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WWE No Longer Needs the World Heavyweight Championship

dolph-zigglerNormally, a World Champion being out of action for five weeks would seem like a big deal. In his absence, a wrestling company would still find ways to highlight him. It would show vignettes on his return, interview him from his home, or even put him in the ring and let him cut a few promos. If he ran the risk of missing one or two Pay-Per-Views due to the injury, he might even be stripped of his title
(anybody remember the classic “a champion must defend his title once every 30 days” rule?).

Instead, the WWE just ignored it.

Dolph Ziggler was out for over five weeks due to a concussion, and the company just moved on as though he didn’t exist. They barely mentioned him on television, rarely checked in with him during the recovery process, and never spotlighted what his absence, along with the World Heavyweight Championship, meant to the company. For those five weeks, WWE existed without two top champions.

And guess what… it survived. Not only that, but Smackdown (former home of the World Heavyweight Champion) seemed to actually thrive. By putting together a string of shows focusing more on other championships, like the United States and Tag Team titles, the show was the most enjoyable it’s been in months.

Let’s take a step back for a moment. The World Heavyweight Championship was originally introduced for Raw just a few months after the start of the brand extension. It only made sense that a top guy existed on each show to headline house shows and serve as the “face” of that brand. Eventually, when both Smackdown and Raw started hosting their own Pay-Per-Views, each World Champion was given his own headlining event.

But things have changed. WWE stopped hosting separate brand-extension Pay-Per-Views in 2007. In late 2011, both shows essentially merged with the ‘SuperShow’ format. And since then, the powers-that-be have come out and said that the brand extension is over because they want the product to flow between all the different platforms.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to care about the disparity between the two World Titles. Did you know that the World Heavyweight Championship hasn’t been contested in a Pay-Per-View main-event match since 2010’s Hell in a Cell? It has, however, opened up a Wrestlemania. Twice. And at last year’s Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View, the World Heavyweight Championship contract match was open to the entire roster, while the WWE Championship was opened only to previous champions. How is that considered equal?

Even CM Punk addressed this on an episode of Raw in September, when he confronted reigning World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and told him that he was only the “second-best in the world.” And Sheamus didn’t really argue with him, either.

But the idea that WWE would let Dolph Ziggler stay at home for five weeks as the reigning, defending, World Heavyweight Champion, and do nothing to address the situation, completely boggles my mind. When CM Punk “walked out” with the WWE Championship two years ago, the company was ready to crown a completely new champion the next night on Raw. Now, things just hum along like business as usual.

So is Dolph Ziggler considered a second-class champion? Where does that put current United States Champion Dean Ambrose, or Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett?

Unfortunately, the World Heavyweight Championship is now treated like a stepping-stone to the real top title. When WWE thinks you’re ready to break through, they’ll give you the big gold belt. And maybe one day, if you’re lucky (or your name ends in “CENA”), you might get to hold the WWE Championship. Maybe.

If you go back 10 years, this was the exact purpose of the Intercontinental Championship. It highlighted guys on their way up – guys who might not quite be at the top of their game yet, but who had a chance of getting there one day. It was defended more frequently on free TV, and often changed hands, but it was always backed-up with purposeful booking. Now, both it and the United States championship are handed off seemingly at random. They’re just filler championships used to pad the resume of whoever Vince’s flavor-of-the-month is. They have no prestige.

And the World Heavyweight Championship is going down that same path.

So please, WWE, I’m begging you: unify both World Titles. Re-instate the IC Championship for the young, hungry guys, and make the United States Championship whatever it needs to be. Just retire the World Heavyweight Championship while it still has that strong, proud lineage to fall back on.

Championships need to feel exclusive to be important. It’s time to bring that idea back to WWE.

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Michael A. Wiseman
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    Steven of Jacksonville, Florida


    This is a fun topic so thanks for bringing it up. Ive spent allot of time thinking about the championships and their place in the WWE. I agree with you that the WWE and WHC championships should be unified. The way I see it, the unified WWE championship should be the most regarded cherished belt. The US and Intercontinental Belts in my opinion need a gimmick, a simple one. I think the WWE needs them both. So why not make the IC belts gimmick that it must be defended a minimum of 7 times a year in all continents (yes! An annual Antarctica match! Thatd be awesome!) and the US belt can only be defended in the US. These simple gimmicks i think can add value to the belts but hey, these are the same people that booked Bryan vs. Sheamus for Wrestlemania for the WHC and had Bryan lose the strap in seconds, so im not holding my breath here.

    Steven of Jacksonville, Florida

    • Michael A. Wiseman
      Michael A. Wiseman

      Yeah, the booking decisions are very questionable sometimes…

      I’d say unify the titles, leave the IC Title the way it is (as the main “secondary” championship), and add a gimmick like you said to the US Title. Remember when Cesaro was the title, and he threatened to stop defending it on U.S. soil? It’s perfect for a heel. He could rename it the “Swiss” championship. The only problem is, Anti-United States wrestling factions are frowned upon these days.

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        Steven of Jacksonville, Florida


        I feel pretty strongly the IC & US title need a gimmick to them in order to be taken seriously. A simple gimmick, im not a fan of gimmicks but something simple can work!

        – Steven of Jacksonville, Florida

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    Look at what TNA has done with the X-Division championship. Now its a Triple Threat match. Winner gets the title, the pinned/submitted wrestler is out of the hunt, and the person not involved in the pinfall or submission is in the next match for the title. Frankly, I’d love to see all X-Division matches done with the Destination X style… with the belt hanging from scaffolding.

    I’m not saying the WWE should use THIS gimmick, but it is something that makes the title better.

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