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Triple H Talks Performance Center, Transition to WWE Executive

WWE Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events Triple H talks about the new Performance Center, his vision for it, what this means for the company, the advantages new talent will have, his transition from in a full-time wrestler to being an executive, how much he wants to be in the ring and the challenges of doing it now and more.

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    I’ve watched HHH from the start or his WWF/WWE life! As a fan of the Sport of Pro Wrestling knowning HHH is helping lead this company into the Future makes me know that WWE will be a UNBELIEVABLE company to watch because seeing the Performance deal to HHH being on TV omg the man is a just like VINCE he loves this business and loves to see up coming talent and is all about the WWE UNIVERSE! He admitted without the fans WWE is nothing u watch some wrestlers they think they are what made WWF/WWE they think they made the fans like The Warrior as he calles himself now! He could been the leader for WWF for years and prolly would be working behind sences now to makes future talent because Hulk Hogan handed him the WWF/WWE ball but he didnt take it and run! (Stupid) HHH is going to take WWE to IDK what but I’m ready sit back and watch WWE go into the furture with HHH leading and u can’t forget his BEAUTIFUL wife Steph helping! VINCE is awesome he know HHH/STEPH will lead this company to crazy things! So as a Fan of all Wrestling Entertainment I’m very excited to watch WWE kick ASS in Everything from Ratings to Making a kids wish! WWE is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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