after his ominous tweets over the weekend.

Jericho Promo: He put CM Punk over as one of his greatest opponents. Nice build.

Jericho def. Big E after Del Rio came out and attacked Ziggler, causing the distraction. Good segment all the way around.

Antonio Cesaro def. Sin Cara: Zeb Coulter joined on commentary to put over Cesaro. Short, but sweet.

Daniel Bryan def. Seth Rollins: Without a doubt the best match of the night. Credit to both men for amazing performances here. Are there people still doubting Seth Rollins?

Kaitlyn Admirer Segment: Well played, WWE. Big E’s reveal here was awkward, but made a lot more sense as a ruse constructed by AJ. Also, the promo AJ cut afterwards was the perfect sign of life in an otherwise dead Diva’s division.

Sandow def. R Truth: The match itself didn’t do much, but the post-match confrontation between Sandow and Sheamus served as a nice reminder of their feud for Sunday.

Triple H Storyline: It kicked off the show, and built throughout the night. The culminating segment between Vince and Triple H was also highly entertaining, and left the door open to a number of future possibilities.

Ryback/Cena Confrontation w/Lumberjacks: At least Ryback’s ambulance pulled in the right way. John Cena brought a lot of intensity to this segment and it really helped sell their match on Sunday. Ryback even sounded decent for a change. I liked how everybody got involved, it made for a great visual to end the show. This is exactly how WWE needed to sell their feud.


The Bad:

Sheamus-Sandow Match on the Payback Pre Show: For an entertaining feud, I hate to see these guys get bumped to the curtain-jerker.

Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns ends in a No Contest: It was a nice segue into the next segment, but their match just never really grabbed me.


The Ugly:

Sin Cara’s Career: He lost the lights, now he’s losing matches. Poor guy.

Hardee’s Product Placement: This was embarrassing for all parties involved. Especially Hardee’s.

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